22 Year Old, 5'1-104pounds, 385 Round Cohesive Gel High Profile - Ontario, CA

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I posted some wish boobies. I'm 5'1 ft/inches tall...

I posted some wish boobies. I'm 5'1 ft/inches tall and weight about 105 pounds. I currently wear 32B in bra and I'm hoping to go up to a D or very full C cup.

My first appointment with Dr. Kesarwani he was very knowledgable, to the point but not rude or rushed, he made me feel at ease explaining my concerns and my goals. I immediately booked my surgery day which is November 10. The surgery costs $9040 and he suggested I don't go bigger than 345 cc High Profile cohesive gel round implants. I'm still a bit uncertain about the size and I will be going for another consultation just to confirm the size.

I'm super anxious and exited to see my results!!! I am feeling a bit nervous about choosing the right size implants ... arrgghh


I don't know why the price is different than what i put. The cost is $ 9040.

Change of heart

So I went back to the clinic today and tried on 365cc vs 345cc and decided on 375cc since that would give me the 365cc finished look. I just wanna make sure I don't regret not going bigger, let's see what happens. My doctor ordered both sizes for that day and we will choose one together. So exited! 3 weeks till surgery today. What I'm scared of is picking an implant that would be too heavy and have them bottom out eventually. That's my worst nightmare, hematoma, infection and bottoming out! Oh lord this is such a tough decision

Officially 9 days away!

I ended up going to 385 cc and the doctor said he would order both 385 and 365 and see the day of the surgery which one is better for my wish look. I ordered the healing kit from Jenny Eden and hopefully it gets here soon so I can start taking the pre op vitamins. I don't think it's quite hit me yet that I'm having surgery, that my body will be changed forever. I don't know if I'm exited, scared or still in shock. I'll post another update soon with before pictures from more angles

4 Days Away!!

Oh man the jitters! I'm going today to buy the bras and some comfy shirts I don't really have to do much else than go home and clean Wednesday. I'm working everyday till my surgery, literally have been working Thursday to this weeks Wednesday and then I have surgery Thursday morning, I'm exhausted. Already arranged my son to stay with his dad Friday to Sunday and I will be staying with my boyfriend Thursday till Saturday then with my parents till they take the bandages off. There's so much you have to think about when you do this.

Ps. I got a sore throat yesterday and almost had an anxiety attack I forgot it was because I drank coffee and it burned my throat I just didn't think it was that bad. I'm feeling fine today. ????

Bra shopping?

Yesterday I went to Walmart to buy some front closure bras and sports bras and I had such a hard time! I don't know how the girls do it. I have no idea how I'm supposed to pick a size when I don't even know how big they'll be, or what would feel comfortable. Had a bit of a "aargggh!" moment yesterday and I'm definitely having boobie blues, I'm starting to question everything. I'm extremely exited and nervous all at once.

1 Day away!

Oh god I'm so nervous! Now it's really hitting me, I'm having some serious boobie blues, all of a sudden I can't even look at my boobs or my eyes get watery because I feel I'm gonna miss them, like they are fine and why am I doing this, what if something goes wrong and I fuck them up forever... I'm sure the jitters are normal but I'm just trying to stay calm. My kit from Jenny Eden can exactly 3 days before surgery day so I started taking everything when I was supposed to and I'm happy about that. Everything is ready, bras, straws, light snacks, pijamas, neck pillow etc I just want to get it over it with! :/

That's it guys :D

One hour till surgery, wish me luck! See ya on the other side and thank you so much for the support I've had since I started this journey.

On the other side !

I arrived at to the clinic at 9:15am, I waited an hour for the doctor to be finished with the patient before me since I was the second operation of the day. At around 10:20 they walked me into the operating room where I was put in a bed with warm blankets and they strapped my arms and my feet to the bed. They put IV and I was out before I even knew it.

The staff and the doctor were both so patient and sweet during this whole process, it really help calm my nerves. It lasted and hour and I was put into the recovery room where I woke up to my family surrounding me. Don't remember the first 20 minutes I was awake but oh well lol

I was given pain medication and boom just like that it's over. I went to the pharmacy with my bf to pick up my medicine and I have to say the pain was a solid 8/10 but the pain killers kicked in and I was able to walk a bit and pick some stuff I wanted before they gave us the pills.

Now I'm home resting after a nice home cooked dinner waiting so I can take my percs again lol the un comfort is real, pressure and pain but every time I take the pain killers I feel sooo much better. I'll post some better pictures soon :)

1 Day Post-Op

So let me just say today was hard, yesterday and today I've had some serious blues, I've been crying over nothing just feeling overall pretty depressed, nothing to do with my boobs probably just the anesthetic and the pain. I couldn't sleep at all, the pain kept waking me up, it felt so tight I couldn't even breathe. No nausea as far as I can report, not yesterday not today and my bandages came off today and I got a nice peak at the girls, I'm in love!!! they are a bit square, high and hard as a rock but they look amazing. Can't wait till they settle

4th Day after surgery

Yesterday was the worst day yet, the morning boob was serious, I was crying. Could barely breath from the pressure and the pain was incredible. I've been so emotional and down, pretty sure it's just the pain killers but I can't function without them. I don't know how people say they don't need the pain killers, it feels like my chest is going to explode without them. Pretty sure the left one is dropping slower than my right one but it's too early to tell for sure. I'm all paranoid about capsular contracture, bottoming out, implant displacement. I honestly don't want to even touch them cause I'm scared I'm gonna do something wrong and move the implant out of place... my next appointment is next Saturday. Fingers crossed and doctor says everything is progressing well.

13 days Post-Op

So there's so many things no one talks about on this thing. Everyone seems to be up and about vacuuming, working and feeling no pain in less than a week and I call bullshit. The first day I felt great, second day felt like I hit chest and arms at the gym for 24 hours straight, 3rd day I felt like I got hit by a truck right in the chest and then it started to feel better but I'm still somewhat sore and it's so limiting to not be able to pick up my son or having to sleep in a certain position kills your back, all the pills you take leave your stomach in shambles and the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection (i was also using an antiseptic soap now I realize was totally unnecessary for that part of my body) etc etc...

I've been cleared for sleeping without a bra on and on my sides after tomorrow. One side dropped (right) the left is still high and tighter, doctor told me to wear the band at night putting pressure on one.

I'll be going on vacation at my 19 days mark almost 3 weeks so let's see how that goes. Hopefully the left one drops before that.

I'm very happy with my results so far other than the one not dropping, I'm still waiting to see how they "drop and fluff" before I fully give my opinion.

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