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I'm nervous but excited about my upcoming surgery....

I'm nervous but excited about my upcoming surgery. No date as of yet, but I've finished all the tests and evaluations, including 6 months of physician directed weight management. Sadly I yo-yo-ed my way through that. I've given up soda, sweets, and trying to stop caffeine . I can't bring myself to tell my extended family yet.

still waiting

I talked to the staff at the Bariatric Center this week and they say it could take 2 to 4 weeks for final insurance authorization. They were missing a report but my doctor faxed it to them. I am trying to watch what I'm eating, and working to make sure I have all the supplements and such (recommended by my surgeon) on hand. Surgery will most likely be around the first of the year. It's scary but I'm secure with my decision and sure this is what will be best for me.

It getting real now.

I've got insurance approval!! just waiting on a scheduler to call.

Now it gets real. My Bariaatric Clinic called and said it's a go! I've had evaluations with phycs, pulmonary,cardiac which included a 2 day Nuclear Stress Test, blood work and even an upper GI. Pretty sure I've met all the requirements. Now I just have to wait for the scheduler to call tomorow with my surgery date. This is really happpening. This weekend I'll go shopping for the recomended supplements.


My surgery will be January 8th, 7 days after my 60th birthday. I check in on Friday morning at 5:30 AM. Yea I'll be home by Monday and starting my Journey to a better me in 2016.

Thanksgiving thoughts

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. it's not all about the food, but the company you share it with.
With my surgery date just a little over a month away, I catch myself eating a lot of things better left alone. I guess it's the "I'll never be able to eat like this again" syndrome. Today of course I over ate and have indigestion. I know better. I am looking forward to my new sleeved life. I feel like I'm facing it alone, I tried to tell my sister, but she just got all negative with horror stories from, honestly I don't know, I stopped listening, but it was enough to make me choose not to share with my dad and brothers. My husband is OK with it, but not at all involved or willing to have discussions. I asked him to attend a pre-surgery class with me but he had a million reasons why he couldn't. I have one friend I can call. She had a lap-band several years ago and is very supportive but lives on the other side of the country. Today I am very Thankful for all of the Realself online support. You guys are the best. I continue to learn so much from all of you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

getting close

Last night I attended a support group sponsored by the bariatric clinic. It was great to talk face to face with real people and their doctor. Everyone said it was the best decision they'd ever made. Even the ones who had problems or issues, which were very few. Makes me feel a little more comfortable. Surgery in 33 days. Today I ordered Unjury protein powder, and Impact pre surgery supplement. I'm all in now!

The final stretch.....

Happy New Year to my fellow Sleevers. Today is not only my 60th birthday, but the first day of my pre-surgery diet. I expected it to be much worse than it has been. Dr Cronk wants me to drink 2 boxes of Impact Advanced Recovery drink each day. Part of the diet to shrink my liver. I am a sweets junkie but will have little or NO carbs this week. I'm not very fond of the vanilla flavor of this drink but I only have 4 ounces to go. I am allowed vegetables and a small amount of fruit with the two 3 ounce servings of meat each day. Really it's not so bad. I've not had any hunger and have been able to leave left over holidays treats alone so far. Its only day one! I feel like 2016 will be my year to shine. Happy New Year!! Happy new ME.

day 2 pre-op diet 5 days to surgery.

I'm getting through this much easier than I thought. I still do not like the taste of Impact, but it's not too bad as a coffee creamer. I put it in a smoothie with strawberries this morning. Still has the vanilla after taste, but milder. I'm not experiencing any hunger. I really thought I would. I am missing sweets and cookies...LOL!

day 3 pre-op diet/4 day to surgery

I'm doing OK. I can't quite follow the pre-op diet time table exactly, I tend to combine breakfast and lunch, But i eat everything it tells me to eat, and none of the forbidden items. Last night I had a SF Popsicle, not my favorite but it helped to curb the sweets craving. Today is much better. No cravings at all. I've decided to tell my family tomorrow at our weekly brunch. Plus i wont be eating. lol. I'm remembering my supplements, tolerating the Impact, and looking forward to a healthier me.

day 4 pre-op/3 days until surgery

Today was a good day. I went out to brunch with my family, I sipped herbal tea and had a fruit cup to eat. This pre-op diet isn't too bad. I finally told them about my surgery. They were more supportive than I expected. One of my brothers is considering sleeve surgery himself. I'm actually looking forward to amazing results.

day 5 pre-op/2 days until surgery

It's all good. I've been trying to follow my pr-op diet. I did take a small/tiny bite of rice today. I do miss rice. I hope after my sleeve heals I might be able to add a small amount of rice to my diet. I thought as my Friday AM surgery gets closer I would be scared but really I am excited to get on with the next portion of my life. a new thinner me!

6 days pre- op

My surgery went well. I've had little or no surgical pain, i'm keeping liquids down very well and even getting enough protein. I had a complication Saturday night, i pulled or tore a muscle, dr thinks maybe even tissue separation (?) all i know is it is the sharpest most severe pain i've ever endured. using a lot of pain meds but cannot walk or stand yet. Im home with a wheelchair for now. I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital. I still think after I get over this complication it will be very good for me. Looking forward to a smaller me.

8 days post op

I feeling better today, the pain from the muscle is nearly gone. Whether is good pain meds or my body healing I dont know, but I'm just glad its gone. Today I'm moving around nearly as well as I did pre-op. I hate protein powder. Still trying to find a way to gag it down. Its not to bad in de-caf with SF chocolate mix. Still I'm excited about my new life! It will all come together eventually.

14 days post op

Hi all, I am feeling great. I am still on all liquids but will advance to mushy food Monday after my first post surgery check up. My incisions are nearly all healed and I have most of my strength back. My blood pressure is great without the meds I had taken for 10 years. I dont know the total weight loss but I'm sure it will be substantial. I'm a little tired of all liquid but I have some yogurt and SF pudding to help be through it. I can drink (or eat) about 3/4 of a cup before feeling full. I am looking forward to a new me and a new outlook on my life. Thank you all for so much love and support.

6 weeks post op

I've been really lazy about updating this. I'm doing ok. I've lost around 35 pounds. So far it's been 1 pound per day, which Dr. Cronk said is right where they want me to be. I'm on the "Blenderized Diet" at this point until my next Dr visit. No problem with the diet, or actually any food I've tried. I have no appetite and no hunger... ever! I really rather not eat, but know I must.
I am having trouble balancing -getting enough water, protein, and trying new foods. All of a sudden, I absolutely hate protein powder. Even the smell gags me. I've spent an awful lot of money trying different products to no avail. I have to pinch my nose and force it down like bad medicine. I have an appointment with the dietitian next week. Hopefully she will have some helpful ideas for me. Still, I am glad I decided to have the sleeve gastrectomy and excited about the weight loss. Looking forward to a new smaller me!
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