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This has by far been the worst decison that I have...

This has by far been the worst decison that I have ever made! I am an educated women who is in the Medical field specializing in Medical Sales most of my life. I have had other plastic procedures and I consider myself as pretty savvy and I feel like such an idiot for doing this procedure. I had a "friend" who worked at one of there offices and I had never seen one of there infomercials. I actually had already had a consultation with my regular doctor and he told me that I only needed maybe a few less invasive procedures.

Later that day, when I spoke with "my friend" convienently a LSL Consultant, he pushed me into scheduling a consultation with his Doctor. Stating that they only specialize in facial procuedures and my doctor prob didnt know anything about doing faces.. and the LSL specialty is on the face. Oh, and dont u know that because he was my friend he would give me a very special discount, just for sweet. God, If i only knew now what I know now!

So, I went to the consultation and of course they told me everythng that they are scripted to say, and I fell for it. They told me that It would be the minor pick me up that I needed except they recomended the upper eye lift as well as the fat transfer and finally a laser treamtment.I just started a new semester at school and it was a 4 day weekend, so with those many days off, they told me that I would be great to go back to school.. I was also taking my kids to Maui a few months later and I was also concerned about that...WRONG,

Well, its been 5 weeks now and I am in chronic pain, im horribly scarred and deformed, and my waist has a softball size lump on it that now a " real doctor" is telling me it may never go back to normal. I have had 2 2nd opinions and they both tell me that they dont know if they can help me and if so, I have to wait a year until they will even know. When They found out that I had the LSL they both gasped. I was so embarrased.

My Ears look strange, I have these wierd indentions all along my face, I will never be able to wear my hair up ever again, I will have to cover my ears. i cant wear glasses because of the pain. I have a huge scar under my chin that is large, uneven and bumpy. I have buldging under my chin and my ears poke out. The scars are now keloiding which has never happened to me before, I have had multiple diffrent types of surgery and I was told this was directly related to the technique of the doctor. I was also told that they pulled my face too tight and that it is not even. Now, lets talk about the fat transefer. I had a black bruise and a grapefruit size hard ball on the left side where my skin now feels dead inside. I am asymmetrical and I will not be able to wear a bathing suit this summer or maybe even ever. I have large marble size lups where they infected the fat and it collected into large balls that hurt. I am in chronic pain and I cant get threw a night of sleep, between the pain in my ears and waist, I average only about of 3 hours of sleep. I dont even want to leave my home or interact with my kids, which is completly not normal for me, this has complety changed me. I wear a hat usually everyday to cover my face and some days even a scarf. I am only 40 Years old and I was a nice looking women who only wanted some minor things done and now I look like a monster.

Th worst part of my whole story is the way that I have been treated by the Doctor and the LSL staff. They want nothing to do with me and "my friend" wont return any of my calls or emails now. He said that he has to seperate himself from this..Intereststing that he choosing to seperate himself now, not that I am a liability and they have my money and took my life in the process.. The procedure itself was horrible..Dont listen to them about it being so easy and they dont put u under any sedation. The truth it, they are working out of facilities that are not accredited to do so and that is the truth. u walk into a room with a chair that looks like u should be in a dentist. I am scared to think of the sterillity issues that they have. But from all the horror stories that I have read about infection rates, one would have to wonder.

When I showed up for my procedure their was some other Doctor there, that I knew nothing about to help assist. They made me sign a consent 5 minutes before my procedure. Come to find out he was in training and he was the Doctor that did the fat transerer on my waist and caused me so much injury.I was awake thru the entire procedure. It was painful, I felt everything and the smell of them burning your flesh is something I will never forget.

I could go on and on but I hope u get the point by now. I will do whatever I can to prevent another women from going thru what I have. I have to make sure that i tell as many people as I can. This isnt about having unrealistic expectations but about a completed injustice. I have been back to the office 3 times but they dont want anything to do with me. They tell me I look fine and they make me wait in the back waiting room and have asked me to go out another exit.I guess they dont want to risk me walking thru the waiting room and warn the other suckers that they are getting ready to scam I am sure that I am bad for business at this point and have become a liability. at my last appt The Doctor brought in one of the office staff as back up and she went on to tell me that she even had it performed on herself and she is fine. Right! She works there, what is she supposed to say.?? Interesting that she didnt have it done at that office though..hum.. needless to say nothing got accomplished and I felt the appt in tears.

I have now been in contact with hundreds of people that have had similiar experiences as mine. I have found information on the class action lawsuit and I have reached out to retain an attorney. Its not about the money its about the priniciple that they lied to me and have taken the person who I once was and now have shit on me in the process and I will do what I can to try to get justice and just hope and pray that I dont have chronic pain and complications for years to come like others that I have spoken with and my kids will have there Mom back

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