46 Year-old 5'4" 130lbs - 36 I Cup Getting lollipop Reduction - Ontario, Canada

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I didn't have any issues in high school with my...

I didn't have any issues in high school with my breasts. In my twenties Is where they really took off. I went from C - DDD. Then when I was pregnant in my 30s they exploaded. Whenever I look in the mirror that is all I see and it makes my head look small. I never enjoyed the attention it got me and they made shopping torture. Last year I was professionaly fitted and realized that I was a 36i Cup. I had been wearing 40DDDs because a) the largest cup size in regular stores only go to DDD and b) they only have 40 band size with the DDD - no wonder why they never held me up, no wonder why they it was so much strain to carry. A proper bra should be supported by the band that sits on your rib cage NOT by the straps the dig into your shoulders. Anyhow, these new bras held the girls into the best position they could and looked much better but I was still not happy. My new bras cost $150 a pop, my sports bra $100 - I can't afford to support that.

I had thought about getting it done a few years ago when my mother had hers done but because she had complications I was so very afraid. She has now said that she played a large part in that she ignored everything we are told not to do from lifting, pulling, cleaning, gardening, she even travelled! **note to self, the housework can wait!**

So I guess I really decided that I wanted this once and for all about 1 month ago. I recently took a ride on the Rheumatoid Arthritis train and it has not been fun. Pain all day every day and it has made me stop weight training for a few months now. I'm hoping I started with a flare up and it will settle down. Anyhow because of this I am really worried about my recovery in October. Nights are my worst times and getting started in the morning. I have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and sleep with a mask so there is also that! How am I going to put my mask on and off when I am not supposed to put my arms above my head. I'm trying not to worry myself before the fact but that is my nature unfortunately.

Like most of you I am obsessed with pictures, videos and everyone's story. Oh yes, I am also worried about my stomach being the focal point and have been trying to get used to seeing it by wearing my flattening sports bra most of the time. I'm really nervous about posting my boobies on the internet but at the same time I want share my story with you like so many have you have shared. It has really been helpful to me and I guess it is a way to give back and hopefully help someone else.

My surgery is October 8th - 2 days before I come back from a week's vacation out of the country.

I am in Ontario Canada and our OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) covers all costs for breast reductions because it is for health reasons.


Can someone tell me how to add myself to the calender countdown please?

Bought a few things today

Arnica massage oil - is this the one everyone talks about?

Baby wipes for bird baths

38dd bra by Exquisite Form Fully from Walmart - I had asked my doctor what size I will be and he says he does not go by bra sizes. He said he would remove about a pound each. He only does the Lollipop incision so I am guessing I will be a D?? I would be happy with that because I really liked when I was a D as they stood up by themselves plus I have squared shoulders which he commented on. He said his goal was to make me porportionate - can't argue with that!

Turmeric Bromelain For inflammation which I have been currently taking for my arthritis

I also bought prune juice which is not pictured. I've never had prune juice but I eat died prunes for snacks which I love (am I the only one?) - the prunes don't make me go, I must be immune but I hope the juice will when the need arises.

My current bras

Here are 2 of my European Prima Dinna bras that cost $150 and the cheaper ones I got at Additionelle on sale for about $80 last year. The Prima Donnas spread the girls apart and make me look wide in my tops. The cheaper ones squeeze the girls together up front and centre. As you can see, my bras can double as a face mask.

Question time????

I tried on the bra I plan on using post op - there is no support at all but all my breast tissue is enveloped. It is a a 38DD do you think I should go smaller?

Comparison of bras through the years

So I saved this bra I had from high school in hopes to hand down to my future daughter. She will be 13 at the end of this month and is nowhere near fitting into this :-)

Anyhow this red bra is a 36C cup and it just proves how bra cups have changed throughout the years. They look like an A cup to me but then again.. Maybe I'm not the right person to judge. I don't want to be a C - I will be happy with a D.

The second photo is a comparison shot of my then 36C to my now 36i bras.????

Jumping the gun

I couldn't resist this cute bralette from Walmart because it is in one of my favourite colours melon. I got the matching panty too - I can't remember the last time I was able to get a cute bra with matching panties. So cheap too!

Yikes! Not much of a buffer

I am going on vacation to Jamaica on September 29th - October 6th or so I thought. The airline changed my return date to the 7th which is the night before my surgery on the 8th! Now I won't have any time to do food prep. While I am happy for the extra day I do not like that it will be literally vacation then surgery bam bam! I pray there aren't any delays with the airlines. Here is a picture of my playing around with the possibilities of my new look.

Been losing weight

So I keep updating my weight in the title.

Pre-op has been confirmed !

I just got off the phone with my surgeon's office and my pre-op is Thursday September 25th - it seems so real now I'm so excited!

Found a front closure bra

Even though my surgeon says to just bring my regular bra for right after (how boring is that??) I bought this Carole Martin bra that I found at Giant Tiger for just $9. It is a size 38 and will be interesting to see how it fits after.

This guy is going to miss my boobs!

His name is Noah and we've been together for 23 years. He was a gift from my husband - well he was my boyfriend then. Noah likes to climb on my chest and "knead". I hope he doesn't do that during my recovery.

Treating the girls to a trip in the sun

For one last time! I am really excited for the surgery of course but also my upcoming trip. Next Monday I leave for Jamaica! I couldn't bear to spend anymore money on the girls so I lucked out and found this tankini at a thrift shop for $4.99 with no signs of wear even! It goes perfectly with bottoms I ready owned. It is definitely too small but the good news is that it will fit after surgery.
Tomorrow is my preop and I am so nervous about it.

Pre-op Screening done!

They told me to arrive at 7:30am yet my appointment was at 8:30 so I had a bit of waiting. They checked out my RA drugs and vitamins that I take, took my blood pressure and took my blood to do blood work. They said to wear my current bra and remove the wire because they will be putting my padding under that. Regular shower the morning of no hibiclens that everyone mentions. Told to wear a loose fitting top that does up in the front - nothing to eat or drink after midnight and that's it that's all!
So I'm that much closer to the big day hurray :-)

More weight loss

Updated title to reflect my new weight. When I first started this diary I was 141lbs and now I am 130lbs. My goal is to get to 125lbs. I am in Jamaica right now - what a way to pass the time until surgery day. I hope my October ladies are doing well. 6 more days for me!!!

''Twas the night before surgery

And all through the house was the sound of me cussing my ginormous mosquito bites! Came back to Toronto tonight. I've been doing laundry and trying to prepare for the morning. I'm tired now so headed to bed. It's funny though that I am not yet nervous -- sooo very unlike me.
Thank you for your prayers and all the ladies going through this tomorrow - you've got my prayers.
Ttyl :-)

The other side - the good the bad and the ugly

Making this short and sweet as I keep nodding off:

The good - I made it to the other side
The bad - my fear that nausea would be extreme has been realized
The ugly - nausea really bad and vomiting
So bad I haven't checked out the new girls yet - here is a picture of the markings my ps did. Pic won't show as it is too large - will have to edit on my computer when I feel better. Using my phone right now

Pre-op Markings

My anaesthesiologist's name was Dr. Saad - he was very very entertaining. I told him I didn't want my iv in my hand because it hurts worse than labour. So he put it in crooks of my elbow. The last thing I remember saying was "Remember, I'm somebody's mother" and then I woke up to an annoying nurse. She did not have much patience and she kept rushing me. I kept telling her about my extreme nausea but all she was concerned about was my pain level. I told her I don't care about the pain, the nausea is what is bother me. Anyway, she said she gave me all that she could give me for it and it was time for pain medicine. I think she gave me a percocet. I could hear her telling another nurse that I've been here too long and she needs to get me out of here --- really??? I can hear you lady! Anyhow I was happy to see my hubby and daughter and they took me home. He has been taking really good care of me. In fact I am really impressed. He is usually a no nonsense kind of guy - a suck it up kind of guy really but he has been pampering me. I guess I should just enjoy it. He gave me a standing bath last night after he made sure he cleaned and disinfected everything. He won't let me do anything, in fact I am sneaking this post because he is sleeping.

They gave me Tylenol 3 with codene to take 2 every 4-6 hours. I have been taking 1 every 6 hours. My RA symptoms seem to have run away and I pray they don't come back anytime soon. I just have a wee bit of nausea and need to sit down. I hope this picture will post as I have been trying forever.

Peek with bandages under bra

This is all I've seen so far.

My lollipop Reveal Post-Op day 2

So I finally looked. I am really lifted and looks like I am on track for this type of incision. I can't wait to see me change and fall into place. I think I love them. I am really swollen on the sides which shocked me because I did not have any liposuction. Going to be very careful. I can feel the staples sometimes when I move. I am off the pain meds and go to see the PS on Tuesday.

Cleavage Comparison

I'm loving my new cleavage!!! I get my staples taken out tomorrow.

1 Week Post-op Cleavage Comparison

I got the staples out yesterday and the PS said I was healing well. I won't need to see him again for 3 months. He said to keep wearing my regular bra and just use common sense. I am feeling more like myself today and am thankful for that.

Rheumatoid Arthritis update: God gave me a week of no RA symptoms. Before the surgery I was praying that one pain would cancel out the other. I think I lucked out. Even though I had extreme nausea, I did not have breast pain and my RA symptoms went away for a week and I felt like a normal person again. Today I don't have the 3-pack inflammation, pain and stiffness, I only have the stiffness and minor pain which I can deal with. The stiffness feels like rigor mortis setting in while the look from medusa is turning me to stone for those of you who do not know what it feels like.

I am really seeing my weight loss efforts and am loving my cleavage. Here are a few comparison pics.

Cleavage pic - Melon bralette

Cleavage pic - Beige Bra

Cleavage Pic - Beige Bra

14 Days Post-Op Comparison

It has been 2 weeks and my energy levels are back. My breasts are still hard and a little swollen. Leftie is more swollen and has a widened area (incision) near the bottom that is pink and that leaks from time to time. I guess it makes sense since it is the most swollen, that stuff needs to come out somehow right?

Nipple sensation on rightie is still not there yet. I still have tape on my incisions as they have not fallen off yet (the tape that is). I found out that my surgeon removed 465 grams from Leftie and 44 grams from Rightie which equals 2.03lbs.

I took this picture today - the top is obviously pre-op in a Walmart bralette that I tried on. The bottom pic is in the same bralette different colour that I purchased - the size is large.

Day 19 Bruising

Last night my breasts felt like there were splinters in them. They hurt when I moved and hurt when I stood still and especially hurt when I touched them. This morning I examined before my shower and was horrified (a bit dramatic) to find these purple bruises. I rubbed some arnica massage oil on them and am hoping it goes away soon. The location makes me suspect that it may be the band of my Carol Martin bra but I don't know for certain. I haven't had anymore oozing from the pink spot so that is good.

3 Weeks Post-op

Still getting swelling and mystery bruising. My left breast is really swollen which makes them not match the right one but I know in time they will even out. My left started out bigger so I guess it had more trauma so I will give it a break for now... I still can't put my hands above my head (not that I got that far) and feel a pulling when I am putting on things like shirts, sweaters and coats. You know when you put your arms back and have to raise them slowly to get the garment up to your shoulders. This question goes out to all the ladies before me -- when were you able to raise your arms above your head?

Today I faced the shower full on and I survived! My tape isn't ready to come off yet but there is an area over my areola that can be lifted and I looked and was able to see scabbing so that is a good sign.

Wishing everyone some good healing!

4 Week Post-Op Update

4 weeks already, I can't believe it!!! I started driving and sleeping on my side this week. I am so happy things are going well. Here are some more comparison shots. You can really see a big difference in my nipple position, check out the snoopy one.

5 Week Post-Op - Areolas revealed

I put on my big girl panties and took the tape off from around my areolas (not brave enough for the vertical incisions yet). The scabbing is almost gone - looks like they are healing well. I put Neem oil on entire breasts to stave off any bacteria that may be lurking... This week seems to be the week where I feel so normal - it is only when I remove my clothing that I 'remember' that I had breast reduction surgery or when I overdo it and they swell at the end of the day that I am reminded. ~~Heal on!~~

8 Week Post-Op update

2 months already! I feel normal which makes me do too much during the day so at nights they get really swollen. I think they fell (bottomed out) and fluffed during weeks 6 and 7 -- at least I hope then won't drop anymore. I miss how high they used to be but now that are soft except for the vertical incisions. I try to massage them (on the line and on either side) to encourage blood flow so that my scarring will be minimal. I still can't feel when my right nipples are touched but they do react to cold so that's good. They aren't perfect but I'll take them over what they were any day!

It is so nice to have options where my wardrobe is concerned. I haven't gone bra shopping yet but I am wearing medium tops now and I used to wear XL :-)

Oh, I noticed one of those invisible sutures poking through on rightie where the vertical meets my areola - I'm not messing with that. I see my surgeon again in 2 weeks time.

Happy healing everyone.

3 Months Post-Op Today!!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! While I won't be going out on the town tonight, I am thankful for my new boobies and the new me that will be facing the upcoming 2015. I wish everyone continued healing and for those that have not joined us on the other side, be patient and know that you will love it. My breasts feel nice and soft now with the exception of the vertical scar which is breaking up more and more. I can't afford the silicone sheets so my regimen has just been to massage them. I usually do this at bed time while I fall asleep. In the photo my hands are raised to snap the photo in the dressing room. I was trying on bras. I left with a 36" DD bra that was quite comfortable and it had underwire (my first!). I am now able to lie on my breasts for when I do floor exercises. It no longer feels like I am riding a beach ball like it did previous to my surgery. I still have some puckering around my aereolas but the surgeon says it will settle in with time.

Happy New Year Everyone!


I was never able to buy my true band size before with my previous icup - I am now wearing a 34DD - I also have it in blue.

4 months Post-op

Still loving them for the most part. I am now working out 6 days a week without hinderence and I am eating clean 100% all the time and feel great! My left is still bigger and fuller and the nipples are spaced differently but I'll keep them :-)

It's been 7 months!

I totally missed my 6 month post-op anniversary. At the 6 month mark I got back complete feeling and sensitivity in my right nipples. Today at 7 months they are more sensitive than ever. I found this Tommy Bahama bikini top on a discount table for $9.99 and I was able to get the girls in - they are a large. If I was actually going to go swimming I would want more cup coverage but this will do as I use it for my fitness/weight loss journal pics. I am now down to 128lbs but am now convenient rating on building muscle to reduce body fat. My Rheumatoid Arthritis numbers are reducing so much that I feel like a normal person. I am back to my weight lifting regimine which makes me really happy. My main focus has been my nutrition and exercise so I have not been as obsessed about my breasts like I used to be. Whenever I see new posts about women about to do this operation I smile because I know what a life changer they are in for. I can't stress enough how glad I am I got my reduction. You will be so happy that you do. Wishing everyone a successful surgery and patience for the journey to come.
I am officially a size 34DD!!!

1 year anniversary

It's was actually 1 year ago on October 8th that I had my surgery! Time really is our friend in this journey. I remember when I was so obsessed and now they are just a part of me. They feel nice and soft and I barely see the scars. I have full sensation in both nipples and maybe even more than before. They still get tender and I do pamper them. I always sleep with a sports bra on for security.

I need to get a mammogram but I am terrified of the pain. I am still a 34DD.

For those of you at the start of your journey my best advice is just to take care of yourself and listen to your body as it will heal itself if you do.
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