I'm starting to think I should have gone bigger 2 wks Post op ..is my mind playing tricks on me?! - Ontario, CA

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Hello girlies..I can't believe I actually made an...

Hello girlies..I can't believe I actually made an account and joined this amazing community. My operation date is tomorrow and I am now beginning to freak out. I am starting to grasp the concept that I will be getting a breast augmentation tomorrow. In less than 20 hours, the body that I've had for the past 25 years will forever be changed for the better of course. Half of my friends are supportive and half are not. One of my closest friends texted me today and said that she is disappointed in me because I'm choosing to change my body. Some people in my life do not understand that this is my body and I am entitled to my own decision. I've been dreaming of this procedure since I was 18. At that time I could not afford a breast augmentation since I was young and had just started college. Now that I had just graduated from nursing school I wanted to give myself a gift for a job well done. Nursing school wasn't easy you know.

Anyway, just like I had mentioned some people in my life are supportive and some aren't. What's so hurtful is that my boyfriend is choosing to work and "run errands" tomorrow (on the day of my procedure) instead of being with me. I don't know if Im being too emotional right now, but I feel that since he is my boyfriend he should be willing to take care of me on this special and yet nerve-racking day of my life. Since I don't wanna be a burden to any of my friends and my boyfriend I just decided to book a hotel and just stay there by myself for a few days. I know someone should be monitoring me but I don't really have anyone to do that as sad as it may sound. So, I consider you..this "realSelf" community as my family to give me important advices and tips to make my Post Op experience a little less uncomfortable since I will be the only one taking of myself. My question to the ones that have gone through this process is what discomfort did you feel and how did you tackle it? I read about icing the area..does that help? What position should I sleep in? Will I be able to brush my teeth and wash my face? I was advised to avoid moving my arms. Any tips will help..guys. Thank you so much!!!

2 wks Post Op- I don't know if my mind is playing...

2 wks Post Op- I don't know if my mind is playing a trick on me, but Im starting to think I should have gone bigger. The first week after my surgery I thought my breasts were really HUGE for my height and weight and wished I had gone a little smaller. I am 5'1 and weigh 100 lbs. I decided to go with 375cc silicone R breast and 350cc silicone on my L breast. The recommendations that my PS had for me during pre-op consultation was between 270cc-300cc due to my height and weight, but I decided for myself to go beyond his suggestions because I've read on NUMEROUS blogs that most women wished they have gone bigger after their BA. NOw, I am beginning to think I should have gone bigger,,maybe with 400-425cc. I don't know if my mind is playing a trick on me..or this is a normal thought that most women go through or maybe Im just getting used to seeing my breast with implants that Im adapting to their size. Please tell me your experiences..did you feel the same way as I am feeling now?

height: 5'0-5'1 ft
weight : 100 lbs
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