Mommy Makeover 2/8/12 - Omaha, NE

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Hi everyone.  Ive been reading all of the...

Hi everyone.  Ive been reading all of the great posts on this site for a year and a half.  I can't believe I'm now telling my story!  I have 2 boys, 6 and 8.  Before I got married I was 180 and 5'5.  I got down to 128 and then got pregnant.  I was 204 when I gave birth. I have always had a tummy that I remember hiding as young as 10 years old.  Lots of body issues going on here.

Fast forward to now, I've run 2 1/2 marathons in one year, I weigh 120 and workout all the time.  I can't believe the changes my body has made, some good some not so good.     I started consulting with surgeons 2 years ago, finally decided I'd go through with it when youngest was in school ft.  My husband gave me the go ahead and then it was the difficult task of finding the right time to do the surgery.  We have no family around us and my husband travels abroad frequently.  I went to a 3rd surgeon on Feb 2 and I was scheduled for surgery feb. 8!!!  That was a tough 6 days of emoitions, it's all over with now!

I think I'm doing really good.  Dr said I'd probably have a 6 pak ( yay) and they removed 1 1/2 pounds of skin.  Because I had so much skin I needed an extended TT ( scar almost all the way around).  I haven't looked at my scar yet.  I have a feeling It's not as low as I was hoping for but I promised myself I wouldn't get caught up in that.  I'm grateful that I woke up and I'm healing well.  I'll try and post a before pic I took.  I'm on an iPad so please excuse all typing errors.  Oh yah, I also had a lift and a 300 cc cohesive gel silicone implant.  Haven't peeked at those yet either.   I'm reading great tips on this site that my dr didn't tell me about, like ice packs for swelling, arnica tablets, etc.  going to ask him about icing.  He said I could take arnica if I wanted.  Do you all recommend it?

6 day post op- very happy Wow, the first 6 days...

6 day post op- very happy

Wow, the first 6 days do fly by. I go in tomorrow morning for my post op. hoping I can get the go ahead to drive. Im not draining much anymore and I've been off the prescription meds for a few days. I've been resting a lot in preparation for when my husband goes back to work on Thursday. I'm very hunched over which hurts my lower back a lot, so standing is for a short time. I've noticed that I can't hold nearly as much food in my stomach as I used to. I feel like I'm going to bust open the binder after eating a small meal.

Couple of really helpful hints that I got on this site that I wanted to pass along: a wedge pillow for your back makes a bed very comfy. I have 3 pillows on the wedge pillow and 2 under my knees and I have no pain even though I have hip to hip incision and staples on both flanks! Also, throat drops...for some reason I keep getting a tickle in my throat, since it really sucks to cough, the gum and drops help a lot. Drinking tons of water which seems to really help with swelling and gets me up frequently for the bathroom. As recommended, I bought one of those grabber thingies from the "as seen on tv" aisle at Target. So awesome! Not just for picking up clothes, etc., but for reaching things on bedside table when I'm in bed (protein bars, gum, iPad charger, hand wipes, etc.). Lastly, I got a big pill organizer that I wrote the day and the 6 times a day I have to take Tylenol /Advil. I set my phone alarm for all times I need to take meds so I don't sleep thru a time and wake up in pain. So helpful.

Good luck to everyone doing a mommy makeover, it's not as bad a recovery as I anticipated.

2 weeks post op now. Dr said I healed remarkably...

2 weeks post op now. Dr said I healed remarkably fast and I was way ahead of the game after having multiple procedures. I feel great, but I'm having a swelling problem in my lower abdomen. At 10 days post op I had my 2nd drain out, staples and stitches removed. He put a needle in my lower abdomen to drain it but there wasn't any fluid. Am I just really swollen in that area? It's like I still have a pooch there. My pubic area is swollen too. I feel so good that dr didnt put many limitations on me. I'm trying not to do too much, but also don't want to just be lying around excessively. I do dishes and laundry, walk the dogs, etc. then rest for a little bit. The swelling is down a bit in the am but still puffy. Dr also said I didn't need to wear a binder? I'm wearing it anyways cause it helps me feel better.

Is the lower abdomen swelling common? Going in March 5 for endermologie, will check with dr about it then maybe. I'm hoping my scar may lower a little after swelling subsides. It's higher than I was hoping but it does't bum me out much. I'm just so thankful for an easy, healthy recovery.

Hope you all are feeling great!
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