3 C-Sections and Lost 110 lbs in 1 Year - Ontario, CA

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I just had a tummy tuck done on 5/5/16. After...

I just had a tummy tuck done on 5/5/16. After losing 110 lbs, I had very lose skin in my stomach area. I was very fortunate that it was my only problem area. I used coconut oil every day and I swear by that thing! I didn't get stretch marks from my weight lost. I am barely 1 day out and the pain has been tolerable. My surgeon sent me home with an On-Q pain relief pump and I think it really helped minimize the pain. I am also taking Norco every 4 hours. I was very fortunate because I was all skin. I did not get any lipo. I wanted to do my breast too, but I didn't want to deal with that much pain all at the same time. I am a big baby when it comes to pain. I really liked my surgeon, she seemed to really listen to my wants. It is still too early to tell if my TT turned out how I wanted it. I haven't fully seen my results since I am only 1 day out and still wearing the girdle they put on me after surgery.

2 days out, OMG this hurts!

Day 2 was rough. I have the On-Q pump and taking Norco every 4 hours and the burning sensation was still bad. I had this stupid thing on my throat that made me almost cough. OMG, that was the worst pain I have ever felt. DO NOT cough after abdominal surgery!

Supplies before Tummu Tuck

Things I am glad I purchased for my Tummy tuck surgery:

1)Borrowed a walker
2)Borrowed a wheelchair (so happy about this one! I was not stuck in 1 place in the house)
3)Back scratcher
4)Tons of feminine wipes to keep me smelling like flowers since I can't shower for a few days
5) Water bottle to splash water on my private after peeing. Made me feel clean
6) hospital gloves for people to use when helping with drains
7) Cough drops. You DO NOT want to cough after surgery
8) Gas relief pills
9) Stool softner pills
10) Silicone sheets for scarring
11) Wash all confortable lose clothes
12) Tons of water and meals already prepared
13)Confortable cotton underwear
14) Long pads for wound area instead of gauze.
15) Neosporin
16) Tape

Day 4 post Op TT

Okay so yesterday was okay. My Norco doses are every 4 hours and they only last about 2.5 hours. Emailed my surgeon to see if I could get something stronger or take Tylenol in between doses. Still waiting to hear back. The pain is like a burning. Ouch! My back is also bothering me since I have tove hunch over. Have not taken off the girdle or messed with the dressings. I have been taking gas pills to release gas. Finallt farted today and I felt better. Gas causes discomfort due to the pressure.

On a positive note, I love my new legs. I had this hanging skin in my upper thigh area and I asked the surgeon if shw could pull it up when doing mh tummy tick and I noticed How smooth that area is now. I will attach pics to show you. Overall I doing my best to stay positive and remembering this is only temporary and I am a warrior so stop whinning ha! I am beautiful and a bad ass chic! Haha this helps me get thru the painful parts.

When can I get a full night sleep?

For those of you who already had a TT, when do you sleep a full night again? I keep waking up every 3 hours to take my pain meds and pee. Feel bad for hubby, he helps me go to restroom. Poor thing I am sure he feels like he has a newborn. I want to sleep again for 7 hours straight!

Day 4 TT Post Op

Today was a good day! Pain was minimal. Went to the doctor and had my dressings changed and the On-Q Pump removed. I thought it was going to hurt when they removed the tubes, but didn't feel a thing. I still have my drains. I am able to walk a bit quicker and stand a bit straighter. They told to continue to walk hunch over to prevent tension on the incision. I am still swollen, but thus far my stomach looks amazing!

7 days post op. Had 2 BMs yay! Pain free now

7 days, officially 1 week today. My pain is almost gone. Stopped the Norco yesterday. I started getting headsches and I think it was the Norco so I stopped. The only discomfort I feel is a small sting from where the tubes come out. I am moving more and even went to the store, but was exhausted afterwards. I am very swollen. I am up almost 4 pound from my normal weight. I think is the swollen. I will drink more water
Trying to stay away from sodium as much as possible. Taking vitamin C, multi, probiotics, stool softener, and gas relief pills. I finally had my 1st BM on day 5. It was hard. Nurse told to eat prunes, pears, and do a fleet enema if I don't get a nice long BM. Apologies for TMI. Just sharing my experience.

Day 8 An amazing BM

OMG, today I had the best BM ever! Apologies if it's TMI, but it is so important you go after surgery. I went back to the basics and made hubby made me a green smoothie in my Vitamix. (Love that machine) Kale, spinach, apple, pear, celery, broccoli, and parsley. I went good!

On another note my drains fluid is darker and I also noticed tissue in the tubes. I emailed the doctor to check if that is any concern.

I slept in my bed with a bunch of pillows. I missed being close to my hubby so Inslelt here to be next to him.

Pain has been tolerable. I am still swollen and my tummy feels very tight.

Taking it day by day.

13 Days PO - Drains Out - Arnica - Manuka Honey - Sex

13 day out and I feel almost normal! Yay! I drove myself to the doctor today. Finally! It felt great to do something on my own. I have been depending on other people to do EVERYTHING and that was so hard for me! I am strong, independent, bad azz chick! haha. It was so hard to ask for help. Thank God I have good friends and a great husband that loves me unconditionally. Hubby and I did have a few bumps because he did cry like a little BIATCH whining about doing everything. I almost hit the fan when he did because I used to be a single mom while working full time and finishing my degree so um no I did not feel sorry for him. I was like, "get over it, it's only temporary" really you want to whine to me when I am in pain and just started my period?! Let's just say I was not the most charming person in the world :)

Okay back to my doctor's appointment, it went well Dr. Francis was a bit concern about my belly button. Something about the blood supply. I should of been paying attention, but I was still in shock that she just took these super long tubes out of my body. It did not hurt, but the opening did sting a bit. Before I could cry, it was over. She seem happy with the incision. I am still very swollen and was disappointed that my waist measured bigger than before my surgery. Before my surgery it was 24.5 and now is 28! I was like WTH? I should be smaller, not bigger! Urgh! She gave me the okay to start wearing another type of compression garment. The ugly velcro binder I had was not working anymore. I purchased a Columbian after surgery girdle and it does not fit at all. It's an extra small. I purchased it based on my body measurements before surgery, thinking I would be smaller. I had to settle wearing these wannabe Spanxs I already had in my wardrobe. Even those are very tight. Still trying to get used to them. I think I am going to return the other girdle. It was almost $100 and I can't wear it. I hope the swelling goes down.

I asked about when I could be intimate with my husband again and she said 6 weeks! OMG? !!! What? Excuse me? Why I did not just give birth? My VJ is all good to go? That did not get a tuck? Why are we depriving me of my hubby? I need to email her and ask again because I am confused as to why. I miss being with my husband. I actually miss his smell. haha!

Today, I put on Manuka Honey Adhesive pads on my incision on top of the tape. After doing tons of research I read it's like a miracle healer for incisions and cuts. I am hoping it will heal my incision quick. They were pricey. I paid $13 for 3 pads. The 3 pads were used to cover my entire incision. I hope it works.

Since my swelling is concerning me, I also purchased Arnica at the Vitamin Shoppe. I read a lot of good things about this too. I will let everyone know how it works for my swelling.

I think overall I am doing well, I just didn't realize the swelling was this bad and took a while before you see your full results. In my opinion the recovery is not easy.

I took 3 weeks off, but asked the doctor for another week today. I will be off a total of 4 weeks. I want to make sure I can walk straight up before going back to work. I have a stressful job and I was just not ready to go back so soon and deal with all the political drama. I am also concerned I won't fit into my clothes. OMG I want to cry now. Okay this too shall pass.

Anyway, I attached pictures of the honey pads, the arnica i started taking, my spanxs, and the bikini I tried on today. I know maybe it was too soon, but I just wanted to see what I looked like in a 2 piece.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing everyone!

Staying clean during Non Shower Days - Update on Arnica and Bromelain - Constipation Solution

Today I am 18 days PO and I had my 1st full shower since my Tummy Tuck. OMG, it felt great! I washed my hair 3 times, shaved my legs, arms and hoohah! I smell amazing! I also took off the entire tape off my incision and it looks great. I have been using the Manuka Honey adhesive strips. I purchased more at CVS and put them on my incision again. I will keep them on until they fall off and see how well and quickly it heals my incisions. The reviews were great on this product. I wanted to share how I maintained myself smelling decent while I couldn't shower after my Tummy Tuck. I can't stand the smell of Vjayjay. Therefore, I did everything possible to avoid any funk. My apologies upfront if this is too much information, but ladies come on we need to ALWAYS smell great. At least that is what my mother said. I purchased a squeezy bottle, feminine wipes, pantiliners, and Summer's Eve spray. I filled the squeezy bottle with warm water and squeezed the water on my hoohah every time I went to the restroom. So much easier to clean and stay fresh. Then I wiped my hoohad very well with the feminine wipes and finished it off with the summer's eve spray. I also changed my pantiliner 3 to 4 times a day. I did that the whole time while I couldn't shower and my niece helped me wash my hair every 4 days. I know I should of washed it more often, but it was such a hassled and I couldn't bed forward without getting my binder wet. Urgh! it was such a nuisance that I just washed it every 4 days and used herbal essence dry shampoo. It smelled great! I took sponge baths by sitting on the edge of the bathtub and putting my feet in small amount of water and just sponge washing legs, arms, hoohah, neck, and face. I would also shave my legs. I had my niece also put good smelling lotion daily to feel fresh.

This is what helped me stay clean and fresh during those non shower days. As you can tell I love to smell good. I am a little OCD about it, but my mother was a beauty queen and her standards on looking good and smelling great were a little on the crazy side. I know she screwed it up a bit. That is probably why I did my Tummy Tuck because I am still chasing perfection. Haha!

Before I finish, I started taking Arnica and Bromelain and let me tell you ladies. Wow! I feel amazing! I am back to my charming old self. My body needs to catch up. My swelling has gone down a bit, but not completely flat yet. I don't know if the Arnica and Bromelain helped or just time, but my stomach is softer, not as tight and full like it was last week. I hope my swelling goes down! Urgh. I want my flat beautiful stomach! Wah Wah! I did weight myself and I am down a bit from surgery. I went up like 5lbs and now I am back down 3lbs. I need to lose 2 more pounds to be the weight I was on surgery date. I hope is due to the swelling.

Oh before i forget, I started drinking my green smoothies again. I purchased a Vitamix about a year ago or so and OMG it is the best blender ever! It blends EVERYTHING. I love it. pricey, but it does do what it claims. Anyway, as you all know constipation is bad after surgery and the doctors kept telling me to buy Milk of Magnesia, stool softeners, laxatives, etc... I was like I am not shoving nothing up my rectum or squeezing no darn solution on my "only exit" hole! So I remembered that I used to drink green smoothies on a daily basis and it totally regulated me. I went to the local farmer's market and bought broccoli, kale, spinach, mint, lemons, celery, pears, and apples and started making them on a daily basis. OMG, I have been having nice Dr. Oz approved BMs on a daily basis. Yes I am still a bit constipated, but they come out! You must try this before you do all that other junk laxatives, enemas, etc..

Okay, well I hope everyone is doing well and feel amazing. I am attaching the supplements I am taking on a daily basis and my "Vjayjay cleaning kit"
Dr. Stacey Hindy Francis

5/5/16 I decided to go with Dr. Francis after meeting with her for a second opinion. I really like her bed side manner. She genuinely seems concern and listens to your expectations. Prior to surgery, I was very anxious about the pain. She emailed me, encouraging me and interested in meeting again to calm my nerves and respond to all my final questions. I really like her. She also has a very gentle demeanor. She followed up with me after surgery and responded to all my emails. I had so many questions after surgery and even one of her nurses called me several times to ensure I was doing better. I am beyond pleased with her services. I am so happy she tolerated my OCD. Haha! Dr. Francis is amazing! 5/18/16 Went for my follow up appointment today and met with Dr. Francis. Again, she is so amazing. I am so happy I chose her for my surgery. She is really great and really went out of her way to give me the results I expected. Thank you Dr. Francis. Hands of magic :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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