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I am 21 and a full time university student. The...

I am 21 and a full time university student. The majority of my life, for as long as I can remember I always hated me teeth. I would always try to get my dentist to tell my parents I needed braces but because my dentist didn't do anything unless it was necessary to try to save his patients money I never got the perfect smile I always dreamed of. I have a crowed, crooked, slanted bottom set of front teeth that cause the upper front teeth to move out of their proper location to fit with the bottom. Ill attach photos once I get them from the dentist. I also have an overbite as well as a cross bite. Due to the cross bite I get clicking and clunking in my jaw and I realize its because my teeth and jaw do not line up right. I was looking online one day and decided to google invisible braces and invisalign popped up. I remember thinking "there's no way clear plastic trays can help me have a perfect smile, but as I started researching and looking up youtube reviews I saw it was completely possible. I loved the idea but I was scared of the commitment and the cost until one day I emailed a few locations around my house that do invisalign. I booked a consultation and I brought my dad where he learned all about it as well. I was excited and after the appointment I was even more eager to get invisalign. As we were leaving we saw a sign that said invisalign was 1000 dollars off the month of May and I took that as a calling and booked my appointment to get my impressions (the molds of your teeth). Turns out a friend of mine started her treatemnt a week before I got my impressions so I have an invisalign buddy

May 22nd was when I got my impressions. This...

May 22nd was when I got my impressions. This appointment tool approximately an hour from what I can remember. Right when I got there I filled out the payment plan as well as paid my down payment ($2500). Next I got an x-ray, the kind that goes all the way around your head. Once the x-ray was done they took a bunch of photos. One straight on with me smiling, one without smiling, one from the side then a bunch of my teeth using plastic things to keep my lips out of the way as well as mirror so they could see the full bite. Next I got the molds done. This is where they held goopy stuff in a tray around my teeth until it hardened(about 2 mins) around my teeth and made the molds. It was supposed to taste like wild berry but it was bitter, and they also took a mold of my "bite" where she put the same type of goop but this time vanilla directly on my teeth and I bit down until it hardened. I was kind of scared about doing the impressions because I had some done when I was 10 or 12 and I remember how awful it was because it feels like its going down your throat but the lady advised me that although it feels that way it will not. It was not as bad as I thought it was but by all means it was not enjoyable. Once the molds were done the lady showed them to the dentist and made sure they were good. After that the dentist looked again at my teeth making notes that they would send along to invisalign with my molds. He asked me what I wanted fixed and what I thought was wrong. After that was all done I booked my next appointment which is booked for June 21st (4 weeks later). She told me that it usually takes 3-4 weeks for them to come in and that she would call me if they come in earlier. I was shocked that they were going to come in so fast because from what I heard it usually takes a really long time. She told me what to expect for my next appointment on June 21st. She said that it would be a quick visit and they would put the trays on, show me how to use them and apply any "attachments" if they were needed for the first tray and then I would be walking out of there. I have been so excited and nervous waiting for the day to come. I'm excited to get started but a few things scare me: I'm scared ill get a lisp or talk funny as well as that they will be very visible. This is scary for me because I am a server and constantly talking and smiling to tables. As well I'm not looking forward to having to brush and floss ALL THE TIME, I'm going to have to stop snacking all the time-haha. I'm also going to have to adjust my daily routine to fit in "invisalign time". And of course I'm scared that they will hurt

Some things I've done to prepare are making a "to go kit" that has floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, a container, denture cleaning tablets, kleenex etc.. For when I'm at work or out to lunch and what not. I figure while I have them out if I want to clean them its the perfect opportunity. As well today I caved and finally bought some "outie" tools to help get the invisalign out because I've seen some vlogs and it looks very hard to get them out so I figure why not be prepared.

Anyways ill update you once I get them on.

So, I have my invisalign, and on Thursday I...

So, I have my invisalign, and on Thursday I actually changed to tray number 2, the time has been going by so fast. The appointment when I got the invisalign was about an hour long. I got the attachments (10 in total... two on each side on my upper jaw, and three on each side on my lower jaw). None of my attachments were on any of my front teeth which I was very happy about. Nothing at this appointment hurt, it just too time because attaching the "bumps" is like a 12 step process. Once I had them on all of my fears went away. I didnt talk funny at all which I was amazed about, and you cant even see them on my teeth when im talking. No one at work has noticed unless I mention it and then they are still amazed. A couple people at work are actually going to look into invisalign because of how amazed they are with how mine look.

As far as pain goes, there really hasnt been any. There was MINOR discomfot when I ate the 2nd and 3rd day after the first tray and minor tenderness when I switched to try two but its it nothing. When the aligners are in you dont feel any pain because your teeth are being "hugged" into place, but you feel it slightly when you take them out and your teeth are able to relax.

Snacking, I used to snack a lot and I have not cut back on it and only eat full meals becuae grabbing that cookie or snack isnt worth brushing and flossing everytime.

I find that it is easy to get into the habit of cleaning them and my teeth because I dont want cavities and I dont want smelly gross trays in my mouth got two weeks.

My cleaning routine. Everytime or drink anything I take them out and rise them and set them aside. Once im dont eating I floss my teeth, then brush them with an electric toothbrush. After that I take a soft toothbrush and I put a dot of Dawn dish soap on it and I wet the trays and scrub them clean, inside and out, in the bumps etc. and risnse them very well and sometimes let them sit out to air dry. I find that at the end of the two weeks they still look brand new and dont smell one bit. Ive seen in videos and read on blogs that peoples start to look white or foggy or smelly but since I only use an antibacteria dish soap, none of that has been an issue for me. I have been very comitted to this routine and I have never not cleaned them or my teeth before puting them back in.

I dont find that they are a pain and I only take them out to eat so I really dont have them out that long. Maybe 15-20 mins for breakfast, andother 10 for snacking during the day, 25 for lunch and about 30 mins for dinner. So i for sure have them in for the minimum of 22 hours a day. I like having them in because I want it to work because im paying big bucks for them.

My ortho gave me three sets of trays so early aug. I go back to get sets 4,5 and 6.

Overall I am loving them so far, they are not a bother, they dont hurt (at least not yet) and no one can see or hear a difference!!!

OHHHH... another thing, the 3rd day of tray one there was a sharp edge on the bottom set by my back teeth that cut my tongue, I tried everything, ortho wax, talking differently, rinsing with salt water and it hurt a lot because of the cut. Then I looked up online and it said you can file down sharp edges with a nail file so thats what I did. Nothing major, just a tiny tiny part to make it blunt and not sharp and ever since its been fine. These trays have been find so far (tray 2) but I would keep a metal nail file close by incase of sharp edges. I also think your tongue just needs to get used to the aligners in there and toughen up

Bye for now
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