Profractional Laser Spot Treatments for Isolated Cheek and Jawline Scars - Ontario, ON

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I've tried professional dermarolling and 2 rounds...

I've tried professional dermarolling and 2 rounds of subcision and filler for isolated boxcar and rolling scars on my cheeks and jawline. I didn't see much improvement.
So now I'm on to spot treatments with the Sciton Profractional laser. Settings for my first treatment were 350 microns at 22% coverage. The procedure was painless thanks to the numbing cream. Afterwards it didn't burn, sting, etc but I bled a lot. 48 hours later I am still quite red (bleeding stopped awhile ago) but feeling good.
I will keep this updated as I go through more treatments over the next few months.

Pictures Added

It's been a week since the treatment. My skin is still red but easily covered with makeup. Still peeling a bit too.

2nd treatment

Just had my second treatment. Settings were 500 microns (800 in a few of the deepest scars), 2 passes at 11%. It hurt a lot more this time.
I haven't seen any improvement but it's still too early to pass judgement.

Recovery and Cold Sores

Recovery seems to be a lot quicker this time. The redness is reducing much faster and I'm done peeling.
Despite having taken anti-viral meds, I have managed to get a cold sore outbreak along my jawline. It hurts!

10 weeks since my last treatment...

Don't think I've seen much on terms of results. The scars seem the same. I'm disappointed so far.
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TDC. So far, so good.

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