35yrs Old 3 kids All Breastfed 11years with Saline Implants - Ontario, CA

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2004 was when I got my breast implants. I was a...

2004 was when I got my breast implants. I was a 32a. My implants are 500cc saline under muscle. 11years 3kids later I want them removed but I'm afraid of what they will look like. Like all of us small breasted girls I was made fun of and hated wearing bathing suits and clothes. I didnt even have enough boob for cleavage! Ugh now its 11 years later I'm regretting that I couldn't have accepted my body the way it was. I breast fed all my babies less then a year. I weigh about the same as I did when I 1st had the surgery. I may be 5-10lbs heavier. Over the years my implants have bottomed out and my right one I got lateral displacement. I hate sleeping on my back because its so uncomfortable and my breast falls into my armpit. I have decreased sensation to the lower part of both breasts and ts been that way since I received them. I also think my nipples are overly sensitive cuz I don't like when my husband touches them too much. It almost feels like an electric shock. Its really irritating.I went in to get my implants deflated now tthey look solo bad ugh! They are worse then what I started with. I'm hoping they will fill out soon. The left shell is poking me and its not even been 24 hrs. I hope the laon goes away I still have a month to go before I decide on removing them totally orgo for a revision with much smaller implants. But right now I'm liking to feeling of being myself after all these years

next day less than 24 hrs after delfation

Talk about saddle bags!!!! These things look horrible!! It feels so weird but at the same its nice to not have 2 huge water balloons in my chest. I Really hope they get better and fill up soon. As for how I feel. I feel good. Except for my left breast its sore I think from the shell.... Or it could be from the needle. Idk

wearibg compression bra

Its my 1st day back to work..12hr shift. I am wearing a tight compression sports bra and I'm totally flat! I wonder how long I should wear this before I start "fluffing" up? I am worried that wearing this bra will constrict and prevent my breasts from firming and filling up and out. I'd appreciate any feed back or advice

going on day 3 post deflation

I wonder when these things will start filling up?! They're so flat and saggy!! So depressed when I look at them but I do feel great other then that????

saggy boobs!!

day 4 post deflation

Still no fluffing yet....
I think my natural creases are settling in. What do u think?

itchy boobs

Has anyone experienced itchy breasts? Wondering if it's from my commission bra or possibly my skin is retracting

exactly one week today

Still no fluffing
Skin seems to have retracted a bit. Implant shell makes lumps visible

wearing a t shirt

they still dont look like boobs :/

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