Revision TT & breast lift (No Implants). I'm in LOVE with my results! (Post-Massive weight loss reconstructive surgery)

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I had a second opinion consult 2 months after my...

I had a second opinion consult 2 months after my TT with another surgeon.. I felt I wasn't pulled tight enough.. and I was right! Planning on a revision in the future. The new doctor agreed with my concerns.. I could have been pulled tighter and he wants to lower my scar. He's going to see if tricare will cover the revision since they covered the initial surgery, and if they don't he is waiving his fee for me (very kind since he didn't do the TT originally!). I'd be looking at $4,700 for the revision if insurance doesn't help out.. which is a very good deal if you ask me! I see him again in 4 months - still too early out to jump into the revision... and I'm going to have to wait until the tax return if insurance doesn't pay for the revision. I'm just happy I have a game plan and a surgeon I fully trust! Also planning on a breast lift too depending if I can save the cash. Now - patience.


Approved by my insurance for the revision! Now.. the wait for my appointment! I also got approved for a breast lift.. I'm truly lucky!


January 17th is my revision TT and breast lift! :) I'm on the cancellation list.. so hopefully I can get in sooner! Either way, I'm happy this is happening!

I'm a little over a week away from my revision!

Adding final pictures before this tummy get's fixed! I'm really excited.

Weight loss before & after

If you only know me through this review and have't checked out my other reviews.. you probably don't know that I lost 125 pounds.. and the excess skin and rashes were the reason behind my insurance approving it. (Lot's of people message me how I got them to cover it) Figured I'd clarify that.. a share a photo. :)

One last before and after

This will likely be my last (or second to last) update before my revision on Friday! I'm more than excited to get through this and move forward in my life. Wish me luck! I'm hopeful I'll have the results I was hoping for last time!

I made it!

Surgery went smoothly! I took my first shower today (had to face away from the water since I have my drains in) and I can tell I'm so much tighter than before. I don't really know how good the breasts look... the bloody bandages made me feel a bit woozy so I didn't analyze them lol... but I can tell they are very perky now too! I'll update with photos in a few days. :)

Now all that's left to do is save for a buttock lift and maybe an inner thigh lift. ?

3 days post-op

Swelling like crazy. Trying not to be too critical of what I'm seeing so far. I can already tell I'm much tighter than before... which is what I wanted! Pretty happy so far! Just need to be patient. Follow up on Thursday. My only other plan for future surgeries is a buttock lift (hopefully later this year).. I just want to feel confident in a swimsuit and shorts!

7 days post-op

Super happy with my results. ?


2 out of the 3 drains removed today with a few staples taken out too! Appointment Thursday to hopefully get the other drain out and the rest of the staples removed. I'm healing nicely.. dealing with a little bit of depression but not related to my results. Totally thrilled with the results! I think it's a combo of the pain meds and not being active (exercise and whatnot). I hate feeling rundown. Hoping for it to pass soon!

Update - 2 weeks post

All drains and staples are out. Sadly, my incision has opened up where there were staples on my left hip towards my backside. I've been instructed to pack the wound/clean it daily. This really sucks.. I can't lie. It grosses me out.. and I worry about infection or being kept out of the gym much longer than normal.

Open wound.

Comparing my 13 DPO picture with the 15 DPO picture.. seems like even with wound care/packing it.. it's getting wider. :(

A little over 3 weeks out!

Got two bikini's from Victoria's Secret. One is on the way (ordered online) and the other I bought in store! I can't wait for summer! My wound is healing more and more every day. It's not as deep as it once was and the color still looks good.

Over 3 weeks out (Pics didn't upload for some reason!)

Pics to go along with the post above! ;)

Happy 4 weeks post-op!

My open wound has healed so much that I can no longer pack it! Still probably has a week or two before it's closed but it looks better with each passing day! I'm so happy with my results! My stomach is nice and flat and I love the curves.. and I'm so happy I got the breast lift! They're the perfect shape and size for my frame.. nice and perky too! I love my 36 B's! Happy I did NOT get the implants! I love them just the way they are

Week 6

Ended up having to exchange my bikini top! I guess I was swollen when I bought it. Same cup size, down a band size. 36 B to a 34 B. Loving my shape.. and back to the gym tomorrow.. hope this snow doesn't keep me from it! :)

So I'm back at the gym!

I'm SO SO SO happy to be back there too. I missed it so much. Currently going every other day to do my sprint intervals and free weight heavy lifting. The first day back was this past Saturday and I trained arms/shoulder/chest. That went awesome and I was able to lift the same amount as pre-op. SWEET. Woke up the next day with chest tenderness, oh I missed that feeling in my muscles.

Yesterday - that was leg day. I seemed to struggle a bit more with leg day and that is normally my strongest point. When I was squatting at the squat rack I noticed the weakness I had in my core. I couldn't get as low as I normally could. Totally bummed me out because I wanted to drop it low to optimize my workout. I need to remember I'm still pretty fresh back in the gym game, and I did have a pretty good muscle repair 6 weeks ago. I still have issues getting up from laying down flat, so I'll attribute the issues with various free weight exercises that involve your core to the MR.

Baby steps, Jess. Baby steps.
I realize I won't be at my peak game still probably for some weeks.. but I'm a fighter and I know if I keep at it, I'll be back to normal and pushing my limits again soon!


Also almost forgot..

Got some new workout clothes to celebrate getting back into the gym and surviving this recovery. ;)

Not much to update on TT wise..

I'm currently 1 week post-op emergency internal hernia repair, bowel twist, and bowel resection.. so I'm back to sitting on my butt for another 5 weeks. They cut out a few inches or so of intestine because it looked "questionable". Recovery from this is worse than the TT/BL.. that's for sure. :/
At least I'm alive..

5 months post

5 months post-op

Feeling awesome. Lifting weights again finally!

5 months post-op

Feeling awesome. Lifting weights again finally!
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing in every single way. I've never met a more caring doctor before in my life until I met Dr. Hollins! I'm so thankful that I found him! His staff is very courteous as well.

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