34 Years Old, 125 Lbs 5'2" 500cc Saline Implants High Profile Under the Muscle - Orange, CA

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So far so good! Surgery went great not in that...

So far so good! Surgery went great not in that much pain now, 6 hrs out of surgery and feeling good. I highly recommend Dr.Bui! The facility where I had the surgery was very nice and clean. Staff was amazing, treated me with respect and they made sure I was taken care of. They made me feel very comfortable.

Day 2 a lot of pain

I'm in a lot of pain I just took 2 Oxycodone and it's helping a bit but not too much. I noticed that if I stay seated for a while my upper back starts hurting and my breast as well. I get up here and there and It feels like my pain goes down when I do. They have dropped from yesterday to today, not significant but as you can see in my first picture they were a lot higher.

Before surgery 34 Full C 34 Small D

Here I was a 34 full C and was also able to fit into a 34 small D

39 Hrs after surgery

So I guess it's almost 2 days after surgery and I am in a lot of pain. I woke up really early due to my pain. My breast are still high, dropping very slowly, and my upper back hurts a lot! I sleep sitting up and I am taking Oxicodone but as of now it's not helping. I am about to ice the breast right now as I noticed it helps with pain. Not due to take Oxicodone until 10am. Will be drinking tons of water today as well and will try to sponge bath today. Anyone else experience pain for days? Or how long did your pain last? It seems like the mornings are always rough.

Feeling a little better

I'm feeling a little better pain wise. I'm wondering when do I start to massage? I had them done Friday afternoon. They still look square, when do they begin to drop and not look so square?

In excruciating pain!

When will the pain go away? It seems like every day is worse! I couldn't sleep at all last night. My breast still feel very tight and my upper back hurts so much that the pain doesnt let me sleep. I feel like my breast are going to explode! On too of it all I had really bad constipation last night. I have been taking stool softeners but I still had a hard time. I called my Dr yesterday because I developed a rash and itching all over my body taking Oxicodone. I feel like I need some muscle relaxers to relax my back muscles.

Finally feeling better

My Dr started me on muscle relaxers and I feel that was heaven sent! After I started taking them my muscles began to relax and not be so tight, these muscle relaxers actually helped more with my pain than the actual pain killers. My back wasnt hurting bad anymore when I slept and this was the first time I slept through the night without waking up in pain. I am on 600mg motrin every 8 hrs. I bought mederma cream today to put on my scars so they fade away. I haven't looked at my scars yet but when I go to my follow up on Thursday I will ask my Dr when will be the ok to start putting the cream. Other than that the girls are slowly dropping and I have dropped since my surgery.

5 Days Post of w/ bad backache

Everything else is going good, i'm dropping good, but my back is really painful. It's my upper back that doesn't let me sleep well at all. If it wasn't for my backache I would be almost 100% good. Anyone else experience back pain and what position did you find best to sleep with the back pain? I have my follow up appointment tomorrow, so I will definitely be letting the Dr know about my back.

Feeling a lot better

So they are starting to drop, of course I am only 6 days post op so they havent dropped fully and fluffed but this is how they look so far. I am feeling better and was able to sleep a full night!

Slowly dropping

They are slowly dropping, I am now wearing a bra from Target it's cotton with no wire, no padding. It's very comfortable. Dr said I can't wear a regular bra for the first 2 months. My pain level is way better, I still feel them tight at the top but that is normal. Seen my Dr yesterday and everything looks good. My scars are barely even there. I'll try and take a picture of my scars. I will be using mederma to try and have them fade away as much as possible.

Lots of Pain and Tightness last night

So I had been feeling better and less and less pain and tightness. But last night was horrible, I couldn't sleep, my implant felt high and very hard to the touch at the top. My back was hurting and neck. I felt like my breast kept contracting. I had no sleep and was afraid of capsular contractive. They are still sitting high and at the bottom it's still pointy. I stopped taking my muscle relaxers on Friday, should I continue to take them? My Dr. didn't tell me to massage my breast, has anyone else not massaged their breast?

Still have't dropped and no sleep

They still are a little pointy at the bottom and need to round out. Still sitting somewhat high, and my back still hurts from sleeping sitting up. I tried sleeping on my bed last night a little flatter on my back but it was a fail! Had to go back downstairs and sleep on my recliner couch! When will they drop? Why is it taking long for me? I read a lot of other girls drop wayyy sooner! This lack of sleep is taking a toll on me.

Pointy Breast

I will be 4 weeks post op on Friday and I am not happy with my results so far. Why do they look pointy? They are not round. I got 500cc's. Will they ever drop and fluff? I'm afraid they will stay pointy!

Dropping nicely

Finally my implants are dropping and feel soft! Overall happy! 500cc saline mentor implants smooth round, under the muscle. Pre op breast size 34C or D post op- haven't gotten measured.

Got the clearance to get measured!

Yesterday I went to my 5 weeks follow up and my Dr said they are looking great! He gave me the clearance to get measured and also to wear whatever bra I want. I was happy today when I got measured, the lady told me I am a 34DDD :) I am super happy!

Finally dropped

I am so happy they dropped! Although I wish I was a little bigger I am overall happy with my 500cc's! I no longer get morning boob and they are really soft now! Final bra size 34DDD/ 36DD. I will be getting a lift in the near future if I decide on not having anymore kids.

Did I go too small?

Having boob greed! I feel like now that they have dropped the look small! I am a 34DDD/36DD now. The picture on the left is before my BA the one on the right is now. I'm thinking in a couple years i'm going to do a lift. I went with 500cc's by the way. What do you think do they look small? My Dr said that a lot of girls get used to seeing their breast and they end up thinking they look small because they see them every day.

3 Months Post Op

Yesterday marked 3 months that I got the boobies done! I really love them and I am happy with the size! I am a 34DDD! They feel so squishy now and I love it! I am beginning to be able to sleep on my side now but sometimes I can feel the implant inside me when I lay on my side, the feeling is going away and feeling more natural day by day. Other than that my sleep is great!
Dr. Bui

All the nurses were so friendly and very helpful. They really made me feel comfortable. Dr was amazing!

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