25yr 457 mod silicone, Orange County, CA

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I decided a year ago I wanted implants, and now I...

I decided a year ago I wanted implants, and now I can finally afford it! Looking to book my surgery this summer, this site has been so helpful in guiding my decisions that will leave me with the most satisfied result! I am eager to share my journey with anyone whom thinks they will benefit from knowing my experiences. Updates and Progress to be updated periodically!

Some pictures of me pre-op

Second consult in tomorrow! I'll update Dr. feedback soon!

Second consult completed

Yesterday I completed my second consult with my PS and it went well, still feel comfortable and confident in my choice. However, now I'm left with a few decisions like going with a mod or HP. My breast lean on the more low side/ my nipples point downwards more and I feel a HP would position them upward, to present a less saggy look. Also my PS said a HP is a more narrow implant, whereas mod is wider, I already feel my breast are wide-ish, Ideas/comments on this?
Next, is the CC Deliemma. But I believe I'll end up between 425/450... Really hope I don't end up too top heavy.
I need to finalize my wish pictures to show my PS!


It's extremely important to me I'm able to wear the shirts/blouses I currently own. Most are size S/M. So the ending cup size id like to be at is a double D. I'm currently a big B/small C. And was initially thinking 425/450cc... But now I'm thinking that will put me at a triple D, are there any professional opinions out there of a CC range that will keep me at the D/DD bra size ? Thank you!

Wow ... really Realself?

I just found out that nothing can ever be deleted when posted on this site, questions, pictures, all remains even if you deactivate the account...wtf Realself?! I just tired deleting a question I posted because I realized I didn't ask the question correctly, and my answers I was getting are worthless. And now my breast and question are just doomed to be forever posted! this is a huge flaw in the site beware what you actually post ladies...


Just scheduled my BA for the morning of JUNE 3RD! So many mixed feelings right now, namely excitement yet nervousness. Words of advice? What about your BA experience would you have done differently? Now I just need to tell my father whom I still live with! He is going to be shocked, I don't know if I'm more nervous for the surgery or telling him!

Pre-op complete

So my pre-op was hugely successful. The office called before hand and told me my Dr. was recent surgery was running late. I agreed to meet with his physicians assistant only if she would be available the day of my BA as well and she was. So I met with her and we couldn't have hit it off more. She is a young women like myself, and made me feel completely as ease. I was able to clarify the look I'm after with her givin the time between my consult and pre-op. I'm anxious to see how many Cc I'll end up with and as to what profile as well. They ordered all sorts of sizes for me a very big range actually I believe the smallest was 371cc to maybe even 500cc. The only thing I'm sure of is the incision which will be under the breast and this is because I want to lessen the chances of complications when breast feeding comes around.
I feel pretty ready for surgery. Kinda. Still need to get my blood work done and fill my prescriptions. Buy my creams and any extras I may need to make the healing process comfortable. Although I'm going to be out of town the next two weekends before the BA so I guess I'll have to get my butt into gear after work next week. I guess I feel mentally really I feel prepared to focus on my healing afterwards. June 3 needs to hurry up and get here already !! stay tuned for updates and results

Tminus 5days

Today I completed my blood work, filled my meds, and stocked up on necessities aka creams liquids munchies etc. my mother and boyfriend will be taking me day of BA. my man is traveling from sf to be with me day of surgery and to be with me in the following days which I couldn't be more grateful for. I think I may be looking forward to kicking it with him movie binge watching and just being in his company. I think what I'm nervous for most is being able to sleep at night post op. I already suffer from intense sleeping issues since I can remember. And now that I'm confined to sleeping on my back I'm nervous about not getting proper rest and it effecting my healing and over all well being. I hate do do it but I might resort to taking a sleep aid every night while I'm confined to only back sleeping. How long were some of you ladies instructed to just sleep on your back for? And did the pain meds make you drowsy enough to where it wasn't even an issue? Ugh feelings for nervousness and excitement are consuming me!!!

Starting out day two with the girls

I'm actually up in the middle of the night to take more Valium and to walk around and sit upward on the couch for awhile for my boobs don't feel as horrible in the morning ! Well the pain has been at a minimal. I've been taking my mess on time and icing through out the and it all helps. So far they looking freaking amazing ! And the size couldn't be more spot on! Sugery wasn't long at all a lil over an hour. And dr west told my family the procedure turned out quite well and that I very well could be one of his top patience with ideal results ! I ended up on the high end of my CC range and got 457cc silicone I think mod profile. I go in tomorrow to take off the medical bra. I'm anxious to see them as yall could imagine. My family and boyfriend have been a huge support system for me at home making this process so much easier. Yesterday day one I took two naps I absolutely had to die to the meds, and I went for two mini walks in my backyard and around the neighborhood which all which just great. My mobility is doing quite well. I was 100% mentally ready to undergo the procedure and it's helping me maintain the same outlook on recover. I've posted some photos in the medical bra, which I can't take off till my post op appt later today. For day one I thought they look fabulous ! Hope others are healing just as well !

5 days post op

And boy have they already soften up quite a bit. I'm off the pain med pretty much completely. The last 3 days I only took one/day. Been taking the Valium a bit more but plan to stop because it puts me right to sleep! I've started and not finished atleast 5 movies! Anyhow I also find mind wanting to wear a sports bra mostly but after a few hours I need to take it off for a few hours. I keep rotating off then off again. My boobs are slowly regaining sensitivity again. Squishing them with light pressure now is speeding up that process. However I'm waiting for atleast a week or two before increasing pressure and technique because I'm concerned about my incesion scaring. Also concerned because my left breast is constitantly tighter then my right. Although both look the same. I have my next post op appt this Friday and am anxious to see what the doc has to say about this. Anyhow here are some pictures in a new fun sports bra I found at Walmart. It's been pretty hard finding sizing and colors/patterns for my girls right now, I found thin and cotton works best. Anything too thick adds to put pressure to my already harden breasts. I will say I'm wxtrely happy with the shape and size this far... More updates up come as the weeks progress! Happy healing everyone

6days feeling good

Six days post op. Still pretty heavy and firm. However i'm feeling more comfortable appling increased pressure everyday. Changed my strips/tape twice now. Hoping that'll help speed along the scar healing process by removing old moist bacteria. More pics to come once they settle more but so far soo Good here

Pictures all is coming along :)

Im really loving the results so far

I'm only ten days post op and an absolutely have no regrets about surgery if anything I'm thankful Took it upon myself and decided to proceed with the BA. Atfirst I was concerned about not going HP but now that I'm seeing how my 457cc will continue to drop and my nipple will rise higher on my breast, and being 24 with tight elastic skin HP simply weren't necessary. Even with my bigger implant size. However the bra I'm wearing is so comfy and don't to mention cute ! It's the same band as the orange striped one previously shown brought at Walmart super cheap. Yesterday I went to a huge family party and no one noticed anything different on me however I wasn't wearing a low cut top. But in clothes now without a padding bra I do look similar pre-BA. But once I wear a push up again I'm sure heads will turn ! Haha anyhow I just wanted to share some ten post op pictures... Isn't crazy how natural they already look?! Man I'm loving my girls

3rdweek postop update

Hi ladies ! Okay today marks three weeks with my new set of twins! Let's see all is pretty much well! I've encounters minor stretch marks on both breasts and having been using palmers stretch mark lotion but am not really happy with the results. I'll probably go buy another product at Utla beauty supply that another RS lady swears by! If I do and see success I'll post of picture of the bottle. My left breast continues to simply feel more tender than the right. I am not too alarmed by this being in only 3 weeks out. Around week two maybe a lil before I played around with side sleeping. It felt okay but I was paranoid of ruining something ! I actually think I stretched out one of my incesions from laying on my side to soon so be careful ladies ! At week 3 I'm pretty comfortable sleeping on my side but haven't tired stomachs yet! Boobs still feel to tender/sensitive for that. I started massaging week one but I have to admit I don't do it as often as recommended by most PS. Mostly in the morning and at night. I began using silicon scar sheets but used them wrong ! I left them on in the shower and once they came off I thought this isn't right and returned them. However now I know I'm simply to remove them first or let dry and replace them! Didn't read that on the box anyhow. Going to buy more today so I may begin working on my scars. I fell victim to buying sports bras to soon. After a week or two of swelling went down I went from an XL to just L in sports bra size. Thankfully I was able to exchange them without tags or receipt so it worked out! As of now I've only gone on a few long walks, but next week I plan to start lower body workouts. And honestly I can't wait to try running again! I'm very nervous and I'll wait till they feel more healed and settled but I miss running and just working on that sweat! Anyhow all is truly well over here and I do hope the same for all of you RS ladies! Next week is my one month post op appt w/my PS. I'll update if he has any new news to share! Happy summer everyone :)

First time in a bikini out

And I love them but oh my... Right I think it's semi obvi I had them worked on recently. But I still gotta tan on this beautiful SoCal day. This is an old bikini top and I think it's a M. Added also a few clothes shots recently. That's all for now :)


Can't believe I'm over a month post op now! Couldn't be happier with the result this far! Not to many changes although the continue to soften up and the implant is coming less and less noticable. And at month I was finally able to start sleeping on my stomache! Hallelujah!

Missed 5week pictures! Included some preBA shots too!

Some before and current photos for comparison :)

Six weeks and 2day post op

Some six week post op pictures, along with some of the new me in the old VS wired bra size 34B! Lol obviously it's much to small altho Ill still wear it out to get the use outta it for now. No further changes as of now I guess other than that I'm enjoying sleeping on my tummy again lol still happy with my 457cc implant size and when it comes time for my first revision I'll be able to go atleast increase by 100cc. Worked out bet that way because my skin already suffered from minor stretch marks this first time around. comments opinions questions please feel free to share !

Almost four months

Sorry it's been many months since my last update! A lot has been going on in my personal life causing me to be quite distracted or simply just being out of town! I won't go into detail with all that because we're here to discuss boobs rights? Lol

Well the almost four month old twins are doing fabulous! I couldn't be happier that I went through w/the BA! I skipped my 3month post op w/my PS simply because I thought it was unneseccarry being I had no pain or discomfort. They girls couldn't look more lovely. My nw bra size is a 32DDD. And let me say, narrowing it down to that size was a mission! And then finding bras in the size is one in itself! Very annoying not many retailers offer it. But going forward shopping wont be such a nightmare lol on a daily basis I find myself preffering a simple bralette over a restricting wire bra for comfort sake. The weight of the new rack is noticeable enough to somewhat bother me after a few hours.

My nipple area continues to be somewhat numb. This however hasn't effected me too much. What is more bothersome is the slight rippling along the inner under part of my breasts. This has improved drastically though as the weeks continue to pass and looks so much more natural as they round out below. Most night I sleep bra less, I heard this isn't best but it'll do for now. Still using the silicon strips! Not religiously but trying too. They seem to be doing a pretty decent job however time itself will heal scars. Uploaded are some photos taken at various times since the last update. Well talk soon ladies! Hope many of you are happy and well!

9 months

Thought I'd upload some photos to show how the gals are shapen up these days. Still very satisfied, no regrets or complications. Last summer they were still very much firm, high. But this summer is going to be a new ball game! Bikini pics to come!

Bikini pics

Hey y'all, simply uploading pictures of what I'm dishing out these days! Ha actually tho unless I'm out for an evening of fun, or on a beach/lake, I don't have a problem keeping them concealed. I don't wear push-up or wired bras for that reason alone as well. Otherwise, they would always be up & out lol pictures are of various styles of suits old and new, still very happy I proceed with the BA :) hope to help any on their journey as it was the biggest decision Ive made this far in my life, & I truly appreciated all who aided me throughout the process both in person and within this community! Talk soon guys

One year later

Hello! So it's been a year and having the girls has been wonderful! Hands down, very satisfied with the look. However, there are some downers that I'm unsure if Ive ever brought up. One is they actually are heavy somewhat and it feels like pressure in your chest muscles. Massaging does help to an extent, the left just healed tighter perhaps I really don't know but I never thought much of it to go back to my Dr. On to the next fact, that my pair due more or less slide on my chest somewhat. And I do wish/prefer for them to be more on my chest while laying down. Maybe that means a lift in the future? Idk but I think it could/should have been possible this time. Another, is I'm realizing I probably should have gotten HP. Any opinions or suggestions welcome. I love them, but they are not and were never perfect. Maybe my expect ions were too high, another thing is that service since the procedure had been pretty bad. Simple things like following through with what you say your going to do they fail. It really has been disappointing time after time. If anyone wants details, please ask. Otherwise, i feel they put more attention into getting people in the door, then ensuring there taking care of. Anyhow, I most likely won't be posting much more on this site because they have indeed settled :)) what you see today is it, it's been a journey and it will continue. Cheers to all you big busty gals out there, sending you cyber hugs! Talk later hope everyone is enjoying summer!
Dr. Justin West

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