26 Years Old, 125 Lbs, No Kids, 32 DD/E to Size TBD - Ontario, CA

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I'm 24, 130 lbs and 32 DD/DDD. I've thought about...

I'm 24, 130 lbs and 32 DD/DDD. I've thought about great reduction for years, but haven't really pursued it. I'm getting more and more fed up and self conscious, so I think it might be time to do something! I live in Canada, so I'm hoping to get it covered by insurance. I don't even really know how to get started! Doing some research now.

Some more pictures

I thought I would post a few pictures with different lighting. As with most people, one is larger than the other, which is annoying.


Still haven't seen a plastic surgeon... possible cyst?

I still haven't worked up the courage to ask my doctor for a referral to a plastic surgeon. This doctor delivered me and has known me my whole life, I feel like if I ask her about it she'll just say "you're beautiful the way you are...ect". I could see another doctor I suppose. Anyway, I did get her to do a breast exam, because my larger breast hurts pretty often, she thinks that she felt a cyst there, which can cause breast pain. So now I'm going to get an ultrasound to check it out. If it is a cyst (majority are benign) and it is big and painful, there's a possibility I could get it drained. Who knows, maybe this will help with my symmetry!
I've also been seeing a chiropractor to help manage my back and neck pain. We're working on correcting my posture and increasing the strength in my upper back muscles.

Waiting for a plastic surgeon consult

I had an ultra sound done on my large breast and every thing was fine, no cyst. I just bought two new bras and I'm a 33 E, and I spent $230... Ugh. I asked my family doctor to refer me to a plastic surgeon (2 months ago) So now I'm just waiting to here from them. I hate waiting! How long did you guys wait for a consult?


Wish I started this process last year! tired of waiting. My hope was to be having it don ethos year...

Finding other plastic surgeons

Long swinging breasts. If my posture isn't good they reach my belly button. But I made a few calls to some other plastic surgeons, to see if they take ohip cases, and a few do. So I'm going to get my family doctor to send my referral there as well.

Consult June 1, Not sure about Doctor

I was getting impatient waiting for a consult from the fist place my family doctor sent the referral. So she sent it to a plastic surgeon in Winnipeg as well. I have a consult for June 1st with Dr. Manfred Ziesmann. I have mixed feelings about him. I've read some good reviews and some awful ones... I don't care so much about bedside manner, I mean it's nice and all, but the most important thing is their skill. If any of you ladies has seen this doctor please tell me your experiences!

Still waiting to see a PS that takes OHIP

I decided not to go the consult on June 1st. There was just too many bad things out there about this doctor. Many people were trying to get a lawsuit against him. Now I have an appointment October 31, with the other PS that takes OHIP cases. I will also mention that I saw a private surgeon this week (aka. wouldn't take OHIP). I was feeling desperate and wanted to see someone sooner. It would cost $7200 and could be done in October. The thought of being able to do it so soon makes me feel so ecstatic, but the thought of being out $7200 makes me nauseous. I'm worried that I'm going to hold out to try and get OHIP approval, and then not even get it, and have to pay anyway. I know I'm not the biggest out there, but I really think I have a good chance for OHIP. I'm 5'3, 130 lbs, and have E breasts. I have back, neck, shoulder pain. I have indentations on my shoulders. I have been going to a chiropractor, and massage therapist. I even went to get nerve testing done in my right hand because I thought I had carpal tunnel, but it turns out it's just the big boobs making my hands tingly. I guess I've lived with them this long, a little longer to potentially save a lot of money is worth it. It's so hard to have the patience. It's summer, and I don't fit any bathing suits. :(

Booked for January 10!

I can't believe I have a date. For those of you interested in timelines, I asked my family doctor for a referral February 1, the consult was October 31, and now I'll be having surgery on January 1, 2017. So the whole process will have take just under a year. I'm an Ontario resident, but I live close to the Manitoba border, and Winnipeg is the closest big city. I'm see Dr. Turner at Aesthetic Solutions. I forgot to ask him a bunch of questions, but I liked him and I like his reviews online. I should be able to ask him a few things before the surgery. He said he would take roughly half of the breast to make an approximate C cup. Which is exactly what I want. I'm super tired and can't think of anything else to write right now, I'll keep you updated!!

Five days post op

I had my surgery on January 10th. Things have been going well, everyday is better than the previous. I'm glad I did it, and can't wait to see how they continue to heal. I have limited arm range at the moment, but the pain isn't too bad at all. The second day was the worst for pain, and wasn't a ton of fun. Pain meds also constipate me like crazy, so that's an on-going battle. I didn't take anything yesterday, and I only took one T3 today.

One of my biggest decisions about this procedure was the ability to breastfeed in the future. In the end my thought process is that I just turned 26, and if I have kids it won't be until my thirties... that's at least four years, and I would rather be comfortable and happy in the meantime. And it would be silly if I postponed this procedure to be able to breastfeed, and then never had kids. Many women have success breast feeding, or a combination of breast feeding and supplement.

For girls that have been told you're not"big enough" to get a breast reduction surgery by other people, don't listen to them. It's your body and if you're not comfortable with something, it's your decision. I've had people message me on here that my breasts were "fine the way they were" and "why mess with perfection", and while I'm sure these people had good intentions, these comments were not helpful. I was not comfortable with my current breasts given my small frame, and since the procedure was 100% covered, a medical professional also deemed it beneficial for me. So if you want to go for it, go for it! That's my little rant ;)

8 days post op

Just adding some more pictures to compliment my last post.

10 days post op - 7 weeks update

Unfortunately I developed a hematoma day 10. Everything was going really well up until that point, but I woke up day 10 and my right breast had become so swollen, red, and hard. I tried to turn over while sleeping, which could have burst some blood vessels. I had an ultrasound done with my family doc to confirm the hematoma. In most cases time is the best medicine. It sucks, but it happens. I took another week off work because I was sore. The left breast is perfect in my eyes, the right has developed some fat necrosis from the hematoma (basically scar tissue) which gives it a flat/boxy shape along the bottom. This should go away, it will just take more time. Even with this setback, I have no regrets.

9 weeks post op

I'm back at the gym, running, weights, and yoga. Occasionally I'll stretch a certain way and it will pull at my breasts in a painful way, I just listen to my body and stop. My right breast still has a hard lump of fat necrosis, which distorts the breast and gives it a flat bottom. Hopefully my body will deal with this and the breast will drop!

Four months!

Everything is going well, the right breast is rounding out slowly, still a little flat spot.
Dr. Manfred Ziesmann

I have a consult with Dr. Ziesmann June 1 for a breast reduction. Wondering what people's experiences have been with him? *Edit* I never went to my consult with Dr. Ziesmann due to too many bad reviews I found, and someone trying to sue him.

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