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Got my brows micro bladed yesterday and she used...

Got my brows micro bladed yesterday and she used Zensa numbing cream. It sat on my brows for 30 mins beforehand and covered in Saran Wrap. The procedure was 9/10 for pain!! How did your person apply the numbing cream (how often/time/type etc)?

Still unsure about whether or not I'm happy with them. Only day 2.

Scared for my touch up apt!

Pics of day 1-3

On day 3 so far...

10 days

17 days after

There are some spots on the top of my brows where the pigment didn't stick so that will be fixed at my touch up apt in the next 2 weeks! Otherwise very happy with them. From further away, you could never tell the difference!

7 days post touch-up apt

I'm pretty happy!
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