Opps 7 Mo post op not 8

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Hi I am a whopping 4'11" on a good...


I am a whopping 4'11" on a good day. lol

I started my weightloss journy in Feb. 2010 and hit my goal weight in Dec of 2010. I have managed to maintain my weight within 5 pounds usually on the uo side but thats ok.

I went in to my consult on Sept. 9th, 2011.

I was very imporessed with the office his team of employee's and of him. He has a wonderful bed side manner. I have been to other offices where you didn't meet the Dr. till the day of your surgery and never seen him again. Big leason learned. I am happy with the work that he did but wish he would have been there for more than the surgery.

Updated on 30 Sep 2011:
Opps Pre op is 11-3-11 not 11-2-11

Updated on 30 Sep 2011:
Dr. John J Heieck M.D., FACS is my surgeon

Updated on 2 Oct 2011:
Made our hotel reservations on Friday they were so nice when I was making the reservation. We will have a room with a recliner and I was told that I might need to bring extra pillows. I thought it was nice of them to give me the heads up. My hubby should be comfy in the King size bed all to him self. Might take a blanket or 2 also. I make those fleece tie blankets and they are so soft I think they would be great to have with.

Was wondering what kind of food I should pack so hubby dosen't have to go running around looking for stuff for me. Thinking bottled water, crackers, 7-up?? (Not sure about the carbon though). Some pudding packs and jello packs, maybe some low sodium microwave soup or oatmeal. Any other suggestions would be great.

We have a bed room upstairs that has a nice big window that looks out at our horses, I told my hubby that I would like to have the hospital bed up there so I can look out side. The Dr. had told me that I needed to walk some stairs after surgery so thought that might be a good idea. The horses are like watching a fish tank for me very relaxing. I will also have a recliner in living room on main floor where the potty is so I can rest there also. But it is just a thought for right now. I have 5 little dogs in the house and they all like to cuddle when I sit in the recliner so I thought if I was upstairs I wouldn't have to worry about them jumping on me either. I have a portable med. potty that I can put up stairs just in case I can't get down stairs. I bought the darn thing to put in our horse trailer so I wasn't always squating in the trailer when there wasn't a bathroom around when out trail riding.(Goodwill $5.00). Gonna keep my eye out for other usefully things at the Goodwill for recovery time. This is one of my favorite stores you can find all sorts of treasure's per say. And the $$ goes to helping a good cause to boot.

Good luck to all the up coming TTucker's you are in my thoughts. SMILES:)

Updated on 4 Oct 2011:
Well each day the happy little butterflies get alittle more active. What the heck will they be like the night before. I can only imagine. LOL

Found out yesterday my boss got a DUI on Friday, it's her first one but not sure what the consequences are for that. She goes to court on Nov 2nd hope this process doesn't interfere with my surgery.

44 days and counting. Smiles:)

Updated on 5 Oct 2011:
43 days and counting.

I keep looking at everything in my house wondering how it will be during my recovery. I know I will most likely try to over due everything. I was sitting in the recliner last night relaxing watching the new Transformer movie with my 16 year old son which was great to spend time with him. But as I am sitting there I have 4 dogs spralled out on me. I also got up and had to put the leg rest of the recliner down and had to struggle to push the arm down. Which got me thinking hubby is gonna have to put me in and help me out if this is what I decide to rest in. It is so comfy in that chair and can see me sleeping in it.
The hospital bed that my folks have will be great also.

Updated on 6 Oct 2011:
Not sure if I shared my age with all of you..
I am 39 will turn 40 on 11-11-11 kinda weird huh.
I have been married to my hubby for 9 years we are both on our 2nd time around. I brought 1 son and he brought 4 boys and 1 girls into our new family. He adopted my son when he was 7. 3 of his children our out on their own and 2 live with their mother leaving my son living with us he is now 16. My pregnancy was not a fun 9 months sick the entire 9 months at 8 months I developed a blood clot in my left lung he was 9 lbs and all boy. With the complications with my pregnancy I decided I was blessed with him and stopped at just 1 and the Dr.'s said I would have to take 3 shots a day of blood thinners to prevent from happening again. I am the only child and felt I turned out pretty good. LOL

42 days and counting

Updated on 7 Oct 2011:
41 days and counting!!!

Updated on 8 Oct 2011:
40 days and counting...

Updated on 10 Oct 2011:
38 days and counting!!!

Time is flying by.

Updated on 11 Oct 2011:
37 days and counting...

Updated on 13 Oct 2011:
35 days and counting...

Just made an appointment to get my hair colored before surgery. I always break out in hives from the high lites so I made the appointment for the 27th of Oct. So the itching will be over with. The things we go through to look beautiful..

Updated on 15 Oct 2011:
33 days and counting...

Updated on 17 Oct 2011:
Oh my goodness 1 month to go. I just got a big chill and kinda whoozy when I typed that how funny. It will be here before I know it. I am so excited and now alittle anxious, it just hit me. Oh my the emotions that are gonna start rolling through me. It is all good right? :/ Hee Hee

So 31 days and counting!!!


Updated on 18 Oct 2011:
30 days!!!

Updated on 27 Oct 2011:
20 days and counting!!!

Updated on 29 Oct 2011:
18 days and counting.

I am getting so excited. Not nervous or scared anymore.

Looked at my list and am so ready to go shopping after pre op on the 3rd.

Updated on 2 Nov 2011:
14 days to go. I can't even hold still anymore I am so excited Pre op tomorrow pay my fees then there is no turning back.Updated on 4 Nov 2011:Well had pre op yesterday and all went good.

Less than 2 weeks now, and I can't think off anything else to pick up to have on hand. I asked about CG and they said I would be wrapped up in them when I was out of surgery. Asked the nurse if I would be off by telling people that I was having a hernia repair? She commented that this is basically an extended hernia repair. So I am good on that. Gonna tell my folks tomorrow I think so they have some of the info.

Got the arrangments made for my cousin to come stay with me the Sunday after my surgery. The in-laws are having their Turkey day on the 20th and I want my hubby to be able to go. We are gonna have a Twilight marathon. She will I will be sleeping I am sure. We are usually in line at mid-night for the opening night but not this one it is in theatre's at 12:01 am on the 18th. I will not even be 24 hours out of surgery. So having the marathon of the 1st 3 will have to hold her over for a few weeks. When I do get to go will have to remember not to eat the popcorn. That would be a disaster waiting to happen...

13 days and patiently counting!!!Updated on 7 Nov 2011:Well last night I took everything out of my fridge and scrubbed it all out, cleaned out my dresser. Today I am tackling our back hall it's kinda like a mud room. It's where all my son and hubbies crap is and that will probably take me all day LOL. Tomorrow it's the living room gonna steam clean thats if the hubby and son can move a few things for me tonight. I am guessing this is the nesting that I didn't experiance when I was pregnant. All I want to do is clean clean clean and throw every thing away.Updated on 7 Nov 2011:Oh my goodness 9 days to go....Updated on 8 Nov 2011:8 days to go!!Updated on 9 Nov 2011:Having 2nd thoughts today. This is the first time I have felt this way since I scheduled my surgery. And only 7 days to go. It'll pass right?
Can't wait to get some stronger pain med's for my headache it just wont go away. Going to chiropracter Friday hope that helps.Updated on 13 Nov 2011:Doing some last min. thing around the house today. Checking my inventory of supplies and making sure I have everything. Going to Omaha Monday with my girlfriend to spend a little girl time together so If I need anything will get then. I did go to JcPenny on Friday and picked up 2 of their waist snippers by Maiden Form they were buy one get one 1/2 off so figured I would have them on hand if I need them otherwise I can return them. I am keeping all my reciepts so I can return what I don't use. My folks have a shower chair so I am picking that up Monday also, they are coming up to our house on Sunday following my surgery, should be interesting. They usually don't stick around long so shouldn't be to bad.
Getting my daily med set up for the next 2 weeks and getting RX's refilled and the only RX I have to get ready by Thur a.m. is for the patch for nausea and will get that filled tomorrow when I am out and about. I can't believe that It is only 4 days away and an hour earlier than originally planned.Updated on 15 Nov 2011:1 more day OMG my knee's are getting alittle wobbley.

I think everything is in line and if not O well.Updated on 16 Nov 2011:14 more hours till I arrive at the surgical suite. I am so ready... See ya soon flat lands!!!Updated on 19 Nov 2011:Post op day 2.

Feeling OK I have a headache but think its probably caffeine withdrawl sipping on a diet pepsi is helping. The drains aren't to bad but can't wait till they are gone to take a shower. My hubby washed my hair for me in the kitchen sink, that felt great. Just about ready to zonk out again. Will check back in tomorrow..Updated on 20 Nov 2011:Day 3 post op.

I have been awake all day, I am exhausted I over did it big time. I will be alone tomorrow so I will be able to rest thank goodness.

Not much of an appetite so drinking protien shakes and drinking some gator aid and lots of H2O.Updated on 21 Nov 2011:4 Days Post Op and doing pretty good.

Changed my dressings and took a few pictures.Updated on 22 Nov 2011:Post op day 5

Slept great last night. I am feeling so much better every day. Hubby washed my hair last night I felt almost human again.

Been up for almost an hour and am getting pooped, which I did do yesterday with the help of MOM and a Fleet glycerin suppository.Updated on 23 Nov 2011:Post Op Day 6

Feeling pretty good today. Hubby gave me a sponge bath last night I was in heaven. Can't imagine what it will feel like to take a full shower it's a good thing I have a shower chair I will be in there till the water runs cold lol. Hopfully Monday (the 28th) I will get the go ahead to shower and the drains out. They are collecting less and less every day.Updated on 25 Nov 2011:1 week an 1 day post op

Doing pretty good today.

We live 10 miles out of town so we went to town today was great to get out of the house. Out for about 2 hours and I just ate a little lunch and gonna go watch a movie.Updated on 27 Nov 2011:Well I had a long day yesterday. Was up at about 8:30 and got ready to go out for the day with hubby and a friend. We shopped we ate and we went to a hockey game and was home by midnight. I got a little lite headed during the day but it passed. The hockey game was fun only the 2nd one I have ever been to. We ate at Red Robin I had 1/2 of a prime rib dip, fries and some coleslaw and ice tea to drink yummy!!! We had so much fun. I felt good all day on the way home the tummy was a little tight but no more than when I stay home all day. It felt good to walk around.

I go to the PS tomorrow so will update later..Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Post Op day 11

Went to PS today everything looking good except I had a reaction to the tape they put over the insicion So it is inflammed and very itchy. I thought it was the pain meds making me so itchy but nope the tape. Had the left drain removed not bad at all. Possibly getting right on out Thur or Fri.

Got a call from my work today (Us postal service) and after checking and everthing before about returning after 3 weeks well I now need to be 100% and able to lift 70lbs... Guess I will probably be off till after the 1st of the year. Which works for me... Well till next time..Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Also I slept in the recliner the night of my surgery at the hotel but have been in my own bed since I came home I have a wedge pillow awesome item to have. I am a tummy sleeper and have been on my side for 5 nights now I think. Sleeping like a baby. Thank heavens.Updated on 29 Nov 2011:Post Op day 12

Itching is way better today. Last drain is slowing on out put so that is a good thing.

Our lane to our house is about 1/4 mile walked it very slowly yesterday and today felt great.. As long as it is sunny and above 40 degrees I will be walking it every day, other wise it's to the treadmill.Updated on 30 Nov 2011:Weighed myself todat 13 days post op and I am down 10 pounds from my surgery date woot woot.

I am going to call PS today and set up an appointment for either tomorrow or Friday to get last drain removed.

We have our 1st X-mas gathering this weekend I am so hoping I can wear something cute to show off my new tummy. Not that I will let anyone know what I had done hee hee... Our little secret.Updated on 4 Dec 2011:I think I need to remember I had surgery. I have been on the run since Friday. Not feeling bad but not great either. I have no plans for the entire week but rest.Updated on 5 Dec 2011:Day 18 post op

Wow what a busy weekend glad it's over. Now to relax a few days.

Went to see the new Twilight movie yesterday afternoon it was awesome. But I think with all the activity over the weekend I over did it big time. So I have nothing pressing for the entire week so it is rest time..

I will be three weeks on Thur so I will try to get some new photoes. not much has changed besides the drains are out so we will see.Updated on 6 Dec 2011:Post Op day 19

The whoo whoo is swollen like a grapefruit!! (laughing)
I have pretty much been very lazy the last 2 days getting some movies in and a few cat naps here an there.

We got snow over the weekend so going out and walking the lane to get mail is out. Going to have hubby move my treadmill into the spare room where the TV is so I can putz on that for a few min. a day.

:) smilesUpdated on 13 Dec 2011:Going in today for my 4 week follow up everything seems to be going good. I am going through the motions along with every one else I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to start doing a little more exercise besides walking.Updated on 16 Dec 2011:Had my 4 week follow up on Tue the 13th 2 days before my 4 weeks and have one spot on my right hip that is taking it's own sweet time healing. He treated it with silver nitrate and an anti-biotice ointment. I am putting neo on 2 time a day and it is looking alittle better. I go back on the 27th to have it re checked and at that time I get to ditch the binder. I have been wearing the tank top spanx during the day but I am so short in the torso that they bunch up and get a little uncomfortable.

I went shopping yesterday which was my 4 week mark. I bought a cute long sleeve shirt that is long enough to wear with leggins and a pair of tall furry boots I tried it on last night for the hubby and he really liked it :) I also bought me my first pair of Miss Me jeans they are so sexy lol. Still can't believe I spent that much on a pair of jeans. I thought about it and the last pair of nice jeans I bought was 5-6 years ago so I was due.

We have yet another x-mas gathering this weekend with my hubbies immediate family trying to figure out which outfit to wear could be tuff. lol I have to take a veggie tray and a dessert what a good combo. I am making a very rich dessert. Choc. layer cake with strawberry between the layers, choc. frosting and some more strawberry on top and some heavy whipped cream. It sounds good I hope it turns out as good.

Have a great weekend all...Updated on 17 Dec 2011:4 weeks 2 days Post op pic's addedUpdated on 21 Dec 2011:Oh boy was I the stay puff marshmallow woman yesterday or what. Need to really watch the activity still. I finished up my x-mas shopping on Monday and paid in full for it yesterday. Can't wait for the Holidays to be over, they get more and more chaotic every year.

My owie on my right hip is still open and I am treating it with neo. I go back in on the 27th of Dec. I am supose to be able to ditch the binder after that appointment. Other than that I feel better and better every day.

Had my 6 week follow up and have developed another...

Had my 6 week follow up and have developed another rash that itches like mad... Figured it out I am having a reaction to kotex panty liners. So back on a steriod and cortisone cream it is doing better with the cream and I switched to good ol 4x4's. I have to go back Tue Jan 3rd to have things looked at to make sure rash is clearing up. Everything else is looking good. Yeah!!!

I was told I could ditch the binder so I have been taking it off in baby steps and wearing a spanx tank shaper when I have the binder off sometimes. I have still been wearing the binder to bed. (security blanket)

I have been walking every day for 15 - 30 min depending on the weather. I feel grat after my walks.

Hi Ladies this week is week 9 Post Op.....

Hi Ladies this week is week 9 Post Op...

Everything is going good. I managed to walk on the treadmill an hour every day last week and felt great after each session.

I go to the PS tomorrow Jan. 17th to have everything checked I have been going in every 2 weeks due to the spot on my right hip slowly closing. I am pretty happy with everything so far. I do have a few concerns, I still feel a bit pudgy in my upper abs. I did gain back the 10 lbs I lost at first but am working them back off slowly with eating better and my walking. I dropped 2 lbs this last week and feel very positive I am back on track.

Happy healing everyone.

I will be 3 months post op this next week. ...

I will be 3 months post op this next week.

Doing really good. Back to work full time.

I have some swelling still, notice it mainly at the end of the day. Not doing much exercise right now we are at our busy time at work and it's all I can do to wake up in the morning and make it through the day. Things will slow down in a week or 2 YEAH!!!!!

I have no ENERGY any one else have this problem? Am wondering if I should have blood work done to check thyroid, to see if anything has changed from having TT surgery?

I will try to take some new pictures on my next day off.

Hope everyone is healing well..

Happy spring all, Sorry it's been forever since I...

Happy spring all, Sorry it's been forever since I have been able to update. Things have been crazy with taxes and the Post Office but the light at the end of the tunnel is approching only 5 more schedlued days at the tax office.

I am soon approching 5 mo and have some concerns. I still have a pouch, I think I just need to tone things but am worried that this will not help. I go back to PS in June so I will address the issue then if it has not resolved.

I have not been able to do any exercise due to work being so hectic but tax season is coming to an end and I am planning on getting my routine going, I joined our Anytime Fitness and am going in tomorrow to get a workout plan started. I get a walk in here an there but know that is not gonna make a dent unless I start doing some tonning also.

I still have swelling and think the nerves are waking up I still have pain in my incission and were the MR was tightened. I can really tell when I have over done it.

The scale moves some days less some days high never more than I was the day of my surgery which I am happy with, my eating habits have been horrible so to stay at or below surgery day weight is a good thing I think. Today is day one of my planned meals so things should start looking better. (fingers crossed)

I will try to get some new pics posted this week.

Hope everyone had a great Easter and are doing well.

Had my 8 Month check up yesterday. Sounds like...

Had my 8 Month check up yesterday.

Sounds like there will be some revision in my future. Go back in October...

Opps I miss counted I am only 7 months post op not...

Opps I miss counted I am only 7 months post op not 8. counted an extra finger in there. LOL.

I started doing my HIP HOP ABS videos and can see some definition changes I also am putting a run in my walkinging (not much) I run 1 min then walk 5 min. and repeat for a 30-45 min. work out.

My eating habits are better. I started logging all my meals on my bodybugg site and wearing the bodybugg helps alot to keep track of my daily activity. I think the weekends are the hardest for me to follow planned meals. My parents moved in with us the 1st of April and my dad does all the cooking and he has alot of trouble understanding that I have to watch my diet. Finally had to tell him that I had a TT and he understands a little bit better but not much.

I am really happy with results so far but as we all know there are still good days and some not so good. I can still tell when I over due it and when I have alittle to much sodium and still swell abit.

I would totally do this all over again in a heart beat. :)

Well I am coming up on 8 months PO and some what happy with results but they could be better at the same time. I am so frustrated with my weight, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and eating healthy 90% of the time but if I eat one meal out of line I gain it all back. My hubby is very happy with my results he of coarse thought I was fine before. I can't wait to see what the PS has to say. I will update after my check up.....

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