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Hello, everyone im new to this i would like to...

Hello, everyone im new to this i would like to share my journey with all of you.
i've been reading review on this website for about a year now i love it soo much.
i saw very good result amazing.

let me tell you little bit about myself Im 41 years old married with 3 kids 20, 16 and 14. I wanted bbl for almost 2 years right now been searching and reading about it. Finally after all these researches i decided to go with Dr. afifi in orange county. I went for a consultation last week and was very confident with her she explain every think to me in detail wasn't in rush she took her time and showed me before and after pictures she is soo sweet and understanding.
Im very nervous and exicted at the same time i don't have any idea about recovery, im worry the most how im going to drive after to drop my children to school. I still have 11 days for my surgery i hope everything will be ok. can't wait to get it done and see dr. afifi majic on my body. I wish luck and safe recovery for all of you sis. i will update you with any new.

Hello bbl sis. I cant wait for d surgery its...

Hello bbl sis. I cant wait for d surgery its exciting i cant even sleep, browsing realself everyday, in d bathroom cant stop by the my current weigh right now 148 lbs and im 5'4' i go to gym everyday for 1 hour, my postop is tomorow and i have to pay in full im wondering after surgery how do u wake up will u be sitting on ur butt or laying on stomach, will u be very drowsey or normal plz let me know is d butt very painfull to touch . Any of u sistas prefer certain spot to inject the fat to give u the roundness?

For you who did bbl surgery anything specific you...

For you who did bbl surgery anything specific you take with u on d date of surgery?

Today is my post op, they going to give me my lab...

Today is my post op, they going to give me my lab order, im so excited its getting closer, whats the best garment to wear for 1st. And 2nd stage , i want it just a little bit below my knee, i also forgot to mention the area im getting lipo are flanks, banana and bra roll, under arm pit sides of my knee maybe i will include my arms not sure yet i will update u asap after my post opp. Is boppy pillow help for sitting on ur thighs for short times, i just got my vitamins yesterday from make me heal i read many review on these vitamin i think it will help with d swelling and bruising also recovery will ne much faster.
The think also i like about dr. Afifi she doesnt use drains in most people thats a big relief already. I hope from some of u sistas who went withh dr. Afifi before can post some before snd after pix. Thanks.

I just got back from dr. Afifi and she explained...

I just got back from dr. Afifi and she explained everything to me, well injecting the fat depend on the butt shape u already have, she cant just injects anywhere, first she check and see where u have empty space, dents, slops then she starts filling it with d fat and she work her way srround it loke adding little bit more at the lower part if u want that upside down heart shape with projection and she tolds me there is specific way to do it not injecting anywhere. My balance was paid in full and im ready for my surgery now. For those who needs to do lab work she told me about this place they have different location everywhere and the're cheaper than anybody else the charge will be arround $75 to $80 good deal and u have to fast for 12 hours on one of the test like u could go to sleep at 10 pm and go the next day at 10 am which will be fine. Tomorow im going to do the blood test and they will fax the Result to d doctor. I will let u know tomorow .

I just got my garment its too small i cant even...

I just got my garment its too small i cant even get it to close im so upset, i usually wear medium it's power net, i will die if i close it, i can t even get it close together its faja colombianas . please help if you know a good brand let me know cz my surgery getting very close and i still don't have one.

I think im going to khols to see if they have any...

I think im going to khols to see if they have any garment, cz im scared to order on ebay or different website and when it comes it doesn't fit. thats because its made from powernet becarefull if youre ordering when you see powernet that thing is soo hard to get it close together. any advice?

Im back again it was very frustrating to look for...

Im back again it was very frustrating to look for a garment, i order one on line it was fajas colombianas medium according to d chart . I was surprised how tiny it was looks like it wont even fit victoria secret models, my hands are very sore trying to pull it. I had to return it back. Be verycarefull the doctor told me they ran very small most of her surgery she is having trouble fitting garments on her patient cz those r made very power material and if it very thight it may leave dentation on ur skin, and breathing problem.
I browse on classic they have all kind from very high compression to medium and low. Shop for ur garment at least 1 month in advance cz u might have to return or exchange.
Im so excited for my surgery i have to leave my house by 6:00 am my surgery at 9:00 am. I hope it wont be painfull after sx i dont know how d recovery will be.
Cant wait for post op picture and . I wish safe recovery to all bbl sis.

Days are moving fast now im happy and nervous at...

Days are moving fast now im happy and nervous at the same time.
Im almost done with my pre op vitamin from make me heal , sometimes i seem happy and sometimes sad i dont know why. My mind keep fluctuating i think its normal, i still didnt get my garment it will be here tmr , i asked the nurse at dr. Afifi office if my garment didnt fit at d date of surgery she said we have back up at d surgery place, tmr im packing all my needs also i was wondering what is the benefit of using the triangle and i ve heard that they do massage which area they do after surgery? Plz let me know. Thanks

Hello again im getting ready my surgery is 7:30 am...

Hello again im getting ready my surgery is 7:30 am they just called me from d surgery center and change my time it was suppose to be 9:30 am thats fine with me i just have to get so early arround 3:30 to get ready i have to be there at 5:30 am dont mind i wont be able to sleep anyway. They said not to eat anything after 9:00 pm not even water and dont eat any dairy 2 hours before you take your antibiotic otherwise your antibiotic wont go in your system if u eat dairy product so 2 hours before and 4 hours after. I also have to take my inhaler with me cz i have very bad allergie in spring time its killing me itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing its sooo bad and i cant take my allergie medecine she sad to scipped today. I cant wait to have my post op pictures to share with all of u. It really encourage me when i read all your story you guys say lots of jokes and funny wording, your reviews were very important to all of us we share same feeling same recovery we put ourselves in danger going thru surgies , complications and down time just to feel good about ourselves and to make our hubbies happy i hope all hubbies understand what women go thru her life just to make her man happy, some they appreciate and some dont. We take lots of pain and suffer . Well i hope for all of you good healing and easy recovery .
I wish time pass quick already i just want to get it done and over with get back home safe for my lovely children and i wish luck to all of you.

They had to reschedule me regarding my asthma i...

they had to reschedule me regarding my asthma i was wheezing very bad that they could not oporate on me, they said its dangerous cz my air way in my lungs were very tighten they might shut down completely due to the general anesthesia and end up in hospital for weeks for lungs problem that may cause brain damage from not receiving enough oxygen so please for those who have asthma be very carefull about that its very serious. i went to my doctor in kaiser and he put me on medication for 2 weeks to open the air way on my lungs then after they could do the surgery. so i postponed it for May the 23 rd that when my kids are off school so i dont have to worry about transportation as well. im soooo sad about what i went thru getting ready for it and planning, taking my pre op medication all went for a waste but at the end i think im lucky to have another doctor that comes with doctor afifi to surgery her job is to check every single issue you have and discuss it with you not many doctor will do that. She saved my life it could i've been a disaster not to be able to wake up after anesthesia and end up in coma thanks god for saving my life and get back home safe for my kids. Im taking medication now it feels much better and i think i will be ready for it on may 23. by the way i don't have asthma it s just on the spring time that my allergie get so bad that made my asthma kick in . please make sure to disclose every single issue about your health to your doctor prior to your surgery it will benefit you at the end. doctor told me many patient have some even minor issue they may think its nothing but they don't know that even minor think it will be very danger when your put to sleep for long time. I hope i will be ok next time and thank god for saving my life again and be able to see my family again.

Dr afifi called me today and said i have to check...

Dr afifi called me today and said i have to check back with my primary doctor at kaiser so he could check me back in 2 weeks for my stupid asthma that ruin everything for me. im very frustrating about that i just want to get it done and over with and im scared that my doctor won't give me clearance so sad im going to start all over again on arnica pills and pre op vitamin i was taking. I feel like this surgery far away right now from happening. Dr afifi told me she want to make sure from the clearance and she will see me before my surgery date to make sure everything is fine,im so scared that this wheezing won't go away. I still cant believe what happens to me at the date of the surgery i thought im dreaming when they say we cant do it they even got me on the bed for surgery and put the ivy on me i was ready to go, when this bad new pop op from no where i cried so much. if any of you have that problem before and went thru it please let me know what you guys did. thanks

Today I'm feeling much much better wheezing almost...

Today I'm feeling much much better wheezing almost gone I could feel it while I'm breathing out . I'm so glad I'm getting better and I hope I don't catch any flu or other likeness before. I'm going to get ready for my new date I need to order only my pre op vitamin from make me heal I still have the one for post op. maybe also shopping for more garment its always good to have extra ones. By the way how was it to move around d house the 2 nod day of surgery is it pretty bad or k. I have another app. With my primary doctor on may6 just to check me after the use of steroid and I will still have to take another one week dose before surgery date. Hope everything will be fine .

I was just wondering what was ur experience after...

I was just wondering what was ur experience after u woke up from anesthesia right away , were u able to walk on ur own after the 1 hr recovery?

I browse on her web site and saw very good result, and i heard that she does contour the body very nice also i saw few people on realself i love the result she gave them.

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