My Review of Latisse - Ontario, CA

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I was a user of mink extension lashes for months....

I was a user of mink extension lashes for months. I loved the first set, I loved how long, full and dark they looked. After 2 months and more so a single parent and of a high risk baby under a year old from a heart condition, hiring a nurse or babysitter took time as I don't have family support. I thought every 2-3 weeks for a fill would be my time away. It was the between parts that sucked. When they fall out, one eye is always less then the other. Depends how you sleep she would say. I also noticed with false lashes the ability to wash your eyes isn't the same. Can't removed make up with eye make up remover as it has oil in it. Can't use mascara with oils in it...the list goes on. So when I was getting my Botox, I noticed all the staff with these amazing lashes, and I know fake lashes. I was like "what's the trick, miracle mascara"? So the lady at the desk said " there's this product and we all use it here". I said ..."if it's 100% that it will work on anyone! I would love this" .... I asked what this product was, how it came about and any side effects. I said, okay if I get a little purple eye lid, I'll get make up, browning under eyes, it's a risk I will take. I was sold when you compare time from getting false lashes, to being able to apply a thin line on your base of lashes at home, the cost,first set of lashes in Canada are 99.99 and a fill every 2 weeks is 20.00. With Latisse! you get your lashes to the length you want! and after that you apply every oer day....Somthere it first small bottle of Latisse. It was in my hands just like that. I had to pay to get what was left of my false lashes and couldn't wait to start this product. Oh the wait, up to 2 months to see results. Indeed about 6 weeks in, my lashes were gorgeous. When a fake lash falls out, it means one of our many falls out,but sometimes a few too many real ones from all the fills caused a few bare spots from coming along for that one fallout of the extension. I could see my little new hairs coming in quicker. Here I am now so happy, so confident and everyone compliments me on my gorgeous lashes. Yes I have one side effect the dark browning under the eye, I use a good consealer ...the only person who notices this is the person in the mirror, that's me. Do I recommend this product, yes I do. I will never give it up. It's my magic in a bottle.

Discontinued. Latisse

The side effects were coming on too fast,
As much as I loved Latisse it works to grow your lashes, the side effects for me were not worth it. Although my green eyes are more green, were others said their blue eyes changed to more a green.... However the pale purple kids, and brown darling under my eyes had friends asking if I were tired, worn out or even if I had been sleeping...
I've stopped now over a month and see a lot of my brown fading but still very noticeable even with make up.
My purple eye lids could end up permanent said my doctor.
Which she as well didn't know of this side effect and after a few of her patients,..she discontinued using her Latiesse.
As much as I boost magic in a bottle, I am very disappointed how much the side effects not warned off come and how fast....
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