PO Day 4 - Ontario, CA

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Hello ladies.. I'm scheduled for a BL, BA, and TT...

Hello ladies.. I'm scheduled for a BL, BA, and TT tomorrow and super nervous. My PS recommended between 300-350 silicone over's (I opted for the 350s), a benelli BL and a drain less TT. Again, super nervous. I have three children between 6 and 3, and an awesome DH. Really supportive, just wants me to be happy. I am really worried about visible scarring as my children are young, and most days it feels like a clothing optional house ;). Any suggestions Mama's??

My stats:
36yrs - 5'3 - 150lbs (good blend of muscle and fat). My problem area has always been my tummy, and I have no issues saying good-bye to it.

So my bag is packed, fridge, freezer, and pantry stocked, and 95% of the laundry done. Just waiting for morning to come. Thanks to all who have posted their stories and experiences. I'll update as soon as I can.

I did it!!! I was at the clinic for 7:15sm and in...

I did it!!! I was at the clinic for 7:15sm and in the OR an hour later. Not sure what happened in between 8:30 and. 2pm.. I woke up in recovery and was given apple juice, arrowroot cookies and an ocy. My awesome nurse helped me go to the bathroom and was very patient with my fogginess and dizziness.

After getting up, I was SO sick. I tossed up the water, apple juice, cookies and oxy. I couldn't believe how much that hurt!

Once my stomach calmed down, I was discharged and got home at 4pm. Climbing the stairs to my bedroon sucked, and it was very difficult getting into my bed.

DH is still awesome and taking really good care of me. I tossed my cookies again tonight around 8pm, and can't seem to keep anything down. It could be the oxy or the anesthetic.... So fort second med round, I took two Tylenol Extra instead. I also did two 10min rounds with the spirometer and had to cough at the end. Totally hurt everywhere.

I have my pain pump for the TT and thdt's getting removed tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to take something beforehand. I am supposed to get a different garment tomorrow as well.

Supposedly I have drains fort my BA, but haven't seen them yet. They're tender, but nowhere near the pain level from my abs.

Oh, I ended up with 300 on my left and 325 on my right. Dr suggested this to correct the assymetry. That and he also said that with the 350's, I'd would be a DD. So I chickens out and went for a C ;)

Again, thank you to all who posted about their experiences. You are an amazing group of women and your stories really helped me with my journey!

~~Once I figure out the picture upload. I'll post some.

PO day 1 and I'm feeling pretty good. Had my pain...

PO day 1 and I'm feeling pretty good. Had my pain pump removed, and my new garment put on. Right now, I'm hanging out with Tylenol Extra strength, my remote and my recliner. I still do not have much of an appetite, but trying to eat every 4 hrs. I think it's due to the anesthetic. Also, no puking today either!! Coughing really takes its toll though. Holy Moses does that hurt! In all, a good day so far. I noticed a bit of swelling last night in my hands, and during my follow up with the nurse, she said to watch for any unusual bruising as that could be a hematoma. My breasts are so high and swollen... I can't wait for them to drop. In time I guess. My next appt is in a week from now, so ill just be doing a lot of nothing. DH is continuing his awesomeness, of which, I am happy about. Also thrilled that the kids have been great. Happy healing vibes to all!

Also, still can't upload pics from my iPhone or iPad. Is there a special trick or link I'm missing??

Woo hoo! PO day 4 :-) Not much has changed...

Woo hoo! PO day 4 :-)

Not much has changed since day 2 or 3 except for swelling. I'm down to 3 EX Tylenol a day and living in my recliner. I had my 'almost shower' today and boy, having clean hair really does change a gal ;). I can't wait for the staples to be removed on Thursday.

Mobility is slow on purpose, as is my rounded back. I don't want to overdue anything and get a setback. I will have a weekend at the spa with daily massages once I'm able though. My lower back is under some serious stress.

I'm able to go to the bathroom unassisted, and even wipe myself too :-). Baby steps...

DH is still awesome and can't believe the transformation. Tonight I was walking to the kitchen and mentioned to him that my skin was a bit itchy with the garment on. I then rubbed lightly over my stomach and said that I felt a slight separation under the skin, and he looked at me and said that it was my belly button I was feeling. I looked down, and yup - he was right. My brain hasn't caught up to the new location yet ;). I am so use to my belly button being much lower and squishier. All good changes.

Happy healing all!!
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