Labiplasty - Omaha, NE

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Since puberty I noticed my right labia was longer...

Since puberty I noticed my right labia was longer than my left. It would stick out from my labia majora and often I would have to 'tuck' it back in. I never really thought much of it having not seen any other vaginas besides my own, ha.

However, as I got older I began to feel physical discomfort during sex, or when I would bike or run. I began researching and realized I was not only with big, protruding lips. I can't tell you how much comfort I felt when I visited this website and saw that I wasn't abnormal.

I met with a couple of different doctors. All I wanted was my one side trimmed up. The first doctor I met with wanted to give me a 'porn' vagina - his words, not mine. I told him I wasnt doing this to have a 'fashion vagina', I just wanted to clean up the part that stuck out so it wouldnt hurt anymore.

I finally found Dr. Montag. I explained to her exactly what I wanted. She let me know that different lips is way more common than most expect. She agreed that I only needed a unilateral labiaplasty and I'm all set for Monday the 21st. A little nervous for general anesthesia as she does not like local for this procedure. I'll post progress pics!

2 hours after procedure

I had my surgery at 5am this morning. Everything went well, the nurse was very attentive and Dr. Montag is wonderful. We went over again exactly what I did and did not want.

I had no pain when I woke up, but they advised to take some pain pills when I got home to stay ahead of the pain.

It's a bit swollen now. I cant wait to see how it heals.

24 hours after labiaplastly

It's been 24 hours and the swelling is still there but has decreased by a lot. I feel a slight twinge of pain in a particular area, but nothing unbearable. I've been icing almost the entire time too.

Two Days After Surgery

I'm still swollen, but the pain and discomfort has dropped dramatically. The are is still obviously very tender and slight spots of bleeding.

2 days after surgery photo

3 days post op

Trying to do a daily update of healing.

4 days after

Woke up in a lot of pain. One particular area is throbbing.

6 days after surgery

Swelling hasn't gone done yet, crossing my fingers for any day now. 'My swelling is causing pressure on my sutures making the area extremely tender.

6 days after surgery

One Week Post Surgery

Feeling very frustrated. The swelling has not gone down at all. I've been icing, eating anti-inflammatory foods, taking Bromelain supplements, took a week off of just relaxing and my one side is still extremely swollen and painful. I know it will get better, but this is definitely more of an emotional journey than I ever thought it would be.

7 days after surgery

I am more optimistic. The swelling is still here but definitely deflating and hardly any pain at all. The sutures are dissolving and skin is flattening out.

10 days after surgery

I finally took some anti-inflammatories for the swelling. I had waited because my doctor said it could cause bleeding complications. After taking the the NSAID, there was a dramatic difference. Swelling almost completely disappeared.

Once the swelling was gone, I could examine everything a little better. While doing so I notice a small tear. Its very minor, however, I'm nervous it wont connect with the rest of the skin and there will be this odd gap or that it could get worse if I have sex.

I emailed a photo to my doctor, as I live in a different state than where my surgery was performed. Waiting on her response.

10 days post

Doctor said nothing to worry about with the tear.

2 weeks post surgery

I'm pretty much all closed up. The itching has begun and my spitting sutures are really irritating but my doctor said to let them be.

Going to get back to working out in the next couple days.

17 days after procedure

For the past few days I've had an internal suture trying to pop through. It caused the area to be extremely tender and inflamed. Tonight I was finally able to extract it; it was painful and I had to give it a few tries, but after it was was instant relief.

Almost 3 weeks

Very happy with the healing. I had to remove a lot of my stitches on my own. They were dissolvable but they were starting to cause pain, bleeding and inflammation. After removing them, the skin immediately flattened and no pain. Still rubbing occasional antibiotic on the sutures and petroleum jelly on the rest to soften/strengthen the skin.

Three weeks

All sutures are out. Some have left holes where the 'threading' was. Hopefully those will close up soon. No pain, except a slight tenderness on the suture line from stitches underneath. I've been massaging the area to break up the hardness and it seems to be helping.

One month post op

Everything is closed up. Suture lines still feel a little 'tough' with scar tissue below. I started working out on day 26, no pain, no tears. I still have some indentations from where the sutures were.

One month post op continued

I am back to exercising legs and running. I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and there was no pain, no tearing. I was a little swollen after, but that happened a lot even before surgery.

As far as sensitivity, the only thing was some of the skin is still a little hard from where the sutures were, but I think everything will be back to normal soon.

Very happy with my results. The past four weeks were definitely about patients and taking it easy.

5 weeks post op

Currently 5 weeks post op. Had sex twice with no pain, but a little swelling after. Also sat in a jacuzzi this week with no problems. Some edges are still a bit rough but softening up.

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