Lift with Small Reduction. 32FF Saggy to 32DD Perky! - Ontario, ON

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I'm 121lbs... 5'2"....4.5 months post TT and had...

I'm 121lbs... 5'2"....4.5 months post TT and had breast lift/reduction 4 weeks ago.

I am 4 weeks PO today. Initially I wanted a reduction but my PS who did my TT suggested a lift with only a small reduction. He thought most of the excess was skin and that the strain on my back was not only the weight of my breast but the fact that I had to wear a bra to move them from belly button to just under my neck to make them look presentable. Even though a full reduction would have been covered by insurance I chose to go with the advice of my PS and focus on the lift so I decided to pay out of pocket for a mastopexy. I am actually glad I did because his work is impeccable. From a 32 FF I am down to a 32DD so there was a reduction but not one the insurance would have covered. I initially wanted a C cup but at the end of everything 32DD is fine( the PS must be a breast man!). My husband's happy (he`s a breast man) and my breast look great. Perky as ever...I can go braless and my clothes can finally button. I was really concerned with symmetry in SIZE, SCAR and NIPPLE PLACEMENT and I knew this PS would get it right.I think he was an artist in his previous life!

Waking up was the worst. I threw up 4 times and begged for morphine at the hospital. Nurses were wondering if I was an addict....... but morphine worked soooo well for my TT pain that it was the only word I knew when I came out of the anesthesia. The nurse looked at me and said sternly 'we don't give morphine for this procedure'.

I was off percocet by day 3 because it was causing me to hallucinate and get severely constipated (had an enema at hand). I was able to prepare dinner the day after PO Day 1. (If you have a lot of help pls don`t do any work...just walk about and care for yourself). Drove at day called...son got injured.I made it to the school and back...had to call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. Everyday I feel a little better. Don`t lift anything heavy...I don`t do laundry of lift grocery bags.

What helped me:
Call me nasty but I did not wet the site for 2 weeks (sponge baths only)
Arnica Montana
Traumeel gel for lipo underarm
High protein diet
fresh pineapple
A good supportive bra. Cost 100 but worth every last cent.(Amoena brand)
I worked my biceps and triceps a lot before the surgery

I have two internal stitches poking out and my left nip is annoyingly sensitive. Apart from that all is well, no openings or infections.

Best of luck to all those preparing for surgery!

Doing great at 6 weeks 2 days. Fitting into my 32...

Doing great at 6 weeks 2 days. Fitting into my 32 E bra but anything I wear looks spillage. I no longer need bras that cut off my circulation. I still sleep in sports bra but I am now wearing underwire.
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