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Where to start ... I am 5'8'', 130 lbs and having...

Where to start ... I am 5'8'', 130 lbs and having a hard time deciding on a size. I have been to 2 consultations. One doctor in newport beach and one in ontario. Both well named and know at least 1 person each who has been to both to get a breast augmentation done. I'm a size 34 A now and going back and forth between 375cc and 400cc, silicone gel. Both drs have said 375 would be perfect, especially with my frame. I am small on top with a curvy figure and a butt so i'm looking for a bust size to make me look proportionate. I feel like if i go with 400, I will think i went too big and wont feel comfortable with myself. Then i get people in my ear that say go big, most girls after a couple years wish they went bigger. With 375, i think it will look very well on me but dont want to wish i went bigger. One doctor said with 375, I would be able to dress it up and down (which is what i would like). I'm hoping to have my procedure done towards the end of summer. Dr Andreasen, who i saw in ontario, has a deposit but i wasn't able to book an appt at that time. I'm looking for help and suggestions. No pictures to post yet.

Small boobs

One more consult

Looking to see if anyone has had a recent, within the last year, BA with Dr Corbin in Brea, CA. Both doctors I had consults with were great. Doesn't hurt to go with one more right?! Maybe a 3rd doctor is the one ...

Im ready for boobs!!

I needed to take a break. I was overwhelming myself about this whole situation. What size?? What if i go took big?? What if they dont turn out the way I hope? Will it hurt? It was too much for my brain and my life! Haha, it was consuming my conversation with everyone! I'm finally relaxing and letting it go the way its meant to go. I have a 3rd consult on the 16th with Dr Smaili (spelling is probably wrong) and we will see what happens with him. I'm pretty set on the size and type. Its been so long since I've thought about wanting a boob job. Now that I can finally make it happen, I'm ready. I want the financing to go through and pick the doctor and get it done. I have a Hawaii trip planned for next summer so new boobs is happening! I am new so if anyone has tips or doctor suggestions, i am open :)

3rd time was the charm???

Today was my 3rd consultation and besides having to wait almost an hour in the office to see the doctor and besides the receptionist being over stressed out, the doctor himself was very nice and made me feel comfortable. It wasn't much like my first consult because I knew what to expect. He measured which was nice, the 2nd doctor didn't, and he gave me his opinion mentioning that he prefers going the natrelle silicone gel and under the muscle, of course, with high profile look. He showed me a picture of what I would look like with wanting to go a full C and saying 400cc will do that. It was nice for a change to listen and get the doctors point of view. Still debating on if I want to go through the areola which he recommended or under the breast fold. He was reasonably priced and I left content. Anyone gone with Dr. Smaili??? Not getting my hopes up just yet because I am waiting to see if I get approved with financing. That will be soon!

Surgery set

It's done!! :) Finally found a doctor I loved and set a date. Sept 10th i will be having surgery to get new boobs! I couldn't be happier but nervous at the same time. It's finally happening haha! Not sure on the size yet. After the measurements, i can choose from 385-415 sientra gummy bear implants. He's the only doctor in the area that got certified to use gummy bear implants. I was a little hesitant at actually picking those implants but after thinking and reading more about it, im totally ok with them. After seeing 4 doctors, including this one, he was the only facility to do a photo simulation for me to see how i will look with boobs. Loved it! The staff was so pleasant and friendly as well. Can't wait and let the count down begin :D

Forgot the picture

All done and on day 5 after surgery

Thursday was surgery and went well. Was nervous going in and did my best to not think of what was actually happening to not freak out. I'm so glad my doctor was only 10 minutes away. The ride was a little intense and my mom had to drive slow. Once I got home, I slept for 2 days. Took vicodin every 4-5 hours for the pain and made sure to eat. If anyone takes this pain killer, please make sure to eat and not get up after. I did get sick the 3rd day but it was from a mix of the anesthesia and vicodin. I stopped taking the pain killer and started taking 2 tylenol for the pain instead. My body did not like the vicodin. Fainted Saturday night trying to take a shower and was done after that scary situation. Today i've been feeling good. Not a lot of tightness or soreness. I did get out of the house yesterday and the drive was uncomfortable. I will be going back to work tomorrow instead of today to rest a little more and get more strength. If only i didn't work 35 miles away from home :( Still waiting for my left boob to drop a little. They do look good but are up pretty high. Can't wait a few more weeks to wear a normal bra and have them looking better then what they do now.

A month and 5 days

Hello ladies!! Its been a month and man does it feel like longer. Last week the nurse released me of all my restrictions and will be going next week to follow up with the doctor. The girls are doing good! My right one looks great and my left one is still taking time to fall into place. The nurse said I have to break up the scar tissue so I'm touching and massaging these girls as much as possible! I am paying a little more attention to the left but only to the top to hopefully make it drop and have it look more like the right one. Last weekend I got to try them out in a bikini. Went out to the river and was able to find some tops at Target, which is the only place to find swimming suits during the off season. Excited to buy some new bathing suits next year. I would have to say all in all I really like how they turned out. The scars you can't see unless I raise my arm or lift my boob, which is what I was wanting. I'm excited to see how they turn out looking :) Oh, my first trip to Victoria Secret I picked out the new Lounge Bra with no wiring and very comfortable to wear. Ended up getting a 34D and I went to VS again after being cleared and got a 32DD. Still not sure on what size I am but I am going to go back once I'm ready to buy more bras and get sized. I don't even know what the difference between D and DD are in bras haha totally not used to it coming from a 35A!
Dr. Park

can't change my doctor on here. i went with dr park and he was amazing! he makes you feel so comfortable and answers questions before you even ask them. dr park and his staff are very friendly and helpful.

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