25 Years Old, 1 Child, Working Full Time, Student Part Time. Overbite and Overlapping Front Teeth, over jet- Omaha, NE

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My parents always told me I had a beautiful white...

My parents always told me I had a beautiful white healthy smile so even though I begged for braces in high school they felt it was unnecessary and wasted money. I beg to differ. I've been saving up for a really long time and I'm finally able to afford it. I have a set of 58 TRAYS!!! Top and bottom! Ugh! But I was told this orthodontist is a perfectionist so even though this will take 2 years I trust him. My smile has always greatly affected my life. I hate pictures especially! I'm on my first set of trays and figure I'll repost every 3 months so you can hopefully ???? see a difference. So far I've had a few issues 2 of my total 11 attachments have already fallen off in the first 2 days. I waited 12 hours after they were first put on before I wore my first set of trays so i already need to go back in to get them fixed. But here it goes. Hoping 2 years goes by successfully

A few better angles still on first set of trays

2 months in just started 5th tray!!

From the front view there is little to no difference. I'm updating right now because as of 11/5/14 I just started wearing rubber bands to fix my over bite. They told me originally it would take about a year before I would see the crowding in the front start to straighten out because they are moving my molars farther back in my mouth one by one. My Dr said my teeth are moving so well though that instead of having to wear my trays 2 weeks at a time I now only have to wear them for one week at a time!! Which cuts my original treatment in half!!! Only down part is that my mouth is going to be constantly sore. Beauty is pain though right!! You can see that my back right(back left in the picture) molar had moved quite a bit from the others. Excited to see some change even if it's not a lot! Hope to see some changes within the next 3-6 months!

Modified upper trays with hooks!

When I got my first set of trays with the hooks they were just tearing up my upper lip that tiny little point was driving me nuts so I just cut the tips off barely and filed them down to make it smooth.

Just started tray 35 only 23 more to go!

I haven't noticed much change in the top actually looks worse to me but I know I'm wrong. They have been moving my molars one by one towards the back which can explain the small gaps you see on the top half. My lower teeth are really starting to straighten out which is exciting! Can't wait for November for the final result!!

Just the lower half

Lower trays from 1st tray to tray number 41. 17 more to go!

Almost done!! 52 trays to start! 26 more on my refinement! 6 more trays to go!!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Teeth have really shifted. All together I had 78 trays! I go in Tuesday may 3rd to get my last 6 trays!!

Tray 72! Will post before and after pics in a few weeks of different angles!

Omg! 2nd set of refinements!

My ortho is contemplating a second round of refinements. I wear these things day in and day out around the clock and I chew on the chewies like they are bubble gum. I've had 78 trays total. 52 to start and 26 in my first refinement. Invisalign is definitely worth it but I'm so over braces!

2nd refinement. 39 trays. So far 117 trays total.

I went in for my second refinement today. My first set I had 56 trays. 1st refinement I had 26 more trays and now I'm on my send refinement with 39 more trays. I could not be more frustrated but I trust my orthodontist. They don't call him a perfectionist for no reason. Here we go!!
Dr. H

Leaving the doctor unnamed for now. But so far he's amazing!

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