22 Year Old, 5'1-100pounds, 345 Round Cohesive Gel High Profile - Ontario, CA

I posted some wish boobies. I'm 5'1 ft/inches tall...

I posted some wish boobies. I'm 5'1 ft/inches tall and weight about 105 pounds. I currently wear 32B in bra and I'm hoping to go up to a D or very full C cup.

My first appointment with Dr. Kesarwani he was very knowledgable, to the point but not rude or rushed, he made me feel at ease explaining my concerns and my goals. I immediately booked my surgery day which is November 10. The surgery costs $9040 and he suggested I don't go bigger than 345 cc High Profile cohesive gel round implants. I'm still a bit uncertain about the size and I will be going for another consultation just to confirm the size.

I'm super anxious and exited to see my results!!! I am feeling a bit nervous about choosing the right size implants ... arrgghh


I don't know why the price is different than what i put. The cost is $ 9040.

Change of heart

So I went back to the clinic today and tried on 365cc vs 345cc and decided on 375cc since that would give me the 365cc finished look. I just wanna make sure I don't regret not going bigger, let's see what happens. My doctor ordered both sizes for that day and we will choose one together. So exited! 3 weeks till surgery today. What I'm scared of is picking an implant that would be too heavy and have them bottom out eventually. That's my worst nightmare, hematoma, infection and bottoming out! Oh lord this is such a tough decision
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