My date is pending... Got great news from dr!!!

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Well hello ladies!!! I'm new to this blog! But I...

Well hello ladies!!! I'm new to this blog! But I have been apart of the TT blog
I had TT on nov 20 and I love the results so far... But now I have decided to get BA I went for the consult a few days ago I have always had a small chest and its even worse now because I have had 6 kids and nursed all of them! So I usually just wear sports bras. My ps told me I was A cup. So I decided to go with 339cc round silicon partial under muscle!!

Surgery is for June 4, I am excited but nervous not sure if I should have it done I know I want to but I don't want to tell anyone! Well just a few people and because I just had TT they will for sure judge me not that I'm doing it for anyone but myself!!

Another thing is I don't want to tell me husband... See he don't live here with us so he's only here on days off which is like maybe every 2 months for 6 days depending on overtime. But the reason I don't want to tell him is he was all for the TT but when the day came to pay in full all this other stuff came up that seemed to somehow be more important to deal with! Even though he knew how important this was for me after having 6 big babies! And I have wanted for 15 yrs. so after my TT I knew I would need revision on the sides and he said not to worry we will fix it no problem so I had mentioned to him if I need revision I think I deserve new boobies? And he said sure ok! So with that said... I figure I need revision! I want boobies! He said ok so why talk about it again! Lol he will find a way to make me feel guilty in his own little way but in a way that I change my mind without him actually saying no! :( so is it wrong if I just do it? I'm sure he will be happy in the end... Later ladies hope I didn't bore anyone!

So I have moved my surgery date to April 9! And my...

So I have moved my surgery date to April 9! And my husband was very supportive about the whole procedure I told him today :) feel so much better he is an amazing person, husband !! I guess I should of not worried so much about it! Any way had to change date.... Just booked our family vacation to Grenada! Finally got good deal its hard planning with 5kids! :) so all I can say is WOW! So much happening I'm so grateful for everything... I have worked so hard to get my new self back! After having 6 big 9-10 pound babies... Nursing all of them... And pretty much doing it all alone for yrs now they are between the ages of 16 and youngest 4! So having my TT done a few months ago was very much needed and deserved!:) and yes now I need to have BA because it just dont look right.... And it's perfect I will be all ready to go on vacation with family and the girls!!!! :) hope you ladies are healing well and not pushing it too much!

Had to share that I'm happy to say first my...

Had to share that I'm happy to say first my husband is happy and supportive of this decision and the best of it is we will get a percentage off due to miscommunication and other issues from last surgery so this is better for us the nurse called the other day to inform me about new date and told me that if I still want the BA he will lower the fee!!!! :) so I will keep posting! Hope all you girls are doing well with recovery!!!
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Just had Surgery a few months back

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