Something for Myself...upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery - Ontario, CA

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I have always had hooded eyes. I guess that it is...

I have always had hooded eyes. I guess that it is a part of my heritage. Anyhow, at 50, I decided that I wanted to soften my look by getting my eyes done. My mother had her uppers only done when she was in her late 40's and it made such a difference in her look. It literally took years off of her face. I knew that sooner or later, I would need mine done too. Towards the end of my 40's, I noticed that my lower lids were really beginning to hang too, along with my cheeks beginning to drop. It was really disheartening, as I did not feel any where near to what I looked. So, I decided to schedule surgery for December of last year (2014).

I had a really difficult time during the past three months, mainly because of the redness that happened following surgery. I had the upper and lower done, however, I also had the skin under my eyes lasered by the ebrium laser. I am not sure what depth was done, but it must have been really deep, as it took months for my face to get to the point where i could look presentable. I asked to have the lasering done down the cheek area, as I had major festoons and wrinkles in the area (see photo). I am smiling in the first photo, but you can get the idea of how bad the wrinkles were in the area. If I can find another photo, of my before, I will post. Maybe one during as well, but I don't want to scare anyone.

Anyhow, it has been a real adventure, to say the least. The first two weeks, i could not even go outside, as I looked like a major accident victim. Although the upper and lower lids were excellent after just a few days, the patches under my eyes persisted in bright redness for two months. Not even dermablend would cover my redness. Finally, after now three months, my face looks like it has blush on it, so it is not so bad.

Was it worth it? Well, check out the photo and see for yourself. Still, after three months, you can see the redness, but it is not so bad. But gone are the big bags and wrinkles. I even think that my cheeks became fuller and no, there is no filler of any sort in my cheeks. Will my cheeks deflate, I do not know. I will tell everyone one thing, though, that I have not read a whole lot about. I am being very careful how I sleep. I now have a travel pillow (like the neck ones that you see people on planes) and I sleep with that. Yes, it takes getting used to, but I think that it makes a huge difference if you are a side sleeper, such as myself. Proof positive that wrinkles on the sides of the face and cheek area is definitely because of sleeping.

BTW, yes, my eyes are not even and they were not even before. I was not looking to change me so much as to just have a refreshed look. I have not reviewed the doctor because there is little change of anyone going to him AND I was not thrilled with the aftercare.

Some more befores that I found

All I can say is...I can see the big difference now! Last picture taken April 25th
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