29 year old 38DDD - Hope for a C - Ontario, CA

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Hi!!! First off i would like to say THANK YOU to...

Hi!!! First off i would like to say THANK YOU to all of you brave ladies!! I have had big boobs my whole life... My Bra is a 38DDD but u honestly don't even know my true size. I have thought about getting a breast reduction as long as i can remember. For Some reason i was always embarrassed ... Well about a month ago i got some courage made a doctors appointmet and asked my Doctor. i am covered by Kaiser, i had no idea what to expect!!!! My doctor told me i would have to take a class and two weeks later i did. I was So damn nervous... but when i walked in, i would say 20 other women were there ages 18-70. Right before you walk in they weigh you and measure you . I'm 5'3 1/2 and 167lbs. ( i will try my hardest to drop weight before my surgery) later i come to find out it was to find out what my BMI was. according to them you must be under 34% body fat ( under 30 is ideal ) i was 28% woohoo lucky me! The only other thing i was asked if i smoked, they would disqualify you due to infection. ( lucky for me i don't smoke ) they told me the class would be 2-3 hours. i was out after 1hour. i would say the nurse answered all my questions. at the very end if your BMI was under 34% they had you fill out a paper and the PS would call . i couldn't believe it i was one step closer!!!!!

By the time i got home the office was calling for my first visit with my plastic surgeon . Yes, my heart was racing!!!!

i would say 2 weeks later i was making my way to my appointment , by the time i signed in i was being called! it was all so fast! before i knew it i was being told to put on a gown and the doctor would be right in. The doctor walked in and he was a lot younger then i had thought hahaha.. i got embarassed he said i know i'll be quick. He took messurements and pictures and then sat down. He just said, do you have any burning questions for me? I'm looking at him confused! i said , wait.... am i approved? he was like oh yeah totally. i think i started giggling like it was christmas. He then asked what size i wanted to be, i said a C .the bummer is he told me i will need drains.. that is totally scary for me. idk why the pre op is really freaking me out too!!! can anyone tell me what to expect I'm totally nervous!!! but that is where I'm at right now... I'm scared to death, and i keep obsessing on here. but i thought maybe even my experiences could help someone. :) i really hate being known for the girl with boobs! I'm Sooooo ready for small boobs!!!!!! my suregery date is Oct.7th, i needed time bc of work. I'm a waitress so i had to take 3 weeks off. here is a picture i took and i can't believe I'm showing all of you!

I have a question

Can anyone give me a list of things i might need? i think its better to ask the people who have actually had the surgery :) Any special sports bra you all love? lotions? ??? please let me know what helped YOU ! THANK YOU


Do you think we will still have boob sweat with small boobs? lol... i know TMI but I'm so ready for that to end :D... Happy sunday friends,



Am i the only one that is freaking out here!? I know i still have a lot of time before my surgery... i keep looking at myself in the mirror, and thinking am i doing the right thing? I hate having big boobs but I've never known myself any other way.. I really think this is a little overwhelming. Every night i come on here and look at like 5-10 pages.. hahaha and then i'm up all night thinking about it. I'm so grateful for your stories but some of them really freak me the hell out! I can't be the only one feeling this way right!?



The doctors office called me today to see if i wanted to have my surgery this week. I so badly wanted to say yes.. but I'm just not ready and i already took 3 weeks off of work when my original surgery is on oct 7th. I can't believe how quickly this is all happening !!!! Just a little over a month to go!!!!!!! So ready!!!!!

Freaking out..

okay i'm really starting to get nervous.... Am i the only one that knows nothing about her doctor??? i mean i met him but i was so nervous i didn't ask many questions, i wasn't thinking!!! With Kaiser there are no pics to look at... what are your thoughts?


Okay.. I know a lot of you are skinny... and i don't think i'm like super fat but I'm kinda chubby.. Anyone feel diff when you had your boobs done? Do you feel skinnier over all? i feel like it will make me feel way better, well i hope anyway..i'm so sick of feeling FAT!

Sh*t is getting REAL

Woohoo!!!! Pre Op date sep 30!!!!

This might sound so silly but can some of you help think of questions to ask? when i get nervous i go blank! and let me tell you .... i'm SO nervous!!! Thanks for the help! 25 days!!!!!!

This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life!

ugh... i'm starting to get really nervous :( 2 weeks from today!!!!!!! I hope to god i don't get an infection.. thats my #1 fear ... I went to see my surgeon yesterday and he told me 40% of woman do!!!

ugggggggghhh!!! i just want it to be over already !


Hi ladies......

So im 10 days out and i just want to cry all the time! i'm scared to DEATH!!!!!! So i was really nervous because i hadn't seen any of my doctors work. ( again i have kaiser) so i made another appt to go see some of his work... that part went okay,.Some of the pics he showed he later had to go back in and fix some of the ladies if the skin pulled or whatever it was .. i know thats totally norm to go back after... but the thing about getting a BR that scares me the most is getting an infection! So... i ask.. what's the % of getting an infection, he says 40%!!!!!!! i think i just about had a heart attack... i said what!? he said thats part of doing this surgery you need to be mentally ready... i said okay.. left and was more nervous now than ever!!!!!!! its all i think about day and night!!!! So i wrote a question on here asking the same thing... 7 doctors responded ALL SAID 1-4% THAT ITS NOT COMMON AT ALL. so why did my doctor say that to me.. do you think he means like ANY little infection even the little ones that heal in a a couple of days.... my brain is taking over and I'm just scared :( It's a great hospital the guy has done MANY and i think I'm prob just freaking myself out... did any of you feel like you wanted to back out? i can't be the only one!? my pre op is tuesday .. All i want to do is cry.... i wish i could just feel excited and happy like most of you!!!!!!!!!

see ...

i didn't even realize i had already wrote about it ... lol ^

im sorry ladies ... I'm just a mess.

Pro Op today!

I don't know about all of you , but I was sooooo nervous to go today!!!! I had no idea what they were going to do to me:( ...? Well guess what! It was super easy :):):)

First they
Weigh you :-/
Check temp
Blood pressure
Made me take all my clothes off( panties still on)

Worst part was waiting in the freezing room!!! Doctor came in ( not my surgeon ) asked me questions, looked in my mouth, listened to my heart and lungs , took a quick look at the ladies and that was it!!!!

She kept saying you sure you want to do this you're so young!? I said yes... And she told me I had grandma boobs ????gee thanks ! lol but that was IT! Signed paperwork , got my prescription , and i was on my way!!

Thank goodness for my sweeeeet nurse!

Hope that helps someone!????

I hate that you can't edit stuff on here!



Tomorrow is the big day!!! Checkin time is 6am .. Surgery starts at 7:30!!! Omg I'm so damn nervous !!!!!!!!'


So I wrote this to a friend and I thought I could just add it here !

So I'm writing from my phone so if this comes out funky I'm sorry lol , so yesterday was really scary at first . But I must say.. Everyone at the hospital was amazing!!!! I talked to the nurse first she asked me basic questions and then all the other doctors came in and talked to me . I was feeling pretty good by the time they took me in . They gave me meds In my IV So I was happy going in lol !! They had me get on the table and that's all I remember !!! I woke up and had to pee so bad!!! I couldn't go I tried twice and then they wheeled me into the bathroom and I finally did . After that I started to feel sick to my stomach ! They gave me meds and that really helped me. Before I know it my loved ones were with me again . I do have drains ( not a big deal at all) the doctor explained everything to the people who came with me. And that was basically it! I got home took my meds ( they gave me norcos ) so I'm in bed using the five pillow trick but I have prob 6 . 2 under legs, one under each arm , the rest under my neck that is really helping me!!! I'm taking my meds on time :) I can't think of anything else lol excuse my stretch marks :( I have a kid lol

feeling blah..

so im 2 days out and i feel kinda shitty....

1. i just can't get comfortable ..
2. the tubes are pretty annoying, but they don't hurt.
3. its really hard for me to eat, I'm not hungry at all but i get dizzy so I'm really trying to eat.
4. I'm still on my norcos. i don't understand how some of you stopped taking them so early lol..
5. i have a cough, crap is in my chest , did that happen to any of you.

I'm ready to see my boobs already!!!! i get to see them tomorrow I'm super excited but scared at the same time.... keep me in your thoughts tomorrow that everything is looking good. I'm so nervous..

okay thats all my bitching :)

im so blessed to have the people that are taking care of me , i don't know what i'd do without them. i personally could NOT do this alone. anyone have any tips?



What drains look like

Just in case someone wants to see here it is ...

What a day ...

Well today basically SUCKED! Lol.. My norcos are killing my stomach so I was sick all morning :( that's the worst when you're trying not to move your chest .. I had my appointment to get my drains out today . I must say it wasnt THAT BAD .. Cutting my stiches hurt more to let it out and then her cleaning the area really sucked!!! She told me to wait so she could go get more stuff to clean me up .. I was prob 2mins from totally blacking out . Hearing went .. Skin was dripping .. And I felt like I was going ! Haha .. They had my lay down and I was able to pull it together ... ( if not I was going to end up in the ER) not what I wanted .. She gave me some zofran that helped with my tummy , but man I'm happy today is OVER!!! I think that was the worst of it ! I'm happy to say I have a C sports bra on! Wooohoo . I took some pics that I'll post . The skin under my insision should go down but if not he said that's an easy fix so I'm not worried about it :) over all I'm rockin some new small ass boobs !!! #happy #gladtheworstisover

Question !!!!

Do any of you take your sports bras off to give yourself a break? My back is killing me !! I just got drains out so they have been pretty swollen .. Ice packs help but I wanna take it off :/ ??? Thanks for your help ??

I think it's day 5?

It just feels like one long day lol .. I'm doing pretty damn good . After taking out my drains Friday I get really swollen . Yesterday I totally over did it .. So when I got home pulled out my pillows and ice packs and I was good to go! Ice packs seriously help me so much !! To all of you scared, you got this!!!!!

just thought id share

i had posted how i use ice for swelling and a friend on here asked if my doctor had given me the okay. the answer was no. i had just read that it was okay, she made a good point that ice could slow down the blood flow .. so i got nervous and called Kaiser!!!! ( please call your doctor and make sure its okay for you ) but i was told its totally SAFE! 20 MINS ICE ON ... 40 MINS ICE OFF! I asked about blood flow and he said swelling will also slow down blood flow thats why they say20/40!!! hope this helps someone.. 30mins on hold for that answer. hahahaha ! thanks @corylynnb :D better safe than sorry!!!!

Sports bra change

I couldn't handle it anymore .. So I had to use an other the head one . Hurt like hell but I feel so much better ... But how small are my boobs :D

anyone else ?

im 7 days today!!!!! i already had my tubes out but i have my post op thursday!!! i really haven't even seen them!!!! only what i posted here.lol... does anyone else's nipples burn? i think I'm healing well from what i can see... but ffff... they burn .. and those damn zingers .... woooweeeee.. lol


I feel like crying today ... Today was my post op .. It was easier when I didn't see them #overwhelmed


Some pics I just took .. When he took of my bandages some of my nip peeled .. This is all so scary.. I just want this to be over!

Feeling better

Took off my tape today! Look better than I thought . One of my pics look red but it's not that red it's the camera . Kinda annoyed how high he did them .. But I can fix it .. Hopefully my boobs will just cover it when they drop a little . Have a good weekend ladies !

Pics without any tape!

frustrated.... Day 13

what the heck... I went to my Pre Op on the 16th and things seemed to be going okay. when he took off my bandages some of my skin went with it. lucky for me i have no feeling in that spot..... anyways, at my appt he told me to take off the clear tape he had put on me. ( its not the norm tape i've been seeing, kasier does it diff) well... i did. my boobs have been hurting since then :( its like i have highs and lows... my boobs burn, get swollen so damn easy, and now when i change the pads in my bras i have a little fluid on them. i called my doctor today and he said it was normal but I'm so uncomfortable. the other day i was driving home from the mall and had to stop and buy an ice pack ! i honestly thought about going to the ER so they could drug me up! lol ... I'm so over it!!!! i took a norco yesterday ( when i was driving to get the ice pack) i thought i was gonna die i was soooooo swollen!!! we'll it seemed to help i was able to pull it together, that was around 2:30... around 6:30 i was at dinner and all of a sudden i felt totally drunk!!!! i don't know what happened ...but it was just bad, i ended up going to be at 7:30 and didn't wake up till this morning. i guess Motrin from here on out.... i feel like someone is pulling on them all the time! i don't get it :( i was supposed to go back to work in a week but i pushed it back one more week. two weeks a lot changed so I'm hoping that will do the trick. anyone else feel like they started going backwards:(

What did you do?

Hi ladies so as i was kinda telling you, my incision line on my right boobs is kinda acting up at the T. Do any of you have any tips? i've been keeping it as clean as i can.. i let them air dry for 3 hours today that was a first.. and I'm also using Neosporin. I realize it just needs to heal but i thought id ask if any of you have any tricks? :)

Thanks, Carly

Helpful Tip!

So my right boob was having a hard time healing at the T ... Well my surgeon had told me to put Neosporin on them after my last appointment, so i did! Yesterday i had posted if anyone has any tricks to help make these ladies heal. right at the T it was like a light yellow/greenish it scared me ... welllllll... a lovely lady on here told me to stop the Neosporin and it should help dry them up. I was willing to do anything so i gave it a shot and woke up with nice purple? scabs!!!!! woohooo!!!!! she was totally right! I"m feel a little uncomfortable today,but i'm soooo happy to see I'm actually healing :D just thought i would pass this tip along!!! she isn't a doctor, just another lady on real self willing to help with what worked for her!

I really wish

my boobs would just stop hurting ... I keep having the aching feeling from my nipple deep in my chest . I literally cried my eyes out in frustration tonight . Ice,heat, Neosporin ... I'm hurting! Help!!!!!!

Well ..

good news my boobs look good for the most part. I Have one spot that just won't heal:( doctor said its just going to take time . I feel blessed that it's not worse but I wish it would go away . Today I didn't get swollen till 7pm! That's a VICTORY for me! It was so funny I was helping in my sons first grade class And my forward zip sports bra poped lol yeah that was a challenge to not let anyone notice hahahaahahaahah ..


sooooo.. I'm still healing .. But I'm doing pretty damn well!!! 1. Still not swollen, thank god . 2. I'm back at work!!! 3.my doctor told me he took 700 out of one 650 out of the other !! 4lbs!!!! My back feels pretty great :

Just some things to think about -

When going back to work make SURE your sports bra is supportive. That was the only reason I got swollen my first day back.. Ice saved my life !! You can even try to freeze cabbage!! Works!!! My boob isn't 100% on the right but I'm getting there! No regrets here :)

Victory !!!

my right boob is almost 100% !!! I still have a burn/itch in my right nipple .. But they look good!! I haven't started anything to help with The scars mind you.


so I had my surgery weeks... Ago and I still have them popping out of my skin! When does this stop ???

To the girl freaking out about surgery

i just want you to know .. It will allllll be worth it!!!!! I had a couple issues but .. I'm soooooooopo happy! I'm pr

Just when I thought..

Hey ladies!!! So I just wanted to say, after my surgery I felt like my boobs were still big . Well turns out it really was swelling! They are getting smaller and smaller!!!! I'm so happy :D

Hi ladies :)

I just wanted to say life with my new boobs has been amazing .. I never thought I would be this size!!!!! It will be a year in October and I still have extremely sensitive nipples .. ( they have like an itch/burn sometimes) and my scarring is still there .. But I wouldn't change them for anything !!!!!! I hope all are well .


now :)
Dr. Walter Chang

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