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Im a very young 36 yr old mom of 3 girls ...age...

Im a very young 36 yr old mom of 3 girls ...age 10, 7 and 6. All c sections. After a few yrs of being above 200 pounds, I lost almost 100 pounds through diet and exercise. Now Im left with a saggy stomach and boobs! Ha! Im terrified of the surgery which is odd because normally this stuff doesnt scare me. I am scared of looking like Franken~tummy afterward. Is the pain worse or better then a c section? Does the scar easily cover with swim suit bottom? Any info is welcome!

Holy cow! Surgery was moved up to the 11th of...

Holy cow! Surgery was moved up to the 11th of February. Excited.

Talked to a friend tonight who haf a MM. She had...

Talked to a friend tonight who haf a MM. She had an awful experience that was painful and her scars keloided. Makes me terrified. Anyone else had that issue?

Hi all my surgery buddies! Welp, I finially got a...

Hi all my surgery buddies! Welp, I finially got a new computer so I am not updating this on my phone anymore. What a pain...so if I get long winded, that's why!! Ha! Anyway, I have my pre op in 2 days and I am so excited to get there and ask the mounds of questions I have accumulated. I'm nervous, excited, can't sleep, ect ect! February 11th and the weeks following just need to come and go! Some days I read through tons of reviews on here and get everything from "no big deal" to "holy crap, I think I'm gonna die". Makes me nervous as to where I will fall. I read women saying moving around helps with blood clots (which scares the crap out of me because my mother died of a blood clot) and others say that the more you move, the worse the swelling. Where is the balance with any of it? Typically I'm a strong person but I'm nervous "this" will be the thing that knocks me out! I had a lot of post partum depression after the kiddos and I'm scared all the sitting around and lack of activity will get me a bad emontional state. I am so happy people are here have addressed that. So it's just a big ole bundle of "what ifs" and questions and uncertainity. I am KNOW I want to have this done...I just hope like hell I don't regret it!

Anyway, here is a list of questions I am asking the PS on Thursday. Let me know if I am forgetting anything or if any of you wonderful ladies can just go ahead and answer them. FYI, I am 5'8" and weight 145 pounds. I work out ALOT and run. Over the past 16 months, I have lost 95 pounds through diet and exercise but am left with a yucky saggy stomach! I have 3 kids ....all via c section. I currently have 10 year old breast implants that I am removing and replacing with a lift....with that said, here's my questions:

1. Will I get a pain pump? What determines whether or not I get one?
2. Do you get drains in the breasts, as well?
3. Number of drains in the tummy?
4. Location of drains? Hips or vejayjay?
5. What meds will be prescribed?
7. Best meds for constipation...(I tend to get contipated very easily)
8. Belly button location....please don't mess this part up!!
9. Does PS provide conpression garments?
10. Best scar treatment?
11. Will I have a horitizontal incision under my breast or just the vertical scar from the nipple down?
12. What determines whether I have to have the vertical incision below my BB during the TT?
13. Will you do areola reduction, too?
14. Glue, stitches or staples?
15. Will I get lovelox for blood clots?
16. Inform them of my sensitivity to anestisia (sp) and how I always throw up after being put under
17. What if rippling or pleating happens?
18. How to prevent or avoid spitting stitches?
19. Go over size of breast
20 Will any lipo be done to my tummy (above the bb)
21 Best thing to help reduce swelling?

MAN!!! You think I am asking enough?!?!? HAHA! I just want to be prepared. Speaking of prepared....I went yesterday and bought a number of supplies: meds (OTC), constipation meds, Tums, cough drops, stretchy tank tops and yoga pants, gauze and tape, Bengay for the achy back thing, pillows, button up shirts....I have an awesome recliner at home and I am debating on the lift recliner rental, the toliet seat riser and walker. All seems a little overkill. Is it?

Okay...that's enough for today! Just wanted to thank everyone who posts their experiences here. It helps put things into a realistic prospective. Happy healing to all those who are recoperating....keep us all up to date!!!

I had three c sections and my vajayjay bulges a...

I had three c sections and my vajayjay bulges a little at the top where the scar meets the top of it. Will the TT fix that or make it worse? Do they cut the c section scar out?

Had my pre op today! Had so many questions. They...

Had my pre op today! Had so many questions. They tested me for factor five disorder because my mother had it and if I'm positive, it changes how they handle the blood clot issue. So I'm happy they thought to do that. Found out that because I'm getting a removal and replacement of implants with a lift that I'll have to have breast drains for a few days too. Not happy about that. Also they want to do an anchor incision instead of a key hole. Would rather have a key hole incision. But all in all I'm feeling comfortable and at ease....for now. Except for when I was leaving I hears an lady screaming her head off in another room about something.... that'll give warm fuzzies! Haha! Has anyone else had breast drains and anchor incision? Are you happy with it?

Well I'm probably... well not probably but will.....

Well I'm probably... well not probably but will...have to postpone my surgery. My 8 yr old daughter had to have emergency surgery yesterday for a ruptured appendix and is going through a lot. I cant do my surgery in 2 short weeks while she is still recovering from that and ask my husband to take care of 2 post surgical babies. Its not fair to him or her. Made me rethink my priorities and its tough.Im so worried about her that my stuff seems petty but at the same time I'm disappointed which I feel guilty for. Arg! I'll keep everyone posted. Say prayers for my baby girl.

Well, my daughter is doing great after her surgery...

Well, my daughter is doing great after her surgery so my husband said no reason to postpone it. So I paid for everything today. Wow! Biggest single check I've ever written! Getting excited! Feel like I have a hundred things to do!

Well tomorrow starts pre surgery body prep! No...

Well tomorrow starts pre surgery body prep! No salt, water and one of my last work outs for a while. I will miss my gym! I'm nervous and excited and a little numb. Scared something will go wrong and all for something I elected to do. I just want it over with. I have wanted to do this for years and now that its 5 days away....I'm a little sick about it. Not bad...just literally nauseous. Did anyone else have this. Im usually pretty strong and collected but I'm a little nuts I think. Cant sleep or anything! Was anyone else this anxious?

I have come down this a cold!!!! Will they cancel?

I have come down this a cold!!!! Will they cancel?

So today something dawned on me. I am so stressed...

So today something dawned on me. I am so stressed and worried about this because over the past few months we have had a string of illness in our house! November, I had spinal meningitis. Was in the hospital a week. December, had two kids with mono. January, a daughter with a rupture appendix and was hospitalized for a week. I am simply sick of sickness and illness!! If all that had not of happened, I would be bouncing off the walls happy. I just want normality back! But, after realizing that, I have a new outlook. Ok so its gonna hurt and its gonna take time, but in the end, I get the body I have worked so hard for. I spent a year working almost 100 pounds off my ass! And by God come summer I get the bikini and tummy fitting dresses. Im refocusing on the why I wanted this in the first place and the big picture! I'm ready and focused....now lots to do and a short time to do it. Thanks for all the encouraging words. You're all great!

So I've tried to talk to my kids about the surgery...

So I've tried to talk to my kids about the surgery and what to expect without scaring them. But my youngest daughter is having a major issue with all this. Just recently my middle daughter had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. My middle and youngest daughters are very close and my baby worried so much about her sister. So today my baby said, rsthet begged, for me to please please not so this surgery because she go through worrying again. She said "what if you die Mama, what will I do then". I am so torn!!!! How can I put my 6 yr old daughter through this?! I feel confident everything will be fine but she is a mess! Did anyone else have trouble with this? How did you handle it? My surgery is Monday and I honestly don't know if I can go through with this now.

Welp, just waiting! Say a prayer all turns out...

Welp, just waiting! Say a prayer all turns out well. Cant believe its finally here!

I am on the flat side! My only complaint is my...

I am on the flat side! My only complaint is my nipples are on FIRE from the incisions. But this shall pass! A little loopy. Will write later.

Well so far so good. Sore and swollen but not...

Well so far so good. Sore and swollen but not awful. Getting up and down are the worst. My abs feel like I did a billion sit ups! It hurts more toward the top at the muscle repair site then the incision site. One of my drains have stopped draining. I'm not sure if thats a good sign or not?! My other one is still going. But so far, no issues with the drains...knock on wood! My boobs are good. I haven't been told to massage them yet. Maybe I should ask about that one. I had implants before and had them changed out. I stayed around the same size... maybe a hair larger. They are both 525cc. Seems big but I'm really broad shouldered so its not so bad. Hmmmm, what else? No BM yet. Of course my diet is brothy soaps, jello and Popsicles and the applesauce. I'm taking stool softener like crazy. I have never been able to poop on pain meds. Its always been awful and I really hope I stay ahead of it enough that I dont die or bust something when I do. So I figure come time, I will take some MOM to help. Anyone else have this issue and can offer additional advice? But I'm doing good right now. Binder is right and digs in my ribs. Wondering if theres a way of moving it down off my ribs. Its nice on my tummy but my rib cage is wide and it just about kills me! Anyway, I'll write more later on. Its almost 4am and I had gotten up for a walk and meds. Hubby has been great. I sleep in the recliner and he says on the sofa so he's close by. He's a great man! But I'm making sure I'm out of the chair every 3 to 4 hours and a little bit. To bathroom and shuffling to the kitchen for a drink. I walk like an old lady! Haha! But my back is holding out so far. Again, knock on wood! Ok. Meds are kicking in... will post more later! Happy healing everyone and happy waiting for those still waiting!

Holy swelling Batman! My belly looks like I'm...

Holy swelling Batman! My belly looks like I'm pregnant! I know it's only temporary but its still like "damn"! My belly button is caved in front the swelling around it. Only been a couple days sooooo...patience I suppose!

Its 7 am on Thursday, 52 hrs since my surgery. ...

Its 7 am on Thursday, 52 hrs since my surgery. Yesterday was nuts; bordering on awful. I had the coughs all day yesterday and every time I coughed it put me in tears. I could literally feel my muscle repair sutures pulling. I pray I didnt do any serious damage. I had tried to stop the narcs but after that, I am taking then again. So tired of feeling like a zombie. On the good side, everything else has went well. I had a BM this morning and that huge for me. 99% of the time when I use narcs, I get very constipated. So I prepared with an arsenal of meds. My left drain only produced 12 cc in the past 24 hrs. So I'm gonna call and see if I can get it out. But honestly, so far, the drains doesnt bother me. The back aches started though! Yuck! Its right in my lower back by my hips. Ok about to fall out. More later!

Good morning ladies, if you havent noticed, its...

Good morning ladies, if you havent noticed, its easier for me to write in the a.m. Anyway, yesterday was a serious lazy day. I went in the morning to get one of my drains out. It was at 15cc. My second, one is at 30cc but needs to be at 25cc so I am guessing Monday. The drain itself isnt that big of a deal, I just wanna a shower! Also, where the first one was pulled, it keeps bleeding. I have to put guaze on it every couple hours. I need to call my PS about that. As far, has the pain goes, I really only hurt at the muscle repair site. Any movement and it burns. Tolerable but burns. I am just sleepy alllllll the time. I do fine with just Tylenol during the day but I take 1 hydrocodon in the evening. I am having regular and loose BMs. Mainly because of the arsenal of anti constipation drugs Ive been taking. I had no intension of getting constipated! My husband has been amazing. Waits on me hand znd foot. He gets on to me about trying to do too much....dont know where he gets that from because i feel like i do nothing except breath! Haha! As far as my results, its hard to tell. I still have the ”donut” pooch around my belly button which, for now, ill accept as swelling. But i sure hope it flattens out. My scar is very low which im happy about. My stoach is sooooooo numb that it feels funny! Weirdest feeling ever But as of now, im just surrendering to the process and allowing time to do its thing. Today is early PO 4 but it feels longer then that. I figured by day 9 Im gonna be climbing the walls! Anyway, more later. Im sleepy. Surprise surprise! Happy healing everyone!

Day 5 PO: well I slept really good last night....

Day 5 PO: well I slept really good last night. I'm still sleeping in the recliner but its a very comfy recliner! I think tonight may be the night I try my bed! I'm sore still but its manageable. I still have this aggravating cough that hurts like HELL! Im so nervous I am going to wreck my MR stitches. I am swollen so results are hard to tell. Im obviously flatter but I really hope the poofiness goes down! My only two major issues are 1. I'm still bleeding from where they pulled my first drain. Its not closing and is just bleeding and bleeding! 2. My BB looks a little infected. It has dried hard blood around but on one side it has this oozy white stuff and its a little pink around it. I have another post op appointment on Monday but I'm nervous about both those. Did anyone else have this issue? The recovery is taking a while. I feel fine...I just don't see the end in sight. After I had my kids, I was up and doing more by day 5. I know I know! It takes time and I need to rest! I'm just tired of being tired! I'm very happy I did this, don't get me wrong, I just ready for it to be done. Impatient I suppose! I am in good spirits really. I'm just worried about the couple little issues. Also to get the second drain out so I can shower. To feel human!! Anyway, if anyone has had the same issue please let me know how it turned out!

Day 6 PO: Its been a frustrating past few days. ...

Day 6 PO: Its been a frustrating past few days. My drain site keeps bleeding and my remaining drain is pulling and tugging and hurts like hell. Im scared to move because it might pull. Thank god I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm draining little enough to get it pulled. But my crouch is swollen, bruised and sore from drains and surgery...ARG! It hurts...period! My incisions all still have tape over them. Im sort of anxious to get it off to see the incisions and to clean them up. I still have dried blood and I feel gross. I dont mean to be a negative nelly...Ive just hit the emontional stage. All I wanna do is cry. I dont even think about the results anymore. I just think about the bleeding drains and sore stomach and swelling to an unrecognizable state. I am just sick of feeling like this. Already! My belly button is a little red and has dried blood that im scared to clean out. Im putting Neosporan on it now. My breast lift incisions are awful looking. Under the breast, the incision is longer then I thouhjt and puffy and raised up. I know its too early to gauge anything and I also, logicly, know that everything will be great in the end. I truly am happy with the work done by my PS, I just am over all this. Nothing has ever knocked me on my ass like this! I feel useless! Did anyone else hit this wall? I just need to know it gets better!

Thanks for all the encouraging words! You guys...

Thanks for all the encouraging words! You guys have been wonderful. Today was eventful. I woke up to my drain pulling like crazy so getting ready for my appointment was a nightmare. My mother in law was here to get the kids ready for school and get them dropped off. I also have a friend in from out of town who was taking me to my appointment. So it was chaos at best. Anyway, I go into the bathroom to sponge bathe and change clothes when something with the drain happened and blood came from everywhere.....actually just the drain site but its a lot of blood. My wonderful mother in law came and helped while I'm balling! Drains pulling and I'm bleeding and hurting and my mother in law is changing me. It was a mess. Anyway after we got to the doctor and they pulled the drain, thank God! Instant relief!!!!!!!!!!! But blood came from everywhere again! They said I probably had a blood clot causing pressure... ect. But they changed strips out...all looked good. Long story short, after the awful drain was out I feel like a new person. I'm sure more bad days are to come but I've gotten over one hump!

8DPO: Finally got a shower! Happy girl! Slept...

8DPO: Finally got a shower! Happy girl! Slept in my bed last night. It was not as comfortable as I had hoped. But the shower this morning was fantastic! I feel like a new person. I am more mobile today but still trying to take it easy. Standing up at about 85%. Still pulls a bit in my stomach when I try all the way. Getting those drains out was like making me a new woman! I am swelling and its uncomfortable but I'm dealing because I expected it. I look lop sided be cause I swell more on my left side. So it looks goofy. Did anyone else have this happen? Belly button is looking good. Get tired very very easy. But all in all, I'm sooooo much better then a couple days ago. And curious about the lop sided swelling. Any insight?

Did anyone else have a little tummy pooch above...

Did anyone else have a little tummy pooch above the scar from swelling? If so, does it go away and when? I'm freaking out that my tummy won't be flat!

Hi all. Well everything is going better! ...

Hi all. Well everything is going better! Sleeping great and sleeping on my side. I'm healing nicely. Just a funny looking and jagged scar on my TT on one side. There is a picture of it. I'm sure...I hope....it will smooth out. I'm still swelling like hell which is making me look almost bigger then I was before I put my body, family and bank account through this. Frustrating. I can't exercise and with the swelling I feel like a whale! I even gained 1.2 pounds since the surgery!!! Not twelve...one point two! I know it doesn't seem like a lot but with skin removed I figured it would go down some. :/ Anyway, other the that I am good. Take a look at pics and tell me if that swelling seems normal?! Thanks!

6 weeks po. Still swelling awful. A bit...

6 weeks po. Still swelling awful. A bit discouraged but for the most part happy. Just want swelling to go down. I feel like I'm waiting on something that will never come. Check out pics.

Hi all. Hope everyone is doing well. Life is...

Hi all. Hope everyone is doing well. Life is pretty much back to normal except sit ups and ab workouts still pull and tuck a little at the MR site. I actually have gained like 7 pounds since my surgery which stressed me out. Lack of exercise I suppose. Anyway, now that I'm starting to see final results I notice I still have a little pooch above my scar. Mainly when sitting. Anyone else have this.

Found Dr Montag through research and referral. On this review the questions aren't really results driven. And yes, I gave a lower score on wait times and time spent with doctor, but I'll sacrifice that for great results. Which is yet to be seen.

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