Worst Decision I Have Ever Made (30F to a 30C/D Ontario, Canada)

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I had a bilateral breast reduction 6 days ago on...

I had a bilateral breast reduction 6 days ago on my size 30F chest. I have a very small frame, so my incredibly large breasts caused lots of back and neck pain, sagging breasts to my bellybutton, with nipples facing downward - not to mention $300 custom bras for my odd size, permanently indented shoulders from tight straps, and difficulty wearing virtually every piece of clothing.

I live in Ontario, Canada and the surgery is covered under our provincial health insurance. I had a very highly sought-after surgeon and waited 6 years on his waiting list!!

The surgery went well. It was a 3 hour procedure. I spent 2 hours in the recovery room and then 4 more hours in the day surgery unit before I was released. The rest of the day and evening was spent sleeping through the pain and drugs.

6 days post-op, the pain is finally subsiding and they are very itchy - which is a good sign for healing! I am upset that I took a peek at them during the last dressing change - they are every colour of the rainbow and look smaller than I wanted. Of course, all of this will change which is why I have given the surgery a "not sure" rating. Will keep updating though!

Worst Decision I Have Ever Made

I am almost 2 weeks post-op and had the steri-strips taken off today. I finally got to take a good look at them, and have not stopped crying. They are uneven, the nipple sizes are different. One is huge and points to the floor and one is tiny and points upward. I know I won't see the final results for several months, but nipple size will not change. I cannot believe I have done this to myself. I would have rather kept them the way they were and endured the back pain than have them look like 2 completely different breasts. (And that's saying something, as my back pain was severe.) I am so terribly upset. Changing my rating to a 'not worth it'. I will never forgive myself for this. Cannot afford a revision.


Since I was so upset with my abnormal results, I went to see my family doctor today, since she is always brutally honest and I knew I could trust her with an honest opinion since she's seen tons of patients post-reduction and was the one that recommended this surgeon. She took one look at them and said "yikes". She said she was surprised at such a difference in the nipple size and couldn't understand how he messed up that badly. She then reassured me that he could and should fix it. The funny thing is that driving home from my appointment, I felt more at ease. All I wanted was an honest opinion instead of people telling me to stop overreacting. I knew it was a botched reduction and have now had a secondary professional opinion confirming my thoughts. I am still absolutely devastated and even more upset that I'll need another surgery to correct it. If anyone has recommendations on surgeons that specialize in reconstruction and revisions, please let me know. I'm not sure I trust my original surgeon now. I'd be willing to travel. I live in southern Ontario - but could travel within Ontario or Quebec or Michigan or Ohio or maybe New York.

5 Week Post-Op Update (Small Amount of Tearing and Infections)

Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post-op. This past week I have had some tearing and some small infected areas around both nipples. They look like stitch abscesses from the research I've done. At 4 weeks post, I started going for 30 min walks a day, and can't help but wonder if it's been too much activity? It's the only thing I've done differently. Did anyone have a similar situation? I've just been cleaning with saline, applying ointment and covering them which seems to be helping somewhat. I desperately wanted to get out for some walks as I've actually gained weight since surgery from being inactive and the convenience of take out/delivery food. But maybe I'm doing too much. Let me know if anyone has/had a similar problem!

As far as the aesthetics, nothing has improved and I am still devastated at the results. One nipple has been hacked down so much and looks more like a tiny upside down triangle - it's going to be hard to make the other one match. Sigh.
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