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I started working out during my diet and weight...

I started working out during my diet and weight loss campaign. As I continued to lose weight it became evident that I was going to have some loose skin around my abdomen.
No matter how many crunch's, planks or ab exercises I didit was not going to go away and it really bothered me.
A friend referred me to Aesthetic Surgical Images and Dr Edney. It was the best advice I have ever taken in my life.
After a consult with Dr Edney I did decide to have a tummy tuck to remove the loose skin on my belly.
From the very first phone call to the follow up visits the staff and Dr Edney have rated second to none! They made me feel very comfortable and patiently answered all my questions both before and after the surgery.
My only regret is not doing this much sooner. But at 47 years old I am ready to display that get the 6 pack I have been working on for many years to come!
Thank You so much!

8 weeks out and still on the mend

My extremely active life and the fact tat I am on the go has certanly hindered my healing here.
Dr Edney has told me repeatedly to slow down.....I just can't seem to get that done...
Everything looks absolutely fantastick but I did have a drain tube issue.

My left side tube kept collecting too much fluid to be removed, so after 3 weeks the stitch holding it in came out...I tried to keep it in, but throughout the day the tube kept sliding out until all suction was lost.
A call to Dr Edney's office after hours and they said it was no longer working and to go ahead and take it out. That was a simple thing to problem there.

However as fluid continued to build on my abdomin and now with nowhere to go, they decided 5 days later we needed to drain the fluid off with a needle and syringe.
I can't say that was the most pleasant experience but it was necessary.

5 days later I was back for round 2 draining as the fluid kept collecting, however I did notice a stitch that was coming out and told the PA about it. So the PA wound up cutting an inner stich (which didn't hurt at all) and all the fluid just came rushing out. PERFECT a drain hole and no needles...I was Ecstatic!!
So the PA then instructed me on how to keep a small corner of a piece of gauze up in the hole and it would act as a wick and allow the fluid to drain out into a wad of gauze taped to my tummy.
PROGRESS!! Within just a few days all of the healing that had been stalled was happening. In fact it was healing so fast my tummy was itching!!

I know the fact that I was a walking muscle hurt me...there was no where for the fluid to go....and the fact that I did not stay really really quiet slowed my healing down too.

About 10 days ago I did have some stitches become infected with an abcess and that broke open. That occured as a direct result of the drain hole in my tummy my Dr said.
Another after hours call on a Saturday and Dr Edney returned my call himself. He ordered me a prescription at the local drugstore, (I live 3 hours from the surgery suite) gave me strict cleaning instructions and told me to call him with an update the next day (Sunday) which I did.

He then said he wanted to see me frst thing Monday morning in his office for a look at it.
He was happy with the progress made in just a few short days, gave me some more gauze and supplies to keep it clean, and answered all of my questions about the abcess.
One thing about Dr Edney, he will NOT rush out on you. If you have questions he has answers and will give them to you.
I have never felt like he was too busy for me or trying to get me out of there so he could move on...never!

NOW the drain hole is competely closed, my tummy is tight tight tight and healing and the small incision opening where the stiches broke is only about 3/4 of an inch long and should be healed completely within a week.

I was at the Dr office yesterday and he says he wants to see me in 2 weeks...hopefully then all will be healed tight and I can start working out again!
THAT is what I have really missed throughout this whole workouts.
Cheers everybody, think happy thoughts, and if you are even considering having this surgery...GO FOR IT! It is worth every dime!
My six pack is looming out there, taunting me...but I WILL get it :O)

John Edney

Dr Edney is one of the most personable yet professional Doctors I have ever spoken or done business with. His staff is incredible and I would highly recommend Aesthtic Surgical Images to anyone who is looking to improve their physical appearance.

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