ONE YEAR decision ever :-)

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I am a 49 year old mother of 3 (17, 15, and 13). I...

I am a 49 year old mother of 3 (17, 15, and 13). I was quite overweight before and during my child bearing years but have lost a considerable amount of weight and kept it off now for many years through diet and exercise. I currently weight 145 at 5' 10" but because of loose skin, a c-section scar and stretch marks I still see "the big girl" in the mirror.

I considered this procedure when I was in my mid 40's but it just wasn't the right time for me mentally. Now it is and I am actually very excited for next Monday morning. I know that I will have a long recovery and I never underestimate the gravity of a surgical procedure but my brain just knows that this is the right thing for me at this time in my life. I have come to realize that all of my work to maintain my health deserves to be rewarded-does that makes sense?

I am also getting a breast life at the same time but my brain is very much focused on the tt and recovery.

I have been watching this site now ever since I made this decision in June and I have absolutely loved how supportive everyone is. I'll try and get some before pictures up.

Thank goodness for realself when you dog gets you...

Thank goodness for realself when you dog gets you up at 4:30 and you start thinking too much. I am a little obsessed with looking at before and after pictures. I wish more people would post 6 month and 1 year and further recovery pictures as I feel better when I see that the scars really do fade. I have a 17 yo c-section scar than you would have a hard time finding except for the unmatched stretch marks and shelf of skin but I'm 49...I don"t really want to wait 17 years :-)

I should have know that when I bought Halloween...

I should have know that when I bought Halloween candy for 100 kids but I know I'll only get about 40 that the carnage would be bad. And it was. Feeling a little sugar hangover this morning but I will try to be better today. Ha.

I will get the call tonight about my time for Monday. I'm hoping for first thing but I'll deal with whatever I get. Not a lot of choice at this point except maybe another trip to Walmart for just a little more candy.

Having a few minor anxiety attacks today but I...

Having a few minor anxiety attacks today but I guess that is normal. Asking myself a few too many questions that I have been over in my head again and again. Been trying to keep busy but am feeling very worn out tonight....trying to be too many things to everyone but me so tomorrow is going to be a laid back day. Hang with my kids and get through the day as easily as possible.

I woke up this morning to some very positive and...

I woke up this morning to some very positive and kind words in my comments. Thank-you so much for that ladies-I don't think you can imagine how they affected me.
So I had a little cry and told myself, "you have so got this" Bring on tomorrow :-)
Now my biggest obstacle will be not eating/drinking until 1...most days I have eaten 3 times by then -I may just be a bitchy

What some women won't do for a quiet night in a...

What some women won't do for a quiet night in a fine surgical suite. All good ladies and I'll update tomorrow. Sweet dreams :-)

It has been an amazing 24 hours. My surgery was...

It has been an amazing 24 hours. My surgery was pushed back to 2:15 so needless to say I was hungry, thirsty and just a little stressed. Once I got there however all was good. Staff was perfect- let me keep talking to deal with my stress.. Wasn't long before I was marked up and brought to the OR. Wasn't long after that I was waking up in my room. Still talking-I think :-)

My doctor informed me that all had gone well. I now have reshaped breasts that will no longer get lost in my armpits when I lay down and a very low tt scar with a bit of a vertical :-( line that he assures me will blend in time with the small stretch marks I still have that were above my bb. All most certainly still very low. I'm happy.

I have little to no pain in breasts and very little discomfort in the abdomen. I do have a pain pump which I believe is working magic and have taken ibuprofen only once since my last dose of narcs around 7 last night.

Sleep has been sketchy but I think that is because I am on a bit of a high. When reality of sitting around for the next weeks sets in, I may change my mind. ( I did time my surgery so that it was at the end of road bike season but I would be well healed by the start of cross-country ski season, however :-))

Honestly I still can't believe I have done this- maybe just the left over sedatives talking but I am already so pleased that I have made this step for me. 49 is not too old to still want to be the best that you can be :-)

Pictures will follow.

Hope everyone is doing well. Doctor called last...

Hope everyone is doing well. Doctor called last night and said I could sleep in fetal position instead of sitting up....big relief as I then had a fairly good night. Back is tight but using a heating pad which is nice....keeping up with the ibuprofen for that. Drains are not producing too much so he said I could probably end up getting them out Friday instead of Monday. Time will tell on that one.

I am tired easily...made breakfast but now will rest before I attempt to wash my hair.

Still haven't seen to much of my "work". Maybe a bit of denial that it will look any different (stupid, i know) or don't want to lose the security blanket of my cg... Can't decide

I will post pictures when I can stand up straight enough that you can actually see something.

Okay. I bit the bullet and posted some shots. I...

Okay. I bit the bullet and posted some shots. I remember how helpful it was for me to see others so I'm paying that forward.
I'm doing quite fine. Mobile except for back spasms, sleeping fairly well, pain pump is now gone-so off to have a shower. Trying to just do this in baby steps. I was prepared for rest and am taking full advantage of it....going to try to get out of the house a bit later today or tomorrow even if just to walk around my yard.
My waist started at 29- I would like 27 but now it's 31----oh, the irony!

Well last week at this time I was impatiently...

Well last week at this time I was impatiently waiting to head to the clinic, hungry, very thirsty and very grumpy. What a difference a week can make. I am honestly feeling so good that I have to remind myself to take it easy....this will be the most difficult time for me.
Went for a post-op visit today and got that drain pulled. What a weird feeling. It was only draining about 15cc per 24 hours of clear fluid so glad that is gone. I have a bit of an irritation where it was in my incision so have to keep an eye on that. I posted some pictures today but not of the incision. Tape is gone and it is something i have to get my head around before I share :-) It is low and neat and all....just pretty foreign to me right now. Otherwise all good-can stand up "almost" straight but notice I have lost the curve in my lower back so obviously not standing properly yet. No more need for any pain meds and back tension is easily handled with a heating pad. One word of advice....have water with you at all times and drink it. Flushes out the toxins, keeps you regular,, prevents swelling, makes you get mobile which is so important and controls throat tickles-you don't want to cough. I also drink a lot of dandelion tea to combat retention and green tea because it is just good for me in so many ways.

I am already so pleased with my results and it will only get better with time. I have not once in the last week regretted this. I spend the hour that I am not in my cg looking at myself and I don't think I'm a really vain person. I am just seeing all of me now instead of the parts of me that I didn't like before and this makes me happy about my body probably for the first time in my adult

Two weeks today. What can I, so happy...

Two weeks today. What can I, so happy that I have done this. Pretty uneventful week except I am gradually getting back into life. Turned a big corner this weekend it seems with energy level. I have been walking and getting out to do something at least daily. Still making sure I take some time to rest between things. Important to remember what my body is busy doing on the inside and give it what it needs to do it properly.

Incisions are healing nicely. I am heading to my 2 week po appointment shortly. My biggest complaint right now would be swelling right around incision- gives me a little shelf but I am getting to be a genius on how best to minimize it with compression and my ab binder. That will be something that I continue to use to stabilize and reduce outward stress on my core during gym sessions- especially heavier weights.

I use my waist measurement as an indicator of how much I am swelling. It can vary up to 2 inches between bedtime and morning. It is an interesting stat to gauge progress with as it is easy to measure and more accurate than a scale for me. That is all over the place these days as I know I have not been eating as well as I could be. It is just some boredom eating and it too will pass :-)

I can't think of anything else but if anyone has any 2 week concerns-ask away.

It's been 3 weeks already. All good. I don't...

It's been 3 weeks already. All good. I don't think my pictures show a big change from last week but physically I have made huge improvements. Standing totally upright 95 % of the time. Walking 3 or 4miles daily at my pre surgery pace. I am still swollen more at night but nothing crazy and swelling around scar area seems to be slowly going down. I think I have more sensation in my abdomen now but do have some scabs where my vertical incision is that I am trying to get to heal properly to minimize future scars. I still have quite a few stretch marks but I'm not bothered. They were well earned and without the loose skin they are just my stripes :-)
Breasts are perky...scars are as expected at 3 weeks. I guess I wasn't expecting much there but am really pleased with the results. All my old bras fit, just better now without all the loose skin.

Resting is still important- went to a house party on Saturday. Didn't drink but also didn't get home until 1:30- not good....I was shaking by the time I got to bed and then did nothing on Sunday until about 1 other than lay in bed. Feeling okay now but that was overdoing it. Didn't help that one of the drunk men insisted on hugging me and almost pulling me over when I left- I came very close to striking him ;-)

My daughter (she's 13) and I are flying to Toronto this weekend for some shopping and a concert. I am looking forward to it but will remember to "take it easy"

I told my sister finally. She just didn't want to talk about it except to say it is not something SHE would ever do-I said that I did what was right for me and was very happy about my decision. Refrained from making excuses for myself or saying something rude- I was proud of me. I guess I thought she might just be happy that I was happy but.... Maybe, in time, but it's not something I need to hold my breath for.

I hope everyone is healing well and for those waiting, know that it will be so worth it
Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating this week.

I honestly cannot believe it has been a month...

I honestly cannot believe it has been a month already. I thought the time would drag but not really. Life is pretty much back to normal which is good.

I have included one picture but I don't see much change from week 3. My side view is actually a little disappointing to me. I seem to not be getting my curves back but perhaps I still am standing strangely to protect the abdomen. It does still feel tight especially when I take compression off.

Most days are positive. Some, not so much. When I still can't wear jeans that easily fit me before or do all the things I was doing before surgery, I get a little down- that is when I pull out my before pictures to remind myself of what was and remember that I am still healing. The tt scar is still pleated and still has a few scabs so not doing scar therapy yet. I am pleased with it's placement but look forward to the point in time when it will be diminished. The swelling I do get is mostly right above the scar now so that little shelf is not very pleasing to me especially in side views. The breast lift has been very positive. Scars are healing nicely and it is nice to not have all of that skin flopping over the top of a bra :-)

As of Monday I no longer have to wear my cg continuously. Basically I still keep it on when I am at home. I notice a little more swelling with it off but that is just part of the process. I certainly feel better putting on clothes that don't have to hide it...I was getting a little sick of baggy tops and leggings.

Physically I am still walking a lot....back on a spin bike but hardly working hard enough to break a sweat. Doing some body weight only lower body stuff- and feeling it! Trying to remember that I am only 4 weeks but I am getting sick of watching my butt disappear. Weight is about the same as before surgery so I am happy about that. I know how much I have to reign myself in when I'm not as active because of previous injuries but it is hard not to boredom eat.

All in all I am still feeling very positive about this. I just want to hurry up and heal. All the best to those that are healing and for those about to start- this really is a good thing :-)

6 & 1/2 week post op actually - Everything is...

6 & 1/2 week post op actually -
Everything is going well. I am pretty much up to 100% in all aspects and happy to see my results and how much better I feel about me- it's a subtle change with clothes on but it's there.
The only real problem I have had in the last 2 weeks was an area that wouldn't heal. Finally a stitch showed up, was removed and the area is now almost closed. There is still swelling that shows up mainly right above the incision line but most days is not a big deal and it too will pass. The worse day was after my family Christmas get together- drinking and eating differently are my biggest swelling triggers.
Big changes this week- no more cg and no more gym restrictions. Ab work feels a little "weird" but ps insists that I am healed and cannot do harm. Time to challenge those muscles. I seem to have lost the most strength through my chest which seems odd to me as I only had a lift. Back to spin at my presurgery intensity- this makes me weirdly happy.
I have to resist the urge to just blurt out to everyone this amazing thing I have done for me. I have on occasion lifted my shirt---- hey- wanna check this out :-)

I'm a little surprised that I don't have more to say but it's just all good. I've put up a few new comparison pictures- the bathing suit has got to go but it's neat to see the change.

Okay no new pictures today but a little warning to...

Okay no new pictures today but a little warning to those in recovery!!!

When you are cleared for "normal" activity by your ps make sure you define what normal is. At 6 weeks I felt fantastic and within a week I was back to working out with a vengeance. Felt fine for a while but then I forgot that I had just had major surgery. Was back to long and tough workouts and didn't stop to think how mentally and physically exhausted I was becoming. Couldn't get the scale to budge and seemed to be gaining weight even though I was eating so, so clean. Looked at myself critically on Friday and realized I was looking more fluffy through my core. My waist measurement was 1 inch larger than before surgery. WTF!!! So with some advice from a very wise realself member (she knows who she is and how much her advice and worry kicked me in the ass) I am back in compression and giving myself permission to rest. Even through I think I am some sort of superhuman- I am not. I was exhibiting classic overtraining signs- irritable, not getting pleasure from life, foggy brain - ah, the list goes on and on.

Going back to training like a bodybuilder combined with endurance activities like a marathoner is just too much at 6/8 or even 10 weeks. I need to rest until I feel good again and them work more rest into my recovery. Cut myself some slack and allow myself more time to recover. Okay- I said it,,,now I have to do it.

I think I see a huge improvement from the weekend...

I think I see a huge improvement from the weekend when I realized how swollen I was. Have been taking it easy- just walking and wearing my binder pretty much non-stop.

3 months and the time has zipped by. All is good....

3 months and the time has zipped by. All is good.
Sensation has come back quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I think it feels like when your mouth is frozen from the dentist- can feel your skin but just not quite right. I can find my bellybutton by feel now- I thought that was very weird before- having to look to find it :-) And speaking of bellybuttons- I am in love with mine.
Last week I was barely swollen and actually was disappointed that the last two mornings I have been a little puffy but I promised myself I would update at 3 months, no matter what. The swelling that I do get most days is becoming more towards the midline-moving away from my hips. I wish it would go away totally but I know I have to be patient. I should be back at ps for a 3 month check-up---just have to find some time. I am pleased with the placement of the scar. The vertical sucks but is still a million times better than what I had before. I think the entire thing is fading nicely- again, depends on the time of day and what I have been doing. I think it is weird how that swelling is right above it and actually puts it into a shadow area....I'm convinced this will go had better, actually. I find that I still have loose skin when I bend over or sit a certain way. There are still a far amount of stretch marks so obviously the integrity of the skin is lacking there. But when I stand, it is tight and would be weird if tighter. Overall I am happy and confident in the way this has turned out and how I look.
Exercise routine and life in general is totally back to normal. I have a ton of energy and really feel no negative effects of the surgery any longer. Most days I forget about it actually as this is the new normal...I think I've always looked like this. However, I no longer want to wear a lot of my older clothes. They still look fine and all but they tend to be looser fitting tops and why bother :-)

The 4 month mark has come and gone. Trust me...

The 4 month mark has come and gone. Trust me ladies who are just starting this journey-it will sail by.
LIfe is back to normal which I think is one of my problems. The post surgery "high" is over and the reality of my body is just that...this is now what I look like. I have to fight the self-defeat that makes me what to binge eat or find other faults because godness knows- I can't be happy with me. This is a long standing issue for me that I am sure more than a few of you can relate to. I am fighting it.

Swelling still happens. My waist can be up to an inch larger by bedtime that morning but I expect it now and don't worry about it. In the side picture with my pants down lower I think there is stilll swelling below the bb. I'm hoping that is all that it is and it will flatten more in time. It is more pronounced in real llife than in pictures.

The scar is still quite red but at only 4 months I expect that. I quit using silicon strips as they drove me crazy but switched to a gel instead. Easier to use and does seem to be making a difference. The scar does drop...mine is very low so once it whitens up and the area above it flattens out I think I will be okay with it.

My breasts have settled at about a 34C which is nice. They actually stay in the bra- yeah and when I bend down and catch a glimpse of my cleavage it is not the stuff of nightmares any longer so I am happy with the lift :-)

Best wishes to everyone waiting and recovering.

6 months po have come and gone by a week. I have...

6 months po have come and gone by a week. I have never regretted this for a minute. My sense of confidence has improved dramatically - I feel like a new woman :-). My shape is getting nicer- pictures don't do it much justice and I know that sounds braggy but I am pretty impressed. Waist is continuing to get smaller by the week. My level of fitness is at least what it was before if not improved as I am no longer hindered by the negative image I had of that old stomach. I actually see myself now if that makes any sense. The scar is fading especially closer to my hip bones....I go to see the ps in about 3 weeks so we will see what he says about potentially getting rid of a little loose skin right above the incision. Scars on the breasts are actually fading quicker and they have settled into a nice 34c. Amazing to think that I have to look at pictures to remind myself of what was just a short time ago.

ONE YEAR today.... Best decision ever :-)

Well one year ago I was just waking up from surgery. I will admit I was pretty afraid before and absolutely elated after. I think it was a huge step towards a new stage of my life....after a year I am moving on the right track- not as quickly as I might like but life gets in the way sometimes :-)
I think my results look quite natural. The scars have really started to fade out and I still get a little swelling above the incision but not much. I usually notice it more when my weight starts to creep up a bit....I try not to be too hard on myself. After many years of being overweight the fear is still there but I know my body much better now so really don't worry about going back there. My vertical scar is even fading nicely....looking forward to what it will look like by next summer. I am headed to Florida for a holiday next week and am looking forward to wearing a bikini and feeling good in my skin (and getting a little tan on my white self)
I turned 50. Not a big deal :-)
I decided I needed to restart a career. I am a pharmacist by trade but wasn't inspired to go back into that profession so I took a course to become a personal trainer. I am converting one floor of my house to a small personal training studio - we'll see how that goes and if it doesn't ....oh well, I'll have a nice gym for me :-)

I should have something else to say but seem to be at a loss.... If you have any questions I could help you with, fire away.


Recommendations of friends and knowledge of his work. Very professional and so is his staff. Excellent facility and personal nursing care the night of the procedure.

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