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I am currently 12 weeks post op. I had a full TT...

I am currently 12 weeks post op. I had a full TT with muscle repair/BA 350cc moderate profile silicone under the muscle took me from A to B. I'm 5' 3" and 130lbs.

I read this website obsessively while I was researching my surgery and I want to thank everyone who has ever posted because your experience and advice was great when I was making my personal decisions.

I am a 41 yr old mom to 4 wonderful kids ranging in age from 19 to 3yrs. I haven't been happy since baby number 3 came along and the fourth put me over the edge! I didn't tell anyone that I wanted plastic surgery, it just seemed too personal, but I hated that "kangaroo pouch" soooo much and my little boobs were left deflated!!!

My husband (who is a total dream boat) actually urged me to do the research. He kept telling me that I make him happy and that it was time I made myself happy (awe!!!!)

So I'm in Ontario, Canada and I started researching like crazy. Luckily I live near one of our larger cities and was able to review lots of doctors and believe me, they are not all good! So do your research, read their reviews on line before you even book a consult.

I paid a lot for my surgery but I am very happy with the surgeon, the scars and the post op results. But here's the thing I really want you to know if you are considering a tummy tuck..............................

I had a "drainless" tummy tuck. So what that meant was that after they removed the excess skin and fat, the skin that was pulled down was stitched repeatedly to the muscle underneath. My surgeon described it as a "quilt stitch" and explained that it would take him about a half hour more to do in the OR but that my results would be superior and my recovery time would be four weeks!

Well it was all true, look at my pics. The day I came home I am drainless and flat as a board. Here's the other great thing about this method, NO SWELLING! I have no idea what this "swell hell" some women speak of. There was no room for fluid build up or swelling because my skin was flat and tight against my muscle. I was puffy for the first week but I never had to endure the roller coaster of being flat in the am and swollen later in the day.

I showered the day after I came home and fit into my preop clothes! Although they are all too big now! I only had to wear a binder for two weeks!

I urge anyone getting a tummy tuck to look into this method. I was back to work in three weeks with nothing more than a little extra fatigue.

My boobs were a shock as my Dr. has warned me. They were very swollen and sat high on my chest. I was DD for the first two weeks after surgery but now I have settled into a perfect C cup and my breast have the most natural feel and shape, I love them!

Wore a bikini with pride for the first time in years and didn't worry about keeping my cover up close by!

I was worried about this "post op depression" that I read about. I am so grateful to say that it never happened to me. I think the reason why I was never affected by any second guessing or regrets is because
1) I did a lot of research and didn't book until I knew the doctor was right for me.
2) I had half the money saved up and can easily pay the second half so no financial woe for me.
3) I had the full support of my husband.

I feel firm, fit and free of all those ugly thoughts I used to have about myself. I love my new body and there isn't anything I would change about my process.

Good luck to all of you planning your own transformation!

I will post some 12 week pics soon. Tummy and Breasts looks so natural now and scar is healing great!

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