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I used a Groupon and spent $199. At the...

I used a Groupon and spent $199. At the recommendation of the facility I had a microdermabrasion done 2 weeks prior. They discounted that procedure as well to $50. I am every pleased with the results so far. I recommend following the patient procedures to a T and you ill be very happy as I am with the experience.

I have been on a vegan detox for 7 days prior to the procedure and am drinking lots of water. Hydration is key to skin recovery so I felt well prepared. In addition I am caucasion and our skin type apparently responds very well to this type of procedure.

I did not buy the office topical care as it was 1% hydrocortisone. You can buy it (with an aloe base) at any Walgreens or RiteAir for $4 to $5. I have liberally applied that starting at 48 hours. Here's in short what I did:

very hydrated prior to procedure

2 weeks before- microdermabrasion to remove surface dead cells- very help. I thought this was an upsell but am super glad I did it.

Aquaphor for 48 hours post procedure. This is goopy and sort of gross but it keeps your skin from sloughing off too soon and promotes the best result

I slept slitting up or very partially reclined the first tow nights and had almost no swelling or bruising.

I have been intaking 12 to 16 glasses of water per day to help heal and rehydrate my skin.

48 hours post- I started with hydrocortizone cream e and aloe (just a cutting from my plan so I know it's pure with no alcohol).

I showered 48 hours post and thoroughly rinsed my face (no scrubbing).

I then started using a 1/3 apple cider vinegar to water rinse- to prevent breakouts after the aquaphor application. I am doing this twice a day and then reapplying the hydrocortisone.

I am just starting to slough today- almost exactly 3 days post. There is no swelling, the skin underneath is even and pink. I am super excited to see what happens once the remainder sloughs off. It's not a miracle cure for everything but definite improvement in my skin tone, appearance, fine lines and acne scars and discoloration.

The first day was the only uncomfortable day. Sleeping sitting up was a HUGE help as my swelling was very modest and only lasted a few hours rather than days.

I have no bruising just lots of falling off dark skin. I did have some itching at 48 hours but the hyrdorcorizone cured that with no issue.

Good luck to you! I recommend it and an excited to see the final result.

Image Spa MD

I chose based on research and cost.

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