41 YO, 5,5, 112. Breastfed One Kid, Looking Forward to the Big Day! - Denmark

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First of all I want to thank you all for your...

First of all I want to thank you all for your reviews. They have been very useful for me, as I have no one to discuss this only my best friend and my husband. He has been very supportive, despite he thinks my breasts are looking good the way they do right now:) My friend can’t wait to see the results.
I’m considering 300-325 cc high profile implants under the muscle. I’m afraid of going too big but scared of going too small too:) I just want to keep a classy and discreet style at the office and still be able to look “foxy” when wearing a cocktail dress and bikini...
So any advice from you regarding size is more than welcome... Any petites out there in the same situation? And which size are you guys going for? I almost forgot to add that I hope my parents in law won’t notice it (I know many of you are now smiling at this point)
I’m already making all kind of practical preparations, have ordered silicone sheeting strips (for the scars), my husband is taking the first week off to take care of me, the garden is almost done, and I have dowloaded a guide to breast augmentation (Knoxville) I’ll enclose my “before” pictures right now.. A 32A cup
Best regards! And once again thank you:)

It's done!!! The first 24 hrs after op??

First day after op. I'm feeling quite good, although I'm a bit sore. It's not hurting that much but it feels quite tender. The operation went good, nice surgeon and staff, I felt like I was being taken care of all the way through. I'm taking care not to get my heart rate up but it's hard to be so sedentary when I'm used to be so active before. In December and April this year, I went through two operations on both feet, in order to correct hallux valgus, or bunions. The recovery was much longer then, so I expect this recovery to be much quicker.

Today I took the first look at my "ladies", and, I really like the result so far. They are swollen, as expected, but I'm very pleased at this moment! A nurse called me today and after listening to me she said that everything seems to be the way it's supposed to be.

Now I'm taking it easy to avoid any complications, and in the meanwhile I'll upload the first pics of my "tatas":)

I'm very happy!!!

More pics

Day 3. Still tired, fragile, everything hurts:-/

Still feels like an elephant has decided to reside on top of my chest. It hurts breathing, my back hurts, I sleep most of time and I'm having this weird feeling under my skin between both breasts, as there's "bubbles" or a funny kind of paper under it?!
The appearance is great, though, despite of the swelling of the area, left slightly bigger than right but I'm not alarmed by that. The have always been a bit different one from another... When do you girls begin the massage?

12 days update

12 days after op. Feeling quite good and happy to be in use of my arms again, though, I sometimes find myself overdoing, and then I "pay" the price in the evening so I know I must take it easy. I'm so lucky my husband is also on vacation this week, and he has been in charge of the kitchen, vacuuming, gardening, etc.
My breasts are still hard like rocks, specially morning and evening, and the bloating is almost gone, so I've started to feel normal again:) I've been driving this morning too, and it went good, although it's a bit unpleasant when it comes to gear change.
I'll resume my normal activities next week, and I may go jogging in two weeks, I can't wait!

It's difficult to remain so passive, when one is used to be moving around, working out, taking care of the house, and so. But rather passive than overdoing and extending the recovery unnecessarily. I must relax, and let time and gravity do their job, I guess:-)

2,5 week. They begin to settle

Hello out there!
2,5 week has passed, and I think I can see the ladies begin to drop a little. Right more than left, but when you see the pics is hard to tell. I have just one little concern and is an odd feeling when I do certain movements with my right arm, like there was a thread pulling my tissue inside, in a point between my nipple and my cleavage. This is the spot which most pain after surgery... Now is not hurting, just that funny feeling and I wonder however this is normal. I have emailed the hospital right now. Nevertheless I would like to hear from you girls if you ever have experienced something similar! I have no bruising, and the scars are looking good so far.

Trying some bras

It only has been almost seven weeks since my breast augmentation so I will wait a bit before bra shopping. I think I'll let a pro do the measurements after the three month mark in order to find out which size bras I must buy, so now it's just for fun. I've tried this earlier and was measured to fit a 70E cup (here in Europe, so that would be 30E for you guys overseas)
Now the swelling has subsided and I went to a H&M store where you can buy cheap but lovely underwear and I am happy to see I was able to fit a D cup!
The funny feeling on my left breast I reported earlier is almost gone. I guess it's because they heal differently over time. I'm very happy with their appearance so far and I can fit most of my dresses and tops (they look much better now than then:) hope all of you are doing well

Eight weeks

Still happy with my results. They are settling nicely I think

Area of lost sensitivity (hopefully temporary)

This area has been marked with an "x" using eyeliner. Not a good drawer I know;)

Done some bra shopping:-D

I'm almost on the three month mark. Everything is going well, I'm finally regaining the sensitivity in the lower part of my breasts. The pain and weird sensations in my left one are subsiding, and driving (due to the seatbelt) is not uncomfortable anymore.
The girls had dropped significantly and are getting softer and squishier, and I got measured last week to fit a size 30E. I can squeeze them in a D but the E is definitely the most comfortable. The place had "buy three pay for two" offer, so of course I bought three plus one more which was hanging out in another store on my way back. I had order a cheap bra on the internet, a D cup (the biggest they got) because I had that same model when I was a B, and wanted to have it again. This is the black push up bra from the picture (it has a nice detail on the back) and unfortunately is not that comfy. I'm allowed to use underwired bras after my 3 month mark.

Otherwise I think I'm healing nicely, still happy with my results and looking forward to see my surgeon next month. I hope you all are doing fine!
Pavia Lumholt

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