Extended TT, BL & Lipo - Ontario, Canada

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In the past year I went from 220lbs to 157lbs...

In the past year I went from 220lbs to 157lbs (I'm 5'4). Bad eating combined with having 4 kids stretched my skin out to the point that I ended up with that typical hanging lower tummy skin. Although I could wear all kinds of great new clothes, if anything was fitted around the lower stomach I had the roll showing and I hated that. Once I was within 10lbs of my goal weight (150lbs), I met with a ps. She said she would take care of 5lbs with the TT so I'd only need to lose another 5 on my own.

She said I needed an extended TT due to the amount of fat just hanging there. I also opted for a breast lift.

I had my surgery on November 29, 2010. Prior to that I tried to cancel/reschedule twice out of fear of dying or something terrible happening or just making a bad and costly mistake. But I was at the expensive penalty point and decided it was just bad nerves getting me.

The surgery was about 4 1/2hrs long. I slept for about 4 hours after initially waking up. My ps has all tt patients spend the night in her recovery room which was a major plus for me as I felt better having a nurse with me all night

Well that night I wanted to get up and walk around which the nurse helped me with. I wasn't hungry and had a few protein shakes and pieces of toast just for nourishment. I took no painkillers because honestly, I wasn't in pain, just discomfort. Finally the nurse said she was giving me something so I could at least have a deep sleep.

The 1hr long drive home the next day made me dizzy and I thought I was going to pass out. But once home I was able to get up every hour and walk around for 5 minutes. The hunching over was awful but I think because I had 3 c-sections and an appendectomy, I kind of already knew how to do things such as go pee, get up and down, etc.

I was on oxycotin for the first two days post-op but felt it made me dizzy and nausous so I got the ok to switch to extra-strength tylenols and advil. I took one every four hours for the next day. I had my first bm on day three and it honestly made me feel better!

By day 3 I could walk around more, sit at the dining room table and was not taking the painkillers as much.

On day 4, I went into my ps to have my one and only drain removed. Not painful, just kind of a burning sensation for a second. I was thrilled to be able to shower that night. I followed the instructions to make sure I didn't pass out once my cg came off. I was fine, didn't feel dizzy at all and enjoyed a nice warm shower.

On day 5, I went to the mall to get my hair coloured and eyebrows waxed. I can walk almost completely upright at this point - naturally, not forced. I'm taking the painkillers to sleep at night and maybe once during the day when I want a nap. This is also the day where I had my meltdown "why did I do this, I had a great shape before and spanx did a good job with my lower belly." I cried to my husband that I made a mistake, I ruined myself, I destroyed my pretty shape from before, etc, etc.

Today is 1 week since I had my procedures and I'm feeling pretty good physically but I also recovered very quickly from the 3 c-sections and the appendectomy. After last night's meltdown, I spent some time this morning trying on my clothes and I actually cheered up! I look so flat when I turn to the side. My hips are swollen still from the lipo so I'm a bit freaked out at how big they seem but I remind myself they will go back to normal. Also, I'm going back to my desk job tomorrow for about half a day.

I will try and post pictures soon.

Post-Op Day 10: Well I came back to work Tuesday...

Post-Op Day 10: Well I came back to work Tuesday (post-op day 7) and have been doing great all week, almost 100% back to normal. I had to go to a work function last night and had a late night but I'm ok today. Driving has been no problem and my commute is 90 mintues each way (mostly sitting in traffic!)

My bb started a weird bloody seepage thing Tuesday so my PS gave me a antibiotic topical cream and it seems to stop the bleeding but there's still a gross fluid coming out.

I am walking upright and just have that tight pulling feeling in my tummy. The swelling on my hips from the lipo have really gone down but I'm still quite bruised and there is a raised bumpy area I'm not happy about but I've been massaging it with arnica gel.

I'm glad the weekend is here because I'm going to spend most of it just lying on the sofa resting back up for next week's work-week.

My tummy is still kind of puffy/doughy which I'm trying not to get concerned about but I really expected it to be smooth and flat. I have another post-op appointment next week. I'm hoping its still just swelling.

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She seems to have done a good job although its still too early to tell 100%.

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