Orthognathic Surgery Lower Jaw Advancement with Genioplasty

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I am actually scheduled to go into surgery today!...

I am actually scheduled to go into surgery today! My orthodontist and surgeons have been working really hard to make sure everything goes perfect. I am nervous and excited. I will post some pre-op photos of my jaw and lips relaxed (although in at least 15 years I have never taken such photo ????). Looking forward to the functional and aesthetic improvements.

Waiting in pre-op

These are just a few photos and a few of me not using angles and filters. My lips are relaxed and my bite is in natural closed position. Feeling nervous and excited.

No Genioplasty

I am 24 hours post-op.my surgery took well over 2 hours. Well my surgeons completely my lower jaw advancement of 12mm and didn't feel that the genioplasty was necessary, especially because I was worried about having a masculine or pointy chin. I trust their decision and I know it will be a lot easier to get it a year from now if I want it then to have to undo it. Fair amount of swelling and moved into oral pain meds instead of the morphine. Getting excited to eventually see what I look like. I will hopefully be going home tonight now that I am doing things on my own. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Day 4 post-op

Feeling a bit more stressed out about the swelling. Having a moderate amount of anxiety that the surgery didn't work all that well as I still see my overbite. I am very worried and anxious to get back to my surgeons office next week. I don't know if there is still movement to be made with my orthodontist or what. I'm hungrier than I normally am and haven't lost any weight (thankfully). I am able to eat soups from a spoon or the bowl, drink from a cup and even eat foods like cottage cheese and over cooked pastas. Will update when there is any change. Just waiting..........

One week post-op

I just left my surgeons office and he is very happy and impressed with how things are progressing. I do have quite a bit of rubberband work to do over the next 5-7 weeks but we will get there. I am starting to really notice the difference in my jaw being advanced 13mm i bite naturally in such a good spot already I am very encouraged and excited. I do have some tingling/numbness in my chin area but not really anywhere else. I haven't taken anything stronger than an ibuprofen since last Friday, which he said is really good. I told him how hungry I was a he gave me the name of an awesome soup spot in the area haha. I have lost 8 pounds already. You will definitely lose weight, I feel like I have been eating non-stop and still taking protein but somehow still losing weight :( I am going to continue to try to keep my calories well above 2000. Well that's it for now.
Dr. Andrew Pearson

I have not gone into surgery yet, but so far they have been great. Very informative. Dr. Pearson has really taken a lot of time explaining things to me and making feel very comfortable and confident. Never rushing me out of his office. Will update after surgery.

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