30 yrs old, 5'7", 120lbs., 300cc, Silicone, Mentor, Moderate Plus.

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After 2 consultations, I finally decided to go...

After 2 consultations, I finally decided to go with Dr. Andres Taleisnik. Unlike the first consultation, Dr. T. was there the entire time from start to end; no assistant answering all my questions (which happened in my 1st consult). I felt very comfortable! He assured me he was meticulous and that definitely made me feel at ease. One of the main reasons why I went with Dr. T. is because he's a hand surgeon. According to my friend, hand surgery is very prestigious because not everyone makes it. Only the top of the tops! My friend lives in another state and went with a hand surgeon to get her BA and they turned out amazing. I'm hoping this is a trend with hand surgeons. (:

Goals: I'm currently an A, wanting a small C. Nipple placement is important to me because I've seen pictures where the shape was nice, but the nipple looked too high or too low... just ends up looking funky. I don't want 2 balls on my chest, just a nice plump, natural look.

Today, I had my pre-op. The plan is 300cc, silicone, moderate plus, inframammary incision. 250cc moderate plus for back up just in case the 300cc looks too tight... And I'm really hoping it doesn't look too tight because I'm worried the 250cc will be too small.

Feeling excited and nervous!

Day 1 & 2

Day 1: After surgery was tough for me back home. I threw up twice and had motion sickness waking from my room to the bathroom. I even got itchy from my head to my legs for a good 15 minutes and then it disappeared (felt so awful, but glad it was temporary). My manfriend took care of me, gave me my medicine, fed me (even though I could've fed myself, lol), helped me go to the bathroom, fixed my pillows, you name it.. He was absolutely wonderful. At night, Dr. T called to check in on me to see how I was doing. I really appreciated that.

Today, day 2... I'm happy that I'm able to walk around a little more, still a little robotic in my movements, but with the help of Tylenol #4, I'm able to walk up right and go to the bathroom on my own. I had a nurse just call me to see how I was doing. I haven't had a bm and she said I should probably take a stool softener.

All in all, I'm glad I'm slowly recovering. I have my post-op tomorrow, wondering if I can drive myself... Hmm...

2 weeks

I feel great after 2 weeks. I don't think I could've survived without my wedge pillow I bought from Amazon; it really helped me sleep during the first week. The Tylenol with codeine helped me manage the pain. I didn't take any of the sleeping pills prescribed, slept just fine. I'm currently applying BioCorneum to my scar twice a day, massaging the cleavage area and the top part of my implants to push them down into place. I also developed this problem of spending more money on new clothes due to the upgrades. Haha.

3 Weeks

I'm loving the new boobs. I've been sleeping on my side and love it! I have feeling in the top of my breasts, but the bottom half still feels numb. Currently, my right nipple feels normal and wonderful... My left nipple however, has been more tender to touch, even when water hits it in the shower it kind of hurts. I e-mailed my doctor about it and he replied, "When implants are inserted, the nerves to the nipples are stretched by the implants. This often causes numbness or hypersensitivity or pain. It will usually improve just with passage of time." Other than that, I've been fully mobile. I've been taking hikes and taking my dogs out. I've seen both my mom and dad since surgery and neither one of them noticed a thing... amen!! I went to Victoria Secret to buy some bras during their semi-annual sale and found out that I am currently a 32D. I don't feel like a D so I had another VS worker measure me and she also got 32D. Hmm... I'm assuming that it's really early and I still have some dropping and fluffing ahead of me so maybe this measurement will change? The new problem I've developed is forgetting to dry the water underneath my boobs when getting out of the shower. It makes me giggle every time. haha.

Week 3 boob selfie

Happy with the progress. Just waiting for all the feeling to come back!

A little over a month

Let me start by saying, I love having boobs! My breasts are still numb below the nipples. Right nipple feels normal, the left is slowly coming along. I've been taking walks and hikes to exercise, but I'm anxious to really workout now. I hope my doctor gives me the green light. Anyone out there start working out at 1 month?

Two Months and happy

As my boobs are dropping my incisions are moving higher. They aren't perfectly at the crease as they were before, but that's ok because I know they'll fade. By the way, what's everyone using for their scars? I have this silicone cream (BioCorneum) I bought from my doctor's office. I think it's ok, but I'm anxious to try something else. My scar isn't raised, just discolored. The bottom half of my boobs still feels numb, both nipples have feeling, although one is a tad more sensitive than the other. Other than that, I love the size that I am, I'm not too big, and not too small... crossing my fingers they don't go down too much more! And I'm comfortably sleeping on my stomach again, which I'm thrilled about. Hope everyone in boobieland is healing well.

Getting Sized

I went to Victoria Secret and was measured a 32C at one store... and a 32D at another store. I wasn't satisfied with those answers so I decided to go to Nordstrom. The woman there measured me a 30DD and I have never fit so perfectly into a bra. It was such a mind blowing experience. I need to go return my VS bras ASAP!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

As I headed to my consultation with Dr. Taleisnik, I was personally happy to see it was at a hand and shoulder clinic and not some fancy medical spa. The medical feel of the office, made me feel like I was in good hands (literally). During my consultation, he was there the entire time and answered all of my questions. One of my biggest worry was the scarring from the incision and he assured me that he was meticulous and he was! I felt very comfortable with him. He's very professional and honest. I can shoot him an e-mail and he replies within hours. He's so easy to talk to. The night of my surgery he called to check in on me and the next day a nurse called to see how I was doing, I thought that was really awesome. With that being said, Dr. T and his staff provides excellent service. And of course, I love my new breasts. Thanks Dr. Taleisnik!

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