36 Years Old, TT with MR ..just do it!

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Oh boy...where do I begin! You all are very...

Oh boy...where do I begin! You all are very inspirational! I am so happy I found this site:) I've been on here everyday reading all your journeys and decided it is time to begin mine. I am 36 years old, I have 2 kids 12 & 14 year old. I'm around 5'7" or 5'8" don't really know..lol I decided this is the year for the new me! I am really tired of of wearing tanks over bathing suit @ the beach, I am tired of my undies rolling under my pooch, I am tired of sitting and having all them rolls and I am tired of sucking my stomach in ALL the time! I even do it around my hubby and kids....can't remember last time I took a proper breath. No matter how much I diet, exercise this just doesn't go away, I am really getting to the point where I want to give up trying. I need some motivation! I want to enjoy my life again! I want to be confident! I deserve that! I dedicated my life being a wife for 17 years, and a mother for 14.5 years. I love my kids but I hate what it did to my body. I am staring to post now because this Monday Feb 8, 2016 I am calling for a consultation! I hope the doctor can do something because If he will tell me I am not a good candidate I'm afraid of going into some sort of depression. Still working on getting hubby to be 100% supportive, he keeps saying he loves me just the way I am, and that my belly is a reminder that I gave him 2 precious children......I think that spending the money is what is stressing him. Well I am ready to do this! I will be making a list what to ask the doctor (any advice on questions greatly appreciated). I am hoping to get a full TT with lipo and something done with my thighs....they rub and gives me a painful rash, I am not able to wear skirts in the Summer or even shorts....I wear capris to avoid that issue. And here are the photos that I took today which are very hard to look at them for me, not to mention posting:( I just hope the doctor does not tell me to lose more weight. (Once I find out when my consultation is I will make another post! wish me luck!! and happy healing to those that did it! and good luck to those that will be doing this!

Consultation date booked!!!

So the Doctor I am interested in that does Drainless (NaturalTuck tummy tuck) will be available to see me Feb 19th for a consultation! I am very nervous especially to get almost (__!__) naked in front of a stranger :( I am starting today to make a list of all the questions I may have!!! Any advice/hints of what to ask would be greatly appreciated! I know that lots of reviews I read here said...ohh I forgot to ask.... if I only knew.... so please help! thanks! happy healing all!!!

Making a list!

So my consultation is still on Friday the 19th..Im a bit nervous not sure what to expect :) but I am starting to make a list of what to ask. And after long talks with hubby he's finally 100% on board! so now I am feeling less guilty:) I also explained that this will benefit him as much as me...bahahahaha (wink wink) if you know what I mean:) I can't even begin to imagine that this could be a possibility and getting my life back!!!!! I'll post again on the 19th how my consultation went and what plans he will have for me. I want to post here my experience in case someone will want to or is having a consultation and does not know what to expect. ??? Happy healing! and good luck to those approaching the flat side! Here is my wish pic!

Last wish Pics (collage)

Here is my last wish pic with wish belly button pics:) hope I can look like that! I am going to take this to my doctor next Friday and ask him if this is a possibility and yes I am keeping in mind that all results will vary depending on your body type.... but a wish is a wish!..LOL P.S.. I chose those random pics because they look natural to me, nothing crazy.

Tomorrow is my Consult...!

SO I have prepared mentally for my visit with the DR... made a list of all the questions I want to ask..lol I am still a bit nervous just because I'm afraid of rejection...hope he says I have enough skin to do it and if he will be able to achieve my look. Hopefully all goes smoothly and I come out with a booked date! Hoping to do it right after Easter so that will be beginning of April...just have to plan around to do this right after my period..I don't think I want to do this and couple days later deal with Niagara Falls between my legs..lol Wish me luck my sexy ladies!!!!! happy healing to all! and good luck to those in phase 1 like me!? P.S I will be back tomorrow to let you all know how it went!

Consultation experiance....

Ok, just got back from my consult.... I was greeted right away by the secretaries, I was offered coffee..wow, they were really really nice! I went to see the doctor pretty much on time. I went in there wit ha looooong list of questions I had prepared and had it in my purse...lol when I pulled the list out to see If I can ask him some he has already answered them all!...... ok, first he asked the standard questions, height, kids, married..ect..why I am looking into plastic surgery and what would I like done. Then he asked me to get in a gown, he looked me over and said that I am a good candidate!!! and that my scar would not be going over/passing the hip are but before. He said he can get the scar down pretty low it would be covered my bikini. He does no drains TT and uses type of "Quill" suture when closing any incisions. He says these dissolvable monofilament sutures are more expensive and take a few minutes longer to apply, they require no knots to ensure the incision is closed as snugly as possible and reduces the risk of the negative skin reaction that is associated with their less expensive, braided counterparts. There won't be any fluid accumulation and it contributes to less visible scarring....He also requires min 2 weeks no smoking but preffers 4 weeks. Everything was awesome, I was so at easy and comfortable in front of him, he was so nice, kind gentle and seems very honest. I had a wonderful experience! since today is Friday and they are closed on weekends, I have till Monday to decide if I want April 1, or 8 to be the day! I feel I don't need to look further, it was a better visit than I expected. Now It's only a $$$ and date decision.... do I finance? or credit? or part cash part credit part finance? I got 2 quotes 1 for TT with MR and lipo of flanks and 1 quote TT with Mr and lipo of flanks + thigh lift + lipo...... both together $14900 + tax ot just TT $9600 + tax. Im going to spend this evening talking over with hubby of what we can do. Thanks all for helping me with this journey!!!! I'll let you know what we decide, it is a lot of money..TT I am doing for sure, just don't know about thighs.

SO MAD!!!!

Just letting you all know that are following my journey that I was so exited to know that I am a good candidate for a TT with MR repair. I was bursting with joy!!! and it all ended for me thanks to my husband Last Saturday a day after my consultation. He decided it would be fun to step on it on Hwy and he got caught at a very high speed....resulting in 7 day suspension, car gone for 7 days and a court date next month.... Will not be able continue my journey because of his stupidity until we know what the judge rules and what the punishment fines are...max penalty is 10.000, 6 points, 100% insurance raise, loosing license for 1-3 years.....we are getting a lawyer so we might just deal with fines but dont know how much.....It's his first offence so hopefully they go easy on him. If he was not my hubby I'd put him in jail what he did to me :( Once again I have to put my life on hold for others..Im so mad!!!!! I am going to try to stay positive and take this time to try to lose more weight...it should not be that hard since I am stressed out to MAX!. his 15 seconds of disasterous fun turned my life upside down and killed my dreams. I am doing this 100% just have to put it on hold for about 4 weeks and see what happens. I'll keep you all posted!


So if you follow me you read my previous post about putting TT on hold... well nothing happened on the 21st with hubbys situation and court got moved to Nov...so I am not waiting! Tomorrow I am going to see my doc again, just got couple more questions for him and I should be picking a date and putting a deposit! I will be back tomorrow evening and let you all know what is going on! I plan to do the surgery 1st week in May because end of April period coming:( and don't want to deal with that..LOL

TT..with MR and lipo to flanks booked! !!

Hi all..I was not able to update earlier due to no power. We had a huge ice storm. Anyway I had another visit with my doctor and I'm booked for May 6th!!! I'LL Keep you all posted in the month of April and post more photos...I'm still trying to loose couple of pounds. Thanks for all the support! Happy healing all!!

Some more b4 photos! May 6 needs to come sooner!

Just taking some photos in different positions. Will take 1 in daylight tomorrow.. once procedure is done I want to compare to see where my beauty marks moved...lol hoping to drop 10 lbs in April...I might do a detox tea next week to get some toxins out.

Getting some supplies! it's getting real!

Hi all...???? I got some supplies for recovery. Got 2 pj's dresses...some comfy undies...tanks..robe..non slip socks..boxer shorts...bandages..gauze. .alcohol sheets..polisporin. ..body tape..pads for insision if needed...towels..baby wipes..thermometer. ..and few other little things...I have a walker on wheels with basket ????..toilet seat riser. .shower chair..and this amazing recliner with led lights.and cup holders..powered and USB port to charge my phone!!!! Recliner will b delivered in 2 weeks. It was expensive 1000.00 but I figure if I needed to get one for recovery I might as well get one that fits my decor.????..next week I will go shopping again for some comfy track pant and strapless tops. I'm so excited all! Here are some pics of my supplies do far...will be adding more over time..happy healing all!!!! ???

Few more items!

My mom had knee surgery so I was able to get some of her stuff and save some money. I got a nice set of wheels! LOL.. This walker goes so smooth...a toilet seat riser with handles! I'm sure that will help lots and I bought my shower chair. Went shopping yesterday and got some more tanks and a pair if track pants for day of surgery....Ladies I am bursting with excitement!! Can't wait for jelly belly to be gone! This Friday I have my last visit at the office and will be sent for blood work and chest xray...I'm paid in full too! I might add for the Dr to remove 4- 6 more moles...that's another 1000dollars :( but those are on my legs and when I shave I cut through them...it hurts...I'm thinking since I will be out (asleep) for surgery I might as well get them done...but I'll decide by Friday..this us all already over my budget from what I expected. ..anyway.....happy healing my brave sistas! !!..see you soon! I will update with final pics closer to date...hugs!

Question for all...

Tomorrow is my pre op...but today I got my period which came almost 2 weeks early...I never had that before...it always come every 28 days...anyone experienced that? My surgery is May 6th...and I font feel like I've been stressing.

Pre Op

Quick update. ...had my pre op today...all went well. Got pictures done and measurements and filled lots of paperwork. Tomorrow morning I go get blood work done and a physical....bought an extra compression garment from ps so when the other one gets washed I will have a backup. 3 weeks to go today! I took some more b4 pics at home so I'll post that here and my measurements. ...ohhhh and in January I was 187lbs. ...at my consult I was 173lbs and today at pre op 167 lbs. .. hoping to go down to 160 lbs by may 6th but who knows...lol...happy healing all!!!!

2.5 weeks to go! + Clearance!

Hey all :) I just got a call from my PS...my blood work looks good and I am cleared! May 6 baby! I just need a physical done but that needs to be filled and brought to surgery day...things like , weight, height, pulse, just a basic check up. I also took some pics b4 and will fill them.... the "?" with same outfits after surgery:) I am very excited, not nervous, all prepared....hope recovery goes smoothly! I will make 1 more post the day b4 the surgery..unless something crazy happens then I will update..lol happy healing to all my beautiful ladies!!!!???

Hi my sexy ladies!!

A little update. Last post blood all good! Cleared! Yesterday had my physical and healthy like a 18 year old they said! Got couple more things. ..extra CG. .Arnica. gravel stool softer. .and a surgical sponge to shower in the morning b4 surgery. .my recliner will be delivered on Friday. So they say...Got some protein bars and shakes. Crackers for the ride home in case I'm nauseated. And that's it...I'm so excited!! Next week we are having family bbq since I won't see them for a while. .lol gotta do major cleaning and cook a day b4 surgery. I think I'm ready!!!! Attaching a pic of my vip room for physical I did yesterday lmao. ...and few things I got....happy healing all!!! And thank you for following my journey..it means do much to have support from people who understand the ups and downs .........HUGS! !!!!...... P.S hope no one us annoyed with all these pics of items...but maybe it will be useful for someone and we'll realself is my form of diary ????

8 hrs!!!

Hello all.. I am leaving for my TT in 8 hrs!!! Just showered, shaved, got my sleeping stuff and recliner ready, shopped for some books, creams, and cooked low sodium food for me and made lots of food for the family! they will be set for a week! I am very excited, not really nervous, just want it done and hope I get the results I am hoping for. happy healing all! keep me in your prayers! I hope to be back online and make a quick post tomorrow....depending how drugged up I will be. Ohh an I am so thirsty and hungry and can't eat or drink until after surgery. P.S.. origionally I had to be there at 7:30 am..then 10 am....and today they told me at 9:15, so will be leaving my house at 7:45! HUGS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it!

Hi...I'm posting late because I just got home....so far not good...I'm actually in pain the insision hurts and muscles are killing me...I went into surgery at 11...after I was so dizzy and nauseated. ..the did not release me earlier because I had very low blood pressure....I will post soon...right now I'm taking my pills but my pain is 8/10 I totally fid not expect that...happy healing all!

Not much to see...

Posting a quick picture I just took....also I had 6 moles removed of my legs in case anyone is wondering. ..and my tt with MR Is drainless

Day 2 after TT

I'm still in quite a bit of pain when I walk or move...it's not too bad when I'm lying down. My hubby has been my angel. .taking med on time...eating well...went to pee 7 times since coming home. I'm very swollen but it felt good loosening the compression garment. Here are a couple of pictures hubby took....I'm not seeing too much difference yet but I got to be patient. Happy healing all! And thank you for support...I feel so blessed. Hugs.

Day 2....Happy Mother's day! !!

Today is Sunday...Friday was my tt. I'm sleeping quite a bit...my stomach hurts so bad. The insision part keeps giving me a sharp burning sensation. Getting up and walking and sitting down sucks. I keep taking gravel because I'm so nauseated and still take my pain killers on time. I an not able to stand straight...my legs are bent so much when I walk and my back kills. So far between day 1 and 2 I feel no difference in pain. I'm really hoping it will get better soon....happy healing and happy Mother's day to all!!!!!! Ohh and here is a pic if what I got from kids today. ..it's so pretty!!!

Day 3 after TT

Today is a bit better...I was able to get out of the recliner and go to the bathroom by myself. . I'm eating a bit...but I'm getting heartburn and still feeling nauseous. And today I got my period. ...great...still taking my pills on time. I'm sleeping alot and walk only for a bit every 4 hrs which is everytime I go pee....no bm yet but so gassy....hubby keeps stuffing me with fruits to get mt vitamins. Other than that nothing to report.. I see my doc this Friday for checkup and that will be 1st time I see the cut and my bb.....happy healing all!!!! We can do this!

Day 4 after TT.

Not as easy as I thought! Still in pain here and there..I have 2 different pills to take..1 every 12 hrs for 10 days is a must and the other 1-2 pills every 4 hrs..if not needed then take advil ir Tylenol ..I take 1 of those and 1 advil. Going to the bathroom is easier...I could not have gotten through my 4 days si far without my hubby...toilet seat riser. ..recliner. ..and walker. ...those are a must have!!! Tomorrow I'll be taking another picture cuz I'm planning a shower. ..today did not work out I felt too weak. I sleep lots. Eat ok...walk every 4 hrs..thus Friday u see my doctor! Happy healing sexy ladies! !! Be back tomorrow with another update. Hugs! !

Day 5 after TT

Had my first BM!!! OMG....that was interesting....about 15 min before I went I had hugs stomach pains....when I actually pushed it out it was not do bad..just took my time..lol. I wearing my compression garment day and night...sometimes it feels loose sometimes really tight..I guess I'm swelled up. My insision still burns but less. My muscle are feels like ants are walking...Tingly and tight feeling. Still can't stand straight I feel like my an stitches will pop. I'm am so nervous to see my insision and bb on friday! !!! I did not shower today but hubby sponge washed me because I feel weak. No matter what tomorrow I shower be a use wipes and dry shampoo just does not do it...lol...I think things are getting better pain wise. .happy healing all...and thank you for checking on me. .I do appreciate all the support...much love to you all!!! I promise some photos tomorrow.

Day 6 after TT +SHOWER + PICS

Ohh wow!!!! I had the best...longest shower ever! I have a shower chair and that allowed me to sit and let the water hit my face...felt so good! Hubby blow dried my hair..just took my pills and now I can do a quick post. Feeling much better today...sat on my patio for a bit...had dinner at our bar height table which was good to sit on high chair. Pain Is pretty good a 3 or 4 out of 10.....still feeling burning..pins and needles on my insision and bb. Tomorrow I get those off..my doctor puts a 7 day waterproof bandage so tomorrow I get to see my cut 1st time and bb. Here are some pics I took before shower...I think I like what I see...I'm very swollen when I look from top down I have so many waves of swell. Lol hope that goes away soon....but I love not having a kangaroo pooch. Happy healing all!!! I will post tomorrow after doctor visit and hope to have pics of my insision.

Day 7 after TT the reveal

Today visit went well...I'm swollen..no seroma build up...nice clean insision and cute bb.....the scar is a bit higher then I wanted but I knew that b4 surgery because I did not have major hanging skin. I'm feeling ok...got my insision on for another 7 days after that we start scar treatment. ..stand in about 75 % straight...back still hurts..doctor said he took a total of 2.5 lbs off my stomach......either way I'm happy that I sit and I have no jelly belly!!! Just swelly......lol...happy healing ladies! Now off to sleep. .Ohh doctor gave me a ne compression garment. .a black one! Yay...not gonna look too bad with my clothes

Day 8 after TT

Today was a hard day...a bit frustrating and emotional. Today I broke down. I'm so swollen...do hot and annoyed wearing the CG.....not being able to stand straight and still hunched over...the pain in my insision is do frustrating. ...today is a hard day and I will pray to have better days. ..I feel do sore and fat. Tomorrow my hubby is leave for a week so I'm on my own with 2 kids and a dog. ..I just feel like crying all day. Hope tomorrow I will have something positive to post :(.

Day 9 after TT

Today was a hard day...mostly emotionally. ..Hubby has left and won't be back till Friday. I've been managing most of the day..kids went to sleep and I broke down because I was having a hard time doing dishes...I can't stand longer than about 1 min at a time because I'm hunched over and my back kills...so i sit and rest on my walker.. (it has a seat) I did most of the dishes but took me about 20 min. Today I had my 2nd BM!! It was actually more painful than the first. I have 1 more pill to take in the morning and my drugs are done...just advil left....I'm still tired all the time but so tired of sleeping if that makes sense. .. kids go to school in the morning and I plan to rest all day. Happy healing all! Hope better days are ahead for me...hugs. thank you all for keeping me sane and positive.

Day 10 after TT

I made it..full day 1 without hubby! I finished using all medications over the weekend. Today I took a shower but did not was my hair...I was too tired...This Friday I see my doctor and I think we're gonna have the bandages completely off and I can start massaging the area. I'm also going to talk to him if I can use those body slimming suits instead of my compression garment. ..I hate how it digs in and hurts...also I had 0 swelling improvement since surgery. My muscles feel better I can take deep breaths and yawn with no pain...I have not been caughing yet..too scared after my attempt on day 2 I think. Overall today was an ok day...my hockey team won!!! Lol...I ate well...maybe not too healthy but we'll. :) I have a full sink of dishes but the heck with them..maybe tomorrow. The last few days have been same progress except the emotional feelings so I won't post till Friday after my ps visit #2..... that will make it 2 weeks exact. Thank you all who hollow my journey and keep sane..I really appreciate all the support ......hope you all are healing well!!! Hugs! See ya Friday!

Day 11 going on day 12 after TT

I'm posting as day 11 going to day 12 because it's after midnight. ...I know I was not going to make a post till Friday my 2 week post op mark but because it was a good day I wanted to share.....today I filled the dishwasher. ..took a shower...cooked dinner!...so far it has been the best day for me. I'm standing about 70% straight. ..lower back still kills...getting up and sitting down on recliner gets easier please keep in mind that I had 8 moles removed off my body..6 off my legs and 2 off my face....3 on each leg are in stupid spots that they get irretated so fast....they all needed stitches and they are still in...I'll take a pic of 1 hope it shows up here...happy healing! !!

Day 12 after TT ....swollen no shape..just a box

Nothing has changed in the last couple of days other than being constantly swollen...tired...hunched over...tomorrow hubby is coming home! !! I so missed him...took some pictures today...and was wishing to wear some normal clothes. Happy healing all!!!

Day 13 after TT

Saud I was not gonna post till tomorrow but today is day 13 and compared to previous days this is the BEST day so far!!!! 13 may be my new lucky number! !! I showered. ..walked half of the day...and even shaved my legs!! Tomorrow post op #2 visit and I will post some pictures. .I should have my bandages off....ohhhh its true!!!!! It does get better!!!!! Thank you ladies for the positive feedback. .it helps so much to have this support...happy healing! !! Hugs!!!

Day 14 after TT

Good day! This morning I went to get a pedi! !! I could not look at those yuky toes anymore....and had my 2nd ps visit. Doctor says I'm healing well...I start scar treatment today!!! No more bandages. I see him in 4 weeks or earlier if I want....cleared for gentle sex....so exciting!!! I took some pictures...some my scar looks much worse then real life. ...I'm swollen so much...I look deformed on the pics I take with my phone...it really looks better in real life....I'm also able to have a drink...or 2...lol...hubby doing bbq now and I'm sitting on my patio....happy weekend all!!!!it's long weekend here baby!!! Muah!!

Scar treatment

My doctor wants ne to use this instead of anything else....anyone use or used it? It's very pricy. .I started today and used it 1 time so far....I'm curious to what all are using .

Day 15 & 16 after TT

Hello all....this weekend has been the biggest swell hell ever...so painful!!! Ughh. ..I hate it....other than that nothing to report. ..I'm on day 2 doing scar treatment. ...I will pit some pictures of my tt day 15 and 16....tx 4 following me! Happy healing.

2.5 weeks after TT. .before and after pics

So far it's been a crazy journey. ..lots of downs and some ups....I'm now slowly getting more ups....I took some photos today wich are 2.5 weeks before surgery and 2.5 weeks after. ...although I hate the recovery process I'm starting to like the results....I know this is still very early but I think it'd good progress....I've been eating good....not crazy clean but my dr said that right now is not a time to diet....I need to heal...he is very happy with my progress. ...my insision still hurts...it is less numb because I wear these undies with a band "pink" vs brand.....I gave noticed it's smoothing if out..glad I got 5 pairs...lol....standing 85 % straight but back still sore....I'm still very swollen and very tender when touching abdomen. ...I stopped doing scar treatment because it looked like it was red and about to bleed....so I stopped just use cream on my bb..and clean it out...my stitches on bb are falling out slowly. ....happy healing! No off to post the pics.

3 weeks after TT and b4 and after pics

Wow....it's been 3 weeks already! The first week was brutal for me and it seemed like it will never end. Week 2 went by better but it was very emotional. .week 3 flew by!!! So again I'm keeping it real....I'm feeling pretty good...still swollen like crazy. ..insision hurts when touched...without my compression garment when I touch my stomach it feels like an internal bruise but had lipo on flanks only...just feels plain weird and I don't like it. I'm not standing straight yet...my back hurts...no jeans yet for me because anything tight on my insision hurts. I can't bend yet but could lift my legs to get shoes or socks on...showers are good as long as I use my bath chair...today I went to pee without the seat riser...I'm good overall. ..really starting to like my progress....feeling better looking at my belly....lol...tomorrow we're going out to eat...and Saturday bbq....it will be nice to get out and be around people.....anyway....this is so worth it...0 regrets. ..just look at my b4 pics!!! Ewwww......happy healing all!!!! I will post again week 4 ( next Friday) hugs!!

23 days after TT

Hello....I know I said I will be posting on weekly basis now but I wanted to share with you that today I went shopping first time since surgery and got some clothes!!!! Today was the first time in 15 years that I tried on a fitted dress!!!! I did not buy it because I needed a size bigger..it was too tight on my boobs and they did not have it but it felt so good not having a jelly belly!!!! I'm still so swollen you will see on pic but even with that I felt sexy!!! I can't wait till swelling goes down! I did buy that hot pink top you see behind me....lol. now to how I'm feeling.....shopping tired me out that I barely got out of car...my stomach feels bruised when touched...my insision is sore when touched...I'm now 85% to 90% straight but when I'm active in the evening I go to 70 % straight.....my back hurts a bit less. Tomorrow I'm going to star eating healthy because my choice of food is not helping the sweet hell.....hope you ate all doing good and healing well!!! Good luck to those who are scheduled soon! Hugs

4 weeks after TT

Hey all..I did not do an update like promised on Friday due to unexpected guests for the weekend. ...all pictures posted were taken on Friday. ..I'm almost completely straight during the day unless I'm too active then I hunch...I feel good..the swelling still is happening and you will see on pictures taken different times of the day...any white stuff on insision or bellybutton is cream...no openings no ozzing. I'm getting out of the house more often...no pain only insision is tender in few spots and sides. Still wearing comfy clothes. .anything like jeans irritate my cut. Tried sleeping in bed and did not like it so still recliner. I see my ps in 2 weeks at 6 week mark...feel free to ask away I will and have been keeping it real the good and bad....I also wanted to add that this was life changing for me..I look in the mirror and love myself again!!! I still have ways to go to drop few pounds and tone. Happy healing!!! Be back next Friday with update and more pics. Hugs!!

5 weeks after TT

I know I'm 3 days late posting...lol...now that I feel better I keep having people over for the weekends. ....so how am I feeling?.. awesome! I still swell up lots..especially when I'm doing anything other then resting...my back hurts in the evening...moved from recliner to couch...my bed not so good yet...I can't sleep on my back flat..still need a little pillow under my legs...shopping gets a bit easier. .car rides getting better..I think I'm more active then I should be but I'm tired of being tired....yesterday after shower a piece of scab fell of and I have a little tiny opening...I don't think it's anything serious but I see my ps this Friday for 6 weeks post op. ...we will see what he says....my only regret is not doing this sooner....it's a rough...hard...emotional journey. But it get better everyday...don't hesitate for 1 min. This has changed my life. ..I'm confident...I'm happy and love myself more than I thought I would...I feel like a million dollars even though I still need to drop 15 lbs and tone...just do it!!!!... here are some pics...and I'll be back after my 6 week visit with ps.......Ohh no scar treatment yet only vitamin e cream the one posted in early post from my ps. Hugs!!! Happy healing!!!!.....p.s.......my size or weight has not changed yet since b4 surgery.

6 weeks after TT

Hey all....I'm doing good. ..6 weeks passed last Friday. Last week was the worst by far with swelling. ..I thought my insision will rip open....today is better...I'm fitting in my old clothes but some are not comfortable to wear...like jeans. Had my 6 weeks post op visit and the doctor cleared me pretty much for everything just start slowly and listen to my body and not over do it....I don't need to wear binder he said but can if I feel I need to...I have 2 small dog ears 1 on each side so if they are there at 6 months he will take care of it...I have no pain other then swelling pain.. he said I'm healing very well and I see him in august again unless I develop issues. ..here are some pics. Hope you all are doing well! !!

7 weeks after TT

Hello...so week 6 was worst with swelling compared to week 3.4.and 5....my upper muscles feels like I'm back to square 1...I know the pics don't show swelling but trust me it's bad...my stomach is so hard and it hurts...and looking down or sitting it's lumpy from swell spots. I'm looking into getting a steroid muscle relaxer injected.. .recently I purchased a bikini!!! But only the bottom came in because I got it from 2 different places. This is the first time I got something so bright and not black! !!. I'm enjoying the new me...started loving my self. ..best feeling in the world. .I want to thank you all for all your support....there is no way I could have done this without your positive posts. ...I'm so happy that us women have each other's backs...I'm posting couple pics I took today week 7 exactly....I will be back in the next couple of days to post more...and as always a new post next Friday for my 8 weeks...hugs to you all!!!! Happy healing and good luck!!!!

7 weeks ---more pics

I'm tanning! Here you can see some swelling....bandage and spf 100 protecting bb and insision...I'll have more pics soon.

7 weeks more pics of swell hell

So here are 2 pictures of my swell hell in the evening after doing bit of house work....omg...it is so painful! !! I feel like my insision will pop!

7 weeKS 3 days after TT pics

Little swelling only so I started to take out my old clothes. ....I can fit in my snowpants!!! Lol I was gonna dump them two years ago.. and my jeans b4 surgery. ..on good days I can wear my pre surgery clothes.

8 weeks after TT with pics

Not much change...still tender on the sides. ..swelling is brutal especially in the evening. ...I use coco butter cream for my incision and body..brand Palmers I think from Walmart..... I have very little days lately that I like how I look. I have not gained any weight but this swelling is confusing...am I swollen? Or is this it? My final look.....still wearing my binder all day and night..it comes off fir shower or when I leave the house which is not very often...I'm wearing my clothes that I had b4 surgery. ..I cleaned out my closet and donated all my clothes that are too big!!!!..since January I lost 30 lbs...went from size 14 to 9/10....b4 surgery....all my 9/10 fits me again...I did buy 1 pair size 8 of jeans right before surgery with hopes I would fit in them but still no hope...might leave them for my daughter...other than that I'm ok...muscles still hurt when I get up but bending and twisting got better...I want to get some summer dresses but don't like the style out there now in stores...lol...I have a big gathering next week at my house so I might be late posting for my 9 week journey...happy healing all!!!! Hugs!!! And thank you for all your kind words it means the world to me. Pictures taken today b4 my shower.

10 weeks after TT with pics

I've been busy trying to get back to normal. ..I'm feeling no pain...sometimes muscles feel weird but all ok...swelling on and off. I'm using coco butter on insision for 4 weeks now....did not exercise yet...did not gain or lose any lbs...still same size like b4 surgery a 9/10. All is good just taking it easy. Hope all are well!...also 1 week now I have not been wearing any compression garment or any spanks or any support....and it feels better but my sides and stomach still tender to touch and barely any feeling under bb to insision.

11 weeks after TT with pics

Hey all...I'm doing fantastic! I think 10 weeks was a magic number for me...other then swelling I almost feel like I had no surgery! I have not been working out yet...I think I will start in September. ...I want to give my body more time to heal. . My muscles from working out b4 surgery are starting to pop up and loving my visible hip bones!! I have not gain and weight nor did I loose. ..I'm still the same size and weight like b4 surgery....I'm feeling good! Loving my results but I did develop a dog ear that will be removed in November at my 6 months. I'm sleeping in bed..on my sides no problem but the sides are still tender to touch...feels like a internal bruise..I uploaded some pics. .not greatest quality sorry..I'll take some day time during the week. .hope all are well!! Thank you for your time and support! Hugs!

11 week old TT scar

Just a few pics of my scar..forgot to post last time...all I use is coco butter cream 1-2 times a day...I actually use it all over my body. ..not sure if it's helping the scar but it's a good moisturizer.

Im OK!

Its been a while since I posted..had some ups and down.... still feeling weird at times, swelling is still happening, sleeping on my stomach hurts :( .... I have not posted because Im pretty depressed that I got dog ears on both sides, my left side is bigger. I went to my PS on the 16th of August and we will do revision but he wants to give time till Nov because alot can change. I have not gained any weight, maintaining same at 163-165 lbs...still same size around 10..all same as before surgery. I will take some pics tomorrow and post. My tummy does not look as tight as it was:( I think the skin became more loose.....hope you all are doing well! sorry for being quiet. HUGS! see you tomorrow with some pics!

Pictures...almost 4 months post op


Hello. .I'm still alive. This is definitely a long draining journey. I still swell up and tender at times. Too much activity affects my posture and makes me swell up more. Yesterday on Jan 16th I had my revision for the 2 dog ears I had. It was pretty painful. Today I'm doing better but resting and I'm back in this binder for at least 2 weeks. I'll have better pictures soon. In 1 week I take the bandages off and hope the swelling comes down.

3 days after revision

So today I'm feeling better, still tender on the sides and I feel the skin pull but I think it's the bandage. I take them off on Monday and I'm so curious what it looks like under..lol. I took a pic b4 my bath today. I'll take some more and make a post on Monday after bandage removal....my over all opinion on this whole process is that this journey has been hard, emotional, frustrating and it feels like there is no end. But regardless all that I'm happy I did it. It has completely changed my self esteem and shopping for clothes is so much fun! Happy healing all! Be back on Monday!

7 days after revision ( dog ears)

Here are some pics I took today. I'm feeling ok..back in the binder...very tender on the incisions.. hurts to wear normal clothes so I'm in pj's or track pants all day long. Hope this is it! I'm tired and frustrated with this long process but looking forward to start my exercises next week with hopes for a better summer! Lol happy healing all!
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