What a Stupid Mistake I've Made!! I Want These Implants out Yesterday! - Ontario, CA

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I am 3 months post-op breast augmentation and I...

I am 3 months post-op breast augmentation and I have scheduled my appointment for this Friday with a different PS to arrange to have them removed. I originally went for a breast lift but the PS convinced me that I would be happy with a breast augmentation to fill loss of volume instead of the lift. I stressed that I did not want to be large, that I merely wanted to fill my existing bra with the padding removed. I was a 32C/D but deflated. I am 42 years old. I should have gone with my gut from the beginning and not listened to the PS ( or my husband, who trusted that the PS must know what he is talking about) I received 421ccs and came out of surgery a 32F. They are way too big and way too wide for my 5'3, 118 lbs frame. They hurt constantly and are super heavy. I can only sleep on my side for a little while and then I have to turn to the other side, because I am literally laying on implants that extend onto my sides. The right side feels like it is starting to bottom out as the implant is already somewhat below my scar and is palpable and visible. I used to be self conscious about my breasts before surgery because they weren't what they used to be and now I'm super self conscious because they are so large and matronly. I only wear very baggy clothing to hide them and can't imagine ever wearing a bathing suit in public again. I can't believe that I have done this to my body and would love to just punch myself in the face for being so damn stupid! I have a tentative date for July if everything goes well with the consult. I am soooo grateful that here in ontario my removal with capsulectomy is covered by ohip with a note from my GP. My husband is having a VERY difficult time about how much money we have spent and he is enjoying my large breasts despite how I feel about them and regardless that they cause me so much discomfort. He keeps saying to give it more time although I have now travelled extensively to 3 different revision specialists who mutually agree that the implants are too large and too wide for my frame. I would have to have extensive pocket work to make the pockets smaller to accommodate a smaller implant. Forget that! I have already spent way too much time and money on my boobs. I just want them out and begin my healing so I can get back to living. So very Sorry about the rant but aside from my husband and sister, I have no one to talk to about this as no one else knows. For that, I am grateful for. I don't need anyone else knowing about my seriously expensive and disturbing mistake. I will let you know when my surgery is schedule. Thank you soooo much to this forum for the support. I honestly feel like I am doing the right thing after reading all the stories here.

What a relief! I found my PS!!

My husband and I met with Dr. Christopher Assad in Burlington this morning. We were there for an hour and half. We went over every possible scenario. Removal with replacement and major pocket work- BIG NO! , removal with full capsulectomy- kinda what I was leaning for, removal with partial capsulectomy, removal with lift and so on. In the end, I am getting a removal with partial capsulectomy and no lift, for now. I will let the dust settle so to speak, and see about a lift in 6 months to a year. He looked at my before pics and was a little frustrated that I was convinced that an augmentation was my solution. He said I had plenty of tissue and that a lollipop lift would have been perfect to lift the mild sagging I had as well as correct the nipple position. It makes me so angry with myself for not looking into things as I should have before I had surgery. At least this time around, I don't have a nagging doubt about whether or not I am doing the right thing. I have gotten second and third opinions and have settled with a PS that didn't try to sell me on something that I didn't need. The office staff will be calling me on Monday to confirm a surgery date. The earliest possibility may be mid July. The worst case scenario being mid august. They know how badly I want this done and are going to see what they can do for me to get me in as soon as possible. I'm praying super hard that it is July! Fingers crossed. My husband was especially supportive today and seems to be moving past having wasted so much money. He really liked the doctor and was impressed by his explanations and thoroughness. ( and we've been to a few so far, so that's saying a lot. ) I've also had a chance to talk to my daughter about my plans and she completely understands. She also completely agrees that large breasts do not suit my body or my personality. Phew, that wasn't such a hard conversation. My 17 year old son might be a different scenario. He was opposed to my first surgery for a few reasons, but the main one being, that I was putting my life at risk having an unnecessary surgery. I will take things as they come, he's pretty easy going and really just doesn't want to have to talk about his mothers boobs anymore. Poor kid. I am sooo grateful that I stumbled on this site. You women are all wonderful and so supportive. It feels good to know that I am not alone. I will post some more updated before pics when I find out the date of my surgery, and I will update after as well. It has been all your updates that have really helped me so far,and I want to do the same for others! Thanks again! Here's hoping I can maybe get a little sleep tonight!

Surgery date scheduled :)

My surgery has officially been scheduled for July 30th thanks to a lady that did not mind moving her surgery date. I am off in the summer and the office has been so wonderful in accommodating me and I am so grateful, I could cry from happiness! I have been so unsettled not knowing if I would be able to have my surgery sooner or later, but now I can finally move forward with getting the things done around the house and yard before the big day. Let me stress, I CAN'T WAIT to get these heavy hard balloons off of my chest! I toss and turn all night because I can only stay on my side for a little while before it starts hurting. My back starts killing me between the shoulder blades right around 3 every day and burns by the time the day is done. I am having a hard time disguising them since I only own a few baggy t-shirts and I feel awful lying as to why I'm not wearing a bathing suit or going in the water. We have a pool and a boat, and we are known for entertaining during the summer, and so far I have been dreading and stressing over the whole idea. I realize that I won't be going swimming after surgery, but I do not care one bit, because all I will be thinking about is how fricken happy I am that I can wear my normal bikini tops and tank tops again. I am hoping that since it will only be 4 months with these implants, that I will get back to what I had before, but even if I don't, I am OK with that, just as long as they are all mine, and they will be! No more feeling self conscious, no more discomfort, no more hiding, no more stressing about my boobs! I will post some pics as soon as I get hubby to take some updated ones right before surgery!

Post-op today! 2 weeks to go! The countdown is on!

Here is an updated photo at 4 months post op breast augmentation that I promised to put up before I explant in a couple of weeks. I went for my pre-op today and I now feel completely ready for my surgery. The staff at the hospital were all fantastic and quite a few of the nurses commented that I am in great hands with doctor Assad since he is known to be very meticulous. That made me feel so much better. They were very thorough and went over the entire process with me including what to expect afterwards. Since the hospital is 3 hours away, I will be spending the night with my husband locally and going for a post op visit with the surgeon the next day before coming back home. I have some medical background so as long as there are no complications, I will be taking my own stitches out. If I'm to be completely honest, I am getting a little worried as to how my breasts will look after surgery and I pray so hard that since it hasn't been very long, my breasts will at least look like they did before implants once the healing is all done. I am not second guessing removing my implants at all, they drive me crazy! They are so heavy, hot, and cause so much discomfort at night. The right side hurts all the time where it's starting to bottom out and I worry that if I wait much longer to get the implant out, it will do permanent damage to my fold. I have begun looking at old pictures of myself with smaller breasts to remind myself what I looked like. God, I looked so much better! I can't wait to wear all the clothes I haven't been wearing and I can't wait to shelf the baggy t-shirts that I have been wearing! I will never go against my gut and do something that I'm not comfortable with ever again. It's just too bad that it took all this time and money to come to this revelation. I'm done beating myself up over it and look so forward to moving on sans implants!

On the other side!

I just had my implants removed at 2:00pm this afternoon and apart from being a little light headed, I feel pretty good. I never asked for any painkillers other than the extra strength Tylenol and Advil. They did give me an anti inflammatory to take as well. The girls look pretty sad and deflated but thanks to this site, I knew what to expect and I'm not feeling overly worried about it. I instantly feel so much lighter! I had bottoming out on the right side but the surgeon said he fixed the inframammary fold by stitching everything up inside again to correct it. He feels confident that my crease should heal properly. I sure hope so. I am staying in town tonight at a local hotel and go for my post op in the morning before heading home. I will post pics as soon as I get brave enough to take one. So glad it's over! I've been pretty moody the last couple of weeks. This has been stressing me out more than I was admitting to even myself. So glad it's over. Let the healing begin!!

One day post op

Made it home all in one piece after my post op appointment this morning. Surgeon said everything went well. He did say that with the extra work he did on the right side (fixing the crease from bottoming out) it would leave me with some extra healing and tenderness. He's right about that. I am definitely sore on that side but nothing Advil and Tylenol aren't taking care of. I am also pretty tired today but at least my head is clear now, lol! As you can see from the pics I took, the girls are pretty deflated and droopy right now but I can work with I've got for sure. Once I took a good look at them, it wasn't so bad, just took some getting used to after having balloons on my chest for the last 4 months. I'm actually wearing a shirt I haven't worn since before my implants, ohh that makes me sooo happy! I look in the mirror every time I get up and I LOVE how small I look again! Even the surgeon said I looked 10lbs lighter! I can actually see my sides again, no more awful side boobs!

5 days post-op

Day 2 was definitely the worse day for pain and even that wasn't that bad, nothing Advil and Tylenol couldn't take care of. I would say the girls look a tad bit more deflated once the minor swelling went down, leaving me with quite a significant scoop, especially on the left side, which was the smaller breast and therefore stretched more than the right side. I am hoping that my tissues soon realize that they have room to breath now and fluff up a bit. It took me a couple of days to get rid of the brain fog and to regain my strength (I hate that shaky feeling), but as of day 4, I would say that I felt almost a 100%, other than some discomfort with the incisions. I even went out on the boat yesterday and wore a bikini top (with a wider band), for the first time this summer! I used some padding from my pre-implant bras to push and hold up the girls, just like old times, and I felt like my old self. It was wonderful! Emotionally, I am a little worried that I feel so good! I I am just so darn happy and relieved to have the implants out, that the appearance of my boobs really doesn't bother me what so ever. In fact, I absolutely love how small I am!
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