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My story is similar to others on here. I've had...

My story is similar to others on here. I've had large breasts since puberty. At 13 years old I was completely flat...a late bloomer. Then over the summer before freshman year I went from a training bra to a C cup. I was 5'3" and only weighed about 100 lbs. Suddenly boys were interested! I'm an introvert, so the attention made me very uncomfortable and self conscious from the beginning. Over the next few years in high school I went up to a 32DD. I was still very petite and only weighed about 110 when I graduated. I could barely wear a strapless bra/dress to prom and wouldn't dare wear a bathing suit at all to the swim parties. I felt like a freak because I couldn't dress same way other girls my age were dressing. I also had a lot of people tease me by saying things like "your boobs are huge!" or some of the boys called me "Dolly Parton." By college I was up to 120 lbs and had become a 34DDD (stuffed in). I wore baggy shirts and minimizer bras to try and conceal them as much as possible. I NEVER wore swimsuits and would just skip swimming. From about 16 years old I started talking about having a breast reduction, but nursing my future children was very important to me. So I always planned to wait until after I had my kids. I had 3 children (c-section) and nursed all three. With each pregnancy I gained weight and my breast got bigger and bigger. When I was breastfeeding my breasts got up to a size 38H-I and then in between pregnancies I would be around 170 lbs. and a size 36G. I had my last child at 35 years old, but wanted to lose weight before having my reduction. Over the next few years I did the opposite...I gained weight and got up to 195 lbs. and a 40G. I was miserable. My bras were extremely uncomfortable and I had major back pain. The pain is in the center of my back and I've even had numbness and tingling. The doctor has told me this is because of my bras and a pinched nerve. X-rays show no back damage, but the doctors feel my breasts are the cause of my pain. I have also had rashes under my breasts and the shoulder tissue is indented. I still get adults who openly comment "your boobs are HUGE!" which is unbelievably uncomfortable. I never wear swimsuits and my kids always ask why mommy won't swim with them. It breaks my heart! We got a new pool built in our backyard and I haven't even went in it one time. The good news is, I finally HAD IT and have completely changed my eating habits. I eat extremely healthy now (no sugar, flour, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc). I've lost 50 lbs. and my bra size is now a 36G. I have about 20 more lbs. to lose, but I have hope I'll get close to that before my surgery.

Before Pics

Here are some before pics to show how I spill out of sports bras (size XL) and have a lot of sagging.

Finally Ready

As I mentioned in my last post I've considered having my BR since high school. I knew I wanted to wait until after I had my kids, because breast feeding was really important to me. Also, I always thought maybe I would learn to like my larger breast as I got older. I've had back pain for about 10 years, notches in my shoulders and rashes under breasts. I always made sure this was documented when I saw my general doctor. About 2 years ago (2014) my doctor asked if I was ready to have my BR and I thought I was. My insurance/doctor group requires patients to attend a BR class where they educate you on the procedure, pros/cons, and risks involved. They also check your BMI (body mass index) and tell you if you are a good candidate. So in 2014 I attended this class and learned more about the procedure. At the time I was overweight, so my BMI was borderline at risk. A BMI of 31+ was considered at risk and my BMI at that time was 30. I decided to postpone surgery to try and lose some more weight. I wanted my BR to be "perfect," since I had waited so long for it. So now this past April 2016 my doctor asked me again if I was ready for my BR (after I went in for back pain). I told her yes, because I've lost 50 lbs this past year. I'm about 15-20 lbs. from my goal weight. Since it had been 2 years since I last took the BR class, my doctors required I attend it again. I attended it in May and also had my mammogram (both were required to have the surgery). My BMI was down to 27 and I'm still losing, so I felt better this time around. The first week of June 2016 I had my first consultation with my PS. I had to put on the robe and when he came in he had me take it off and he did some measurements. He said I was a good candidate and basically my procedure is approved for coverage (Yay!). There were a couple of things I heard that concerned me. He said my breasts are wide (from center chest to armpit) and told me that the BR will reduce the size in length, but not the width. He said if he goes too small they will end up looking boxy. Then he said in order for insurance to pay (for it to be considered a medical procedure, not cosmetic) he is required to remove 1 lb. off of each breast. He felt mine were large enough that he could remove a lb. from each and still maintain a good size. He said I'd go down 1 to 2 sizes --- what?? This is what scared me. I'm a 36G and I want to be a C, so 1-2 sizes will leave me still a DD. No way.... I'm going to talk to him more about this with our next visit. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say that day. He also said he doesn't use drains, that he's seen better results without...they're not necessary. And the last shocker was that he said he has a 4-5 month wait list!! I was hoping to have my surgery in the summer, because I don't work summers. But now he said I'd have to come back in 2 months (mid-August) for a follow up visit and then at that time they'd schedule my surgery 1-2 months out -- so Sept/Oct. Now I'll have to take time off of work and it won't be as easy to conceal from coworkers. I was so upset that day, but I've come to accept it. So now I'm waiting until my next appointment in August. In the meantime I'm focused on losing as much weight as I can before surgery.


I can't stop thinking about my BR. It's so hard waiting, when you're ready to move forward. So I keep reading all of the stories here. I can't wait to start my journey. I'm starting to make a list of questions to ask my doctor at my next visit:
- If any revisions/fixes need to be done, are they covered by insurance? I don't think so, since mine is a medical procedure and insurance is covering it.
- Does he have any before/after pictures? He doesn't have a normal PS website, since he's a Kaiser Permanente doctor.
- How many BR surgeries does he perform per year? How many of these require revisions?
- Can I show him pictures of what I like or don't like for final results (on the day of surgery)?

I'm also anxious to buy some sports bras and scar treatment cream. But since I have a few more months I'm holding off. For now, I just browse the bra department and dream about all the shopping I'll be doing in the fall. I can't wait!

The date is set!

Today was my follow up consultation and my surgery date was scheduled for December 12th. I'm so happy to have a date. I have about 10 lbs. more to lose, so that gives me some time. My PS was really great today. He answered all my questions and set my mind at ease. I'll post the questions and answers in a separate post, when I have more time to update.

My questions answered

I saw my PS earlier this week and was able to ask him some of my questions.

1) Will he be changing or reducing my nipple size? He said yes, that my nipples will be made smaller, so they are in proportion to my new breast size. He explained how they are usually stretched out and need to be resized.
2) I asked if he thought I would need lipo in my armpit area, because this is not covered under my insurance. He said I could have it done for about $2k out of pocket, but that he didn't think I needed it. He also said that it can be done later if I felt I wanted it.
3) Shower - He said I'll be bandaged for 1 week and unable to shower. After a week he'll remove my bandages and then I can shower.
4) I explained that I was concerned about being too big after the surgery. I let him know that I have a lot of back pain and I'm a runner. He said there is a range that he recommends based on my size frame. He said he can go more on the smaller end of that range. He feels if you go smaller than the range then my breasts will look boxy, because they are wide. I felt that was a good explanation and I feel much better about the size now. He made notes on my file and told me to remind him the day of surgery.
5) I asked if my insurance would cover any revisions, because this is a medical (not cosmetic) procedure. For example, if I have dog ears or my breasts are uneven or nipples uneven, etc. He reminded me that no two breasts will be exactly alike before or after surgery. But that if there was something obvious that needed corrected, and I wasn't just being nit picky, then the revision would be done in his office and covered by insurance.
6) Before I left the nurse gave me my note for work to approve 2 weeks off. I guess it's official. Yikes!

After that he scheduled my surgery. I was told I'll be contacted about 1 week before for my pre-op appointment. I totally forgot to ask about bras and whether I should pre-buy them. Based on the reviews I've read here, I'm going to buy a couple of open-front sports bras. Not sure on what size :/


I had my pre-op appointment last week. It was a basic physical exam. They checked my stats and gave me a thorough breast exam. A couple of important things I learned --

1. I have a more dense/mass area on my right breast. I've had it for about 10 years. They've done a mammogram and ultrasound, but they've always told me it's nothing to worry about. Anyway, the pre-op nurse said the PS may have it biopsied if he thinks it is needed. That's probably a good thing, if there is any question about it.
2. The pre-op nurse asked me what size I wanted to be after. As weird as it seems, she's the first one to ask me that. I was caught off guard....but I told her a C would be perfect. Could I be that lucky??
3. I asked what size bras to buy and she told me to get some C and D sports bras -- I bought the Fruit of the Loom cotton, front closure style. I've seen others on here buy those. They're inexpensive, about $10 a bra. I want them to be comfortable, but don't want to spend a lot in case I get blood on them or they end up not fitting. They seem SO small!

That was about it. She said they'll call me the Friday before surgery, because my surgery is on Monday. So...surgery is this Monday, 12/12/2016. 4 more days - eeeekkkkk! I'm starting to get nervous and stressing about everything I need to do before then. With Christmas in a few weeks, I'm trying to get my shopping done and tree up before then. This Friday is my last day of work and then I'll get 4 weeks off. I'm looking forward to that. I'll post some before photos this weekend. I can't believe I'm doing this....something I've wanted my whole life.

A few pictures...

Here are a few before pictures with bra and clothes on.

Before pics

I've dreaded posting these. But I know how helpful this website is, so here goes. I knew I was saggy, but the pictures really solidify the need for this surgery. 2 days and counting.
Remember these breasts breastfeed 3 babies and have gone from a 36I to a 34G (now).
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