Optimistic About Results from Smart Lipo on Upper Arms

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Day of Procedure: On April 6, 2009 I woke up...

Day of Procedure:

On April 6, 2009 I woke up very eager about my scheduled smart lipo procedure on my upper arms; that would take place that day at 3:30 pm. I could not help but clean my entire apartment from top to bottom. I was so nervous because I had never before had an operation performed on me nor was I fond of needles –hate them (especially huge ones). Also, because it was a Monday afternoon, I had no one to go with me or drive me (everyone had work to go to that day).

Because I live in Chicago and the procedure would take place in Oak Brook – the medspa arranged to have a car pick me up and drop me off after the procedure (for free). I was so nervous that I almost told the driver to turn around at one point but instead made it there a little before 3:30 and once I entered the door they knew who I was. The staff was so friendly and attentive; at one point they viewed my dismayed face and proceeded to comfort me.

Pre-op meeting with the Doctor was short. I basically had to sign papers and he answered any questions I had (not many because I just wanted to get it over with). To be honest I felt more comfortable having the nurse or staff perform the Smart Lipo on my arms. The Doctor seemed distant and rushed during the Pre-op meeting. I anticipated the worst once I enter the operating room—not only because I was not to comfortable about my Doctor but also because I was only wearing a bra, disposable underwear and socks.

The room was small and a cheesy radio station played in the background. I was instructed to lie on the bed on my side. I was hoping to begin once my body hit the bed but the equipment was not set up and I laid there (practically naked) for about 15 minutes. I remember the entire time I laid there I wished I would have took something that would knock me out – I didn’t.

The Doctor was so great about comforting me and kept my mind off the loud sucking noise. There were times I heard him sing along the songs playing on the radio. Both the Doctor and the Nurse were so attentive to my needs and constantly asked me if I was alright. The worst part was when then injected my arms to numb them, so that I would not feel any pain. After that I was just annoyed of the sucking noises coming from the machine. It was not painful. I expected it to be the worst pain I ever felt but it wasn’t.

I think the entire thing was finished at about 4:50 pm. I was eager to get dressed and leave – since my commuter would be long. But before I left the Nurse checked my vitals and pulse. They also helped me put on my compression garment.

After the Procedure:

The pain came the day after the procedure; I could do very little by my self. I tried to rest but I just had so much to do. I had to study for an exam that Friday and was trying to catch up on emails for work. My family kept telling me to take it easy. But finally I just sat myself down and watched hours of cheesy daytime programs, followed by cheesy lifetime movies. The pain was minimal when I allowed myself to rest. The medication helped but it made me very drowsy and could not take it during work hours – 9 – 5. And everyone would touch my arms to see if they felt different; my bf accidentally bumped into my arm and it felt horrible that my eyes started to water up (without me knowing it). Needless to say but my bf felt so bad that he’s been extra protective of me. He doesn’t let me do anything for my self anymore.


Truthfully, I am not completely satisfied with my results; so far, they seem to be swollen and sore (not as much as the day after day after). First, I hate wearing this stupid undergarment; it’s so hot and bothersome. Second, I know that results take up to 6 months to show but still was hoping to get the “wow” factor instantly. Third, I have yet to work out; which is so irritating since I have a wedding I am trying to lose weight for.

My family; very pessimistically, insist that I was ripped off because my arms do not seem any smaller. They were always against this because it is cosmetic surgery; an easy fix in their opinion. But they know I have tried my hardest to tone my arms and with little or no results. To date I have lose 70 pounds; all eating healthily and working out 6 days a week. My work-out schedule is as follows: run from 5:15 am – 6:30 (Monday – Saturday) and workout after work from 6:00 pm – 7:30 (or 8:00) pm (Monday – Saturday). I had been doing this for a solid year and a half; have stopped since the procedure – am eager to start again. My diet is as follows: I am a vegetarian; I DO NOT eat meat, fish or chicken. I am very strict about my food intake. I try to eat as much greens as possible and little to no processed foods (I do not follow the raw diet). Drink lots of water, no soda, sugared juices or sports drinks.

I will be patient, because that is who I am. I try to be an optimistic in every aspect of my life. So this show not be any different, I don’t think this procedure has made it worst. The downfall is if my results do not improve then I’m out $3,000. This will teach me that there is not such thing as taking the easy way out. BUT on the other hand, if my results improve I have my toned arms ready for the hot summer in Chicago (and Mexico –vacation). This result will teach me to do what makes your happy. I am really hoping that the results get better but am surrounded with all this pessimists that it is affecting me.

I guess I can notice the changes that are...

I guess I can notice the changes that are happening to my arms, but they are very subtle. Unfortunately, I did not measure my arms before having smartlipo. But even with the swelling and puffiness my clothes seem to look better and feel less constricted. I can now wear a thick sweater under my thin jacket (before I had to choose between the sweater or the jacket. I have lumps that have developed on my right arm (more so than my left) but I expected this to happen and my doctor warned me. I message daily to relieve the pain and try to reduce the size. They seem to be decreasing in size (at least I hope).

I did not get that “wow” factor, but it hasn’t even been three weeks. I am still trying to be positive about the situation. I really hope the bumps and lumps decrease by the end of May; since I am planning to go on vacation and would like to at least look normal.

I have yet to start my regular exercise regimen listed above and my diet has ceased to exist because I have no energy (because lack of exsercie) to prepare my own food and tend to eat out. Before my life transformation (changing my life and eating habits) I was just an average American; I owned a gym membership and never went but yet renewed it every three years and I ate and drank every toxic chemical tainted food on the market. I had to force myself to commit to the regiment and diet; it was not easy but I knew the benefits would easily out weight everything else. I can honestly say that it took me a solid 6 months to actually get used to the way of life I had chosen to live and now I see that slowly slipping away.

My Doctor said I SHOULD NOT start my prior routine until the 1 month mark because the Upper Arms need more time to heal. Needless to say, I am not happy about this. I have started minor weight lifting and jogging but every time I try to increased my speed while running I have my bf that will stop me. He’s very protective. Love and hate that about him.

I promise to try to update you all as I go along. But if I forget just comment below and I will update. Thanks!

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Truthfully he was nice and made me feel comfortable. Am expecting full results in about 6 months. Just stay optimistic the whole time: REMEMBER the arms and inner thighs take the longest to see positive results with Lipo or Smart Lipo.

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