Some Complications but I Have No More Jowels

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I am 63 years old. Being born and raised in the...

I am 63 years old. Being born and raised in the California desert, the sun took its toll. Also having smoked for many years, added its fair share of wrinkles. My 83 year old mother was in the hospital and one of the nurses asked me if I was the sister. That did it. I called the next day and set up an appointment for a consultation. I knew I did not want to go through the trauma of a full face lift and could not afford it anyway. Lifystyle Lift gave me the option of financing the cost and make payments of $140 monthly.

The big day came on February 11, 2010. I was escorted to a room to take my meds. I have a very hard time taking pills and had to have the two vicodin tablets cut in half. I was also given two valium pills, one benedryl and another pill that I cannot remember what it was for. I was then taken to another room to relax and let the pills do their stuff.

Now on to the nitty gritty. My Doctor then proceded to give me several shots to numb the areas that would be affected. The shots stung buy not unbearable. I had lypo to the jowels. I was cut in front of my ears and around to the back. An incision was also made under my chin. After 3 1/2 hours, I was done. I could feel what was being done but felt no pain. They then wrap your head in what feels like a cast. You are sent home and instructed to return the next day to take the "cast" off and another support band takes its place which you have to sleep with it on for 7 days. You must sleep propped up for a week. Stitches are removed in around 7 to 8 days.

Sinced I used to be a smoker, I wish my doctor would have told me that it would take longer to heal. I really did not know what to expect so I made some unnecessary trips back to the doctor in a panic. If you were sun damaged and/or smoked, you can expect some bleeding for quite awhile.

It is now March 19th 2010 and I still have large scabs in front and back of one ear. It bleeds easily if messed with. I was put on antibiotics to be on the safe side. My face looks great as does the front of my neck, however my doctor messed up the sides of my neck. The skin is bunched together at the back of my ears and is very wrinkled. In fact my neck is more wrinkled in that area than it was before. My husband says I need another surgery to correct that.

All in all, I would have this done again but I strongly advise to ask all the appropriate questions to put your mind at ease.

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My Doctor was very gentle and compassionate. He stated he treats his franchise as if it was his own practice.

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