24 Years Old, Large, Uncomfortable Asymmetric 32 G Breasts. - Ontario, CA

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I have finally decided to get a breast reduction,...

I have finally decided to get a breast reduction, after living with discomfort of heavy breasts for years. I had my consultation in March, received my approval about 3 weeks ago and set up a surgery date for June 1st. I have always been quite small, and weight changes have never effected the size of my breasts. When i was 100 lbs I was still a G cup! I am hoping this reduction will help me to improve my posture, as well as enable me to live a more active life. It is impossible to find a supportive sports bra, so working out has always been quite uncomfortable. I was hoping that a reduction will lessen my back pain, however being recently diagnosed with a form of spinal arthritis I'm unsure if I will get that relief. Either way, I'm excited to get this procedure done and hopefully live a more comfortable, active life.

More before pictures

Feeling good!

I'm feeling pretty good, just tired. My surgery was around 930 AM, so I've been home resting for a few hours. My surgeon put tight dressing on me, that don't come off for 10 days.

Hi everyone!

I'm back! I took a couple days to myself, I have actually felt quite good! The pain is very tolerable, and to be honest the most discomfort is how I need to be bandaged. My surgeon doesn't want me to remove these bandages for 10 days and just tape it back down when the tape lifts or messes up. I have really sensitive skin so I've been very itchy where the tape is, it's been pretty bad. Other than that I've just been tired! It's really important to just rest and relax. I feel like every time I do something small it just takes all my energy. The pain is worse in the morning, because I don't wake up through the night for pain meds so im usually in a decent amount of pain in the morning. That's the only time I have trouble! Although I'm not supposed to remove the bandages I have definitely taken some peeks when changing the tape, lol. How could I not! So here's some pics I was able to get. I'm very happy with them so far, my surgeon did a fantastic job! I'm so excited to see them once bandages are off.

Follow up appointment

I had my follow up appointment this morning! Finally those bandages are gone and I really couldn't be happier. My incisions are healing really well and I have very minimal bruising. I went to Victoria's Secret to get fitted for a wireless sports bra as I was advised I'm allowed to begin wearing one now so I'm feeling much more normal. I'm a 32 DD in the bras there, and my breasts are still obviously swollen so I think I'll probably end up with a full C or small D which is exactly what we were aiming for. I still have tape over incisions so I won't be able to show them for a few days but will update when the tape is off!

Tape Off!

Healing well!! Left is taking a bit longer to heal it seems, My left needed more work than the right. Everything looks great so far, loving them ????
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