19 Year Old With Very Large Overbite and Jutting Front Teeth. Ontario, CA

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I've had a severe overbite my entire life and...

I've had a severe overbite my entire life and haven't had the funds to even get braces. I believe the last time I went in to get my teeth and jaw looked at and x-rayed, etc, they told me I would need corrective jaw surgery to pull my bottom jaw forward. I have constant grinding and some pain when I eat at the hinges of my jaw, especially on one side. I can't close my mouth properly without forcing my lips together. This also causes me to breathe through my mouth when I sleep, and dries out my gums. I have trouble eating things the regular person wouldn't have a problem with. Instead of using my front teeth for anything, I usually use my molars. This means I can't really bite into any kind of fruit. It's a pain in the as- I mean, bottom, and as much as I'm confident in who I am and how I look, it definitely makes me feel naked in a sense. My overbite, overjet, and short bottom jaw are very noticeable. Embarrassingly, I'll even accidentally stab my significant other with my front teeth because of how much they stick out. What should I start with? Braces? Who should I go to? How will I know if this is insured? How long of a process would this be? If I could have a normal jaw and normal smile, my life would be improved beyond words. I'm ready for a change. :)
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