4wks Post Op - Ontario, CA

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Did my tummy tuck 4wks ago. I am pleased as I'm...

Did my tummy tuck 4wks ago. I am pleased as I'm actually seeing my curves. It is taking some getting use to the huge scar. But it's expected and it won't show. I'm getting a lot of stiffness and on mornings my tummy gets flat and by the end of the day its hard and swollen. Any advice. Will d swelling go away.

today's doctor's visit

I I finally had my 1 month check up. My surgeon thinks I look fabulous although I personally have issues. But he says I'm doing gr8 4 1mth. The stiffness and swelling at the end of the day I learnt is quote normal with increased activity and this would not affect anything internally. However with continuous activity the body will eventually adjust itself. I did however put on weight yikes! Yep. I went in at 120lbs and now I'm weighing 128lb. Not good at all for me. I never weighed that much except during pregnancy. So I am concerned as my eating habits are less. None of my jeans fit. And my dresses cannot go beyond my hips. I hope there's someone else who has this experience and can tell me it's going to be fine. I'm only 5 ft 1inch so I am overweight. Although it may not look so physically my hips and legs say otherwise. Help!

feeling bloated and depressed

I'm 5 wks and 4 days today. I'm doing great but I resumed work this wk and every evening I'm very swollen and get pains in my abdomen. Am I over doing it? I feel like I'm 5 months pregnant today. I woke up to a flat stomach and was great throughout the day. Now I can't move from my bed as my stomach is very swollen. Is this normal.

6 wks and 4 days

I'm loving my new look. Most of my swelling is down. I'm not getting much stiffness. I reconstructed my umbilicus as I had a suture running through from a previous surgery and it's healing nicely. Still slightly swollen. But doing great. My only concern is when can I resume exercise? Also if I do Put on weight how will it affect my new stomach?

7wks and 4 days

This week was really tough. I resumed work with the intentions of staying at work for the rest of the year however I am very swollen at the end of the day as My job requires up and down hand and feet movement constant. I noticed my swelling on my upper region isn't going down as I would like it too and it's worse on evenings. On mornings I have a perfectly flat stomach by the evening I feel overwhelmed and want to cry. Os this normal and when will it stop?
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