Wrist Tattoo Removal - A Slow and Ongoing Journey

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Hello to those who are reading! So how do I start...

Hello to those who are reading! So how do I start this, I got a "Hakuna Matata" tattoo on my right wrist because I was very very stupid at the time. It was done in october of 2013, and not even a month later I regretted it. I regret it so much that seeing it makes me upset! Every. Single. Time.

So like many, I started researching of ways to remove it. I came across a clinic and read some very good reviews, I quickly grabbed my phone and made my appointment. The 1st session went okay, didn't really hurt. However, I did not notice a significant fade. Guess I was being too optimistic or too hopeful. Then went the 2nd treatment and still little to no fading.

So I got frustrated because most people show significant fading the first few treatments! So I asked my technician about it and he said that the thick parts of my tattoo will take a lot longer to fade than the thin parts (which did fade). But he turned up the laser for my 3rd treatment. I was hopeful again, went on vocation 2 weeks after, came home, and still not a lot of change. Although my healing has always been great... I never really blistered, and even when I did, they were really tiny and faded within a few days.

Anyway, I just went for my 4th treatment a week ago. This time, the technician turned the laser up again, I hope I'll get to see more fading this time. Not sure if that'll happen, but if it doesn't, I'm seriously considering excision. At this point, I don't want to keep pouring my money out if there are no results. I think I rather a scar than a tattoo... If anyone is somewhat going through the same thing or went through the same thing, please let me know if this is worth it? haha

Oh also, I decided to upload pictures just so I can monitor the progression, maybe it is fading and I just can't tell. Sighhh

Picosure Consultation!

Hello everyone! I was convinced by you guys to try the picosure after my last post hahaha

So I just had a consultation with the only place that has picosure in Toronto. They're called Precision Laser. The lady was very helpful and told me to give picosure a try.

She told me my tattoo is still extremely dark and promises results with picosure. The place have me a 40% discount for being a recent graduate. So it's affordable for me. Initially she asked if I wanted to pay a package deal. But I told her I want to try a single treatment first to see if the picosure actually works. If it does, then maybe I'll do a package deal.

Anyway, my first treatment is July 11th. Fingers crosses that it will work! I'm being positive so hopefully things go well :)

Little progress at a time

Hi everyone!

So this Friday (in 4 days) is my first picosure treatment, ahh I'm excited. It's been a few weeks since my last update, so I decided to take a picture to see if my tattoo has faded over the past few weeks.

I'm not sure if I'm delusional, but I think my tattoo has faded a little. The "H" is starting to break up into dotted lines instead of a thick bold line, other letters are breaking up too. Do you guys think I've made some progress from last photo?

Also, since I'm going to the place with picosure, I will be switching laser clinic and technician. I feel kind of bad because I've really gotten along with the old technician, but since he doesn't have the picosure machine at his clinic, I have to leave. I hope he understands lol..

Oh and last thing, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but since my tattoo is on my wrist and it is summer time, I see it almost 24/7. And it really bums me out everytime I see it. I don't know if you other people who have wrist tattoos feel the same way. I'm really starting to loathe it, and it depresses me everytime I see it lol. So what I've been doing is wearing a really thin silky fabric and tie a bow. It's not the cutest thing, but I keeps me from seeing my tattoo, which keeps me happy :)

I'm really trying to stay positive and tell myself that as long as I keep going, I will see the day when the tattoo is at least 90% faded.

Anyway, I'll update when I'm done my first picosure treatment. Have a good day everyone :)

Picosure #1

Hello! :)

So I had my first picosure today. The technician told me that it won't hurt as much as the Q switched lasers, but it was actually, I didn't feel more burned than the Q switch but it was definitely more painful...

As soon as the treatment was done, she wrapped up my arm, so I didn't get a picture. But while the treatment was going, I saw lots more frost than the Q switch. After the treatment my arm felt extremely hot and I could feel the area pulsating.

When I got home and changed my bandaid, I noticed massive blisters! :( I've gotten minor to no blisters from the Q switch before, so that was a big surprise. I know blisters can happen, so I hope I won't accidentally pop one and get a scar.

Oh and one more thing, the technician told me that the clinic have a deal with picosure treatments. If I pay a package of 5 treatments, and my tattoo isn't completely faded by the 5th treatment, I can keep going with treatments for free. So I decided to save up and take the deal, since I know I'll probably need way more than 5 treatments for complete removal.

I will probably take more pictures in a few days when the gross blisters go away :)

1 Week Post Picosure

It's been a week since my picosure treatment.

Since my last update I thought the blister was big already. Man was I wrong! It swelled almost twice the size by the third day. Extremely painful I couldn't even move or bend my wrist!

Now it's been a week since the treatment. Most of the smaller blisters are absorbed leaving unpleasant yellowy excess skin (which I hope will turn int scabs and fall off), but the gigantic blister is still there although it's going down, it looks like an inflating balloon haha.

I'm so anxious to see what the tattoo looks like when all the blister and excess skin are gone. I will post more updates then! :) maybe I'll do a before after comparison when it's healed, to see if there's better progress with picosure.

Happy fading everybody!

Pico #2

Had my second Pico treatment about a month ago right before Xmas break. I feel like the fading has gotten better since I switched over to the Pico.

It's been so busy, and now that it's the winter, I mainly just wear long sleeves to hide the tattoo. Next treatment is February 7!

Picosure #5

was just looking at old pics of my wrist, I feel like picosure has done a good job so far

Almost Gone

Wow I haven't updated in soooo long... I've had so far 12 treatments and I wanna say 8 are picosure. It has done wonders, I would highly recommend it for stubborn tattoos like write or ankle! I have a bit of change in pigmentation but not a big deal, id rather that than a tattoo :)

I also started my neck tattoo removal journey! 2 treatments in and it's already better than my wrist tattoo at 4 treatments!

Just wanted to let those who are feeling defeated with a stubborn tattoo know, if you're consistent and patient, you can get a satisfactory result! Hang in there! :)
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