27 Fit Mom of 2 Kids. Officially on the flat side!- Omaha, NE

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I've been waiting 7 years for this. I have lots of...

I've been waiting 7 years for this. I have lots of extra skin after 2 kids and a 75 pound weight loss. I workout/lift everyday and have so much muscle hiding I'm ready to chop the nasty skin off :)

I had my final consult and will have surgery in February. All the gruesome details kind of freaked me out haha but I'm ready.

5'4 - 134lbs

Just more pre op pics.

My stomach looks like a raisen lol I seriously can't wait.

Scared my abs won't come back post tummy tuck

I've worked so hard for nice bulky abs and every tummy tuck I see their tummies are just plain smooth. So I really hope I can get back to this look post op.

Anyone have a similar stomach/fit lifetyle?

Looking for women similar to me :) Hoping recovery is smoother with keeping on top of my health. Only like 4 more weeks and the crazy dreams have started!! Haha

Less than a month now!

All my plans are set now. I will have an army of men taking care of me lol hmmm wonder how this will work out ;) Between my brother, step-dad, and boyfriend. Could get amusing! :)

24 days :)

Just some before pics. Been really getting nervous and doing a lot more research.

Payment complete

Yikes! Just paid in full this week! Been saving forever and so glad I can pay in cash and not have to worry about it later. Now to get thru the weeks of no work :/ I have saved for that too but still makes me nervous

Got meds today!

Got all my scripts filled today. Now it feels so real! Going over the info over and over again. Getting harder to sleep. Next thursday!! Anyone else share a surgery date?

Only 3 full days left!

I'm actually calmer the closer it gets. Kinda crazy! But so glad. Will be staying with my brother the night before and he's taking me to surgury then taking me 3 hours back home. Such a good brother! Then my hunny will take over from there and be with me the next 3 days before he leaves back on the road. Tuesday will be my last day to get last minute things done. Wednesday super full day at the salon, teach dance, then that evening on to my brothers! Surgery 6am thursday! Ahhhh :) Also I'm down to 130 lbs :) Wondering how mugh skin in weight will be taken off. Do they tell you after?

Everything's ready!

Spotless house, spotless vehicle, laundry done, food ready, meds ready. All that's left is to wash my bedding. Spending the day with my kids tomorow then the next day full of work then off to my brothers for surgery the next morn! I'm strangely calm now :)

Last before pics!

Just last before pics before I join the flat side :) Really hope I can get my abs back to this.

Ahhh! 24 hours and I'm going in!

Ok the crazy just set in! In 24 hours I'll be at my surgery!! Full day today to keep my mind off of it. But here we gooooooo :)

Crazy day of surgery

So my brother and step-dad took me to surgery and when they were demonstrating how to empty my drains. Empty ones at that just for teaching. First my brother completely passed out and was out cold. I was terrifid . Then 10min later my step dad started getting faint! So my surgeon wanted to cancel my surgery because I didn't have a reliable ride home. Thank God for my best friend. She drove almost 4 hours for me and took me home and has been a great nurse for me :)

Other then that craziness lol I feel good tonight. Keeping a positive attitude really helps.

And he removed less than a pound. It was all skin and no fat :) Win!

1st day post op

I really don't have much pain except for when I try to get up from laying down. Pains like a 3. I anticipated so much more so I'm pleasantly suprised :) I feel like a small waist barbie! And I have a belly button yay! Also, it was all skin. Everything that came off was less than a pound. Non scale victory!

My first before and after ;)

Just put them side by side. Can't wait to really get a good look at my new tummy and belly button!

First shower!

My hunny has been so amazing. Helped me scrub my body and wash my hair. Not to mention he's been cooking great food!

Eating clean and drinking tons of water

I've had lots of questions about how smooth my stomach is and how it's not swollen. I have to peg it down to me focusing on my nutrition and water intake. I've been making 2 shakes a day including kale,avacado, banana, blueberries, strawberries, oj, and water. So full of vitamins and nutrients and antioxidants. Also hot green tea acts like detox cleansing the toxins. And I only drink water allllll day long to keep flushing everything away. I want to heal the best I can and honestly I haven't even been in pain! I've had discomfort and been sore but no crazy pain. And I know it has everything to do with how I'm fuelling my body.

Slept better last night

I finally had a BM this morn ;) I never took any stool softners. I just hate meds in general just kept up with lots of water, fruits and veggies to get my body moving naturally. I am dying to see what my belly button looks like! My post op appt is in 3 days. Maybe I'll get to see then? My only concern is the more bloody spot in the middle?

I found my belly button!

Just really excited to see my belly button for the first time in 8years! And my 'v' abs are still trying to shine through :)

Haven taken any meds at all for 24hours

Feeling great! Almost standing straight. But ouch does it hurt to laugh lol

Loving my new shape

My belly button actually looks like it did when I was 18. I've never had too crazy of an innie but Def not an outie but I used to love my belly button and I can tell it will be almost identical again. Looks worse in pics but great to me in person. I already have a tat picked out too if my scar shows too high :) Last night my hunny was staring at me in the shower. I wanted to cry because I felt hideous with the drains and just feeling like Frankenstein. Turns out he was staring in awe instead. He told me my body was really looking amazing. He said I never needed the surgery because I was beautiful before but it does look great with the extra skin gone that was killing my confidence before. Here I thought he was disgusted but instead he wanted to pounce on me instead haha. Drains out tomorrow!

1st post op appt

Got one drain taken out today and all the tape off. They were shocked at how I've kept me swelling slim to none and we're happy to see how well I was doing. Stitches come out of my belly button next week. My incision is so smooth and thin I'm excited!

New bikini came!

My surgeon is seriously so talented. So in love with my results!

Finally experience slight swelling

Well between me and my bf we have 4 kids two are 4 and a 7 and 8year old. Three boys at that lol So yesterday we had them all and it was a nice day so I stood outside 3-4 hours and was slacking on my water big time. So I had swelling below my incision big time :( Actually freaked me out since it was the first time I swelled. And side note I can't keep my bf off of me!! Lol I keep making fun of him telling him he must just love a crippled girl. It's safe to say the sex post surgery cherry has been popped haha he's came after me more this week being handicapped then when I'm perfectly fine lol how does that make sense?! ;) But I won't complain :) It hasn't hurt or anything so it's a win!

Been sleeping on my sides :)

Went on a walk to the park with my kids yesterday. Man did that wear me out. But slept amazing last night and woke up on my side. And not in pain or stiff for once like most mornings :)

Before-10 days post

Starting to get to me mentally

This is the longest I've gone without working out in 4 years. I normally work out 6x a week. It's my outlet and having a hard time figuring out what to do with myself for a different outlet. Just out of my element so it's getting to me emotionally. I know it's a short period of time but I can feel the rest of my body getting soft and my butt isn't so perky at the moment :/ But side note I slept amazing last night and am able to sleep in bed and from side to side without problems. Still just getting worn out easier than normal. More tired through the day. And bed time has been real early. Another post op appt tomorrow :)

Cleared to start working out!

2 week checkup yesterday. All stitches and drains out. And I no longer have to wear the binder!!! Hell ya lol ready to burn it. He said use common sense. I can workout. If it hurts stop, if it doesnt do what I want basically. Just no direct ab workouts. FeelING like it looks weird this week. Can't wait for it to heal a little more. A little swollen by my scar on my left hip.

Had a fall that freaked me out.

Actually went to a house party last night, playing yard games. There was an old picnick table that 3 ladies were sitting on. I literally said "is this even safe" As I sat down the whole picnick table collapsed and to the ground I went and hard. There were about 20 ppl around so of course I jumped right up and laughed it up but quickly walked away as it had me in tears. My stomach was so tensed up from falling I was scared it'd tore something. My upper right stomach is still sore from falling but nothing serious that I can tell.

A dent on the left side of belly button

Ok so now I feel like I'm in the nitpick stage :/ Worried about an indentation on the left side of my belly button. It's hard to see in pics tho. And my left side right on my hip bone the scar has a little knot I'm trying to work out but it's looking like a ledge so I really hope it goes down. I'm sure it will but obviously I'm weirded out by it. Also starting using maderma scar gel in the morn and bio oil before bed. Prob about 5days of use now and I notice a difference. It crazy how fast the body heals/changes.

Back to work full time tomorrow

3 weeks post and back to the salon full time tomorrow and then I teach dance until 7pm wed and thursdays. Long couple days of standing all day. Slightly nervous. But ready to get back to life. Been doing light workouts for a week and also went on a long walk with my kids on their bikes today. First day that I'm actually not overly tired :)

Work has been a success

My 12+ hours a day of standing haven't been too bad actually. A little swollen but my water intake has been slacking :/ Sleeping is still the most uncomfortable part of it all. And on the struggle bus with wearing jeans lol need to figure out better attire foe awhile.

My stomach isn't numb anymore!

Just wanted to say I just noticed today I can feel my stomach again haha yippie :) It has been completely numb.

Almost 4 weeks post op :)

Developed panic attacks

Crazy thing happened the last week. I was working out so much before this surgery and for 4+ years that the dr said I'm basically going through endorphin withdrawal. I started having panic attacks! My heart rate was jumping from 70 to 145 and they had me on a heart monitor and everything. I beleive in working out more than ever now! It's the biggest anxiety reducer.....and I never knew I had anxiety. Not being able to workout like normal caused my body to go haywire on me. Getting it back under control tho. Excited for the day I can workout full out :)

Just loving my new shape :)

So glad to not have the skin bulge in tight shirts! !

How do silicone sheets work?

Trying these silicone scar sheets for the first time and I guess I don't understand how they even work? And they are washable? I just don't understand! Haha and I spent a lot of time on Google ;)

Back to lifting and full workouts!

I'm so happy working out full out again yay :) I'm even able to do push-ups already. My core is feeling stringer everyday. Lots of stretching and easing into it but been doing full lifting workouts about 4 days now. Hard to believe it's been 6 weeks this week! Ready to get summer ready. Feeling like a woman again!

6 weeks today! Scar is amazing

I feel so lucky as I've seen some pretty scarey looking scars but my body is healing wonderfully. It's so important to take care of yourselves ladies! You want to give your body the best chance :) The scar is higher than I'd like but I seriously can't complain!

1 week vs 6weeks am vs 7wks pm

Just want to show the difference from 1 week to now. And also am vs pm! A bit swollen tonight after a 12 hour day working, standing all day.

8 weeks post :)

I feel great. 100%. Can do all my full workouts and even some slight ab work :)

The side view really shows a difference

I didn't realize how much skin was literally just sitting on top of my muscle. I am so so glad it's gone!

Feeling 100%

I really do feel 100% normal again. Just working on getting my curve back ;) My scar is lighter some days and darker some days. Just waiting for it to stay light!

Addicted to buying bikinis now!

I. Cant. Stop. Buying. Bikinis. Haha :)

Glad my abs are coming back :)

Been able to work my abs full out and excited they are coming back! I really thought it was just going to stay flat so I'm pleasantly suprised.

Official before and after pics

My last appt was today so I have my official pics :) I feel like they don't do much justice tho lol horrible pictures.

Forgot this pic also

Happy lady :)

Dr. David Finkle

Loved Dr Finkle and his staff everytime I've been in!

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