Asian Skin So Nervous About Fraxel Dual Restore - Omaha, NE

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On day 2 so I don't know about the results yet...

On day 2 so I don't know about the results yet. The price is half through Jan 15th! Nice unpexpected suprise. Having Asian skin we have to be careful about post procedure pigmentation issues. For this reason they treated me at 35% 8 passes. I have pain medication reactions so I just went w/ the topical numbing. I would not reccomend this as it is painful.

Immediately after your face will feel on fire, then just hot, then swollen and dry by night. I am not using their post care kit for $30 I bought from them because it's small and read Biafine gives a more reliable result. You will need a very large tube of it because your skin absorbs it! I am not trying to keep it goopy w cetaphil or other creams because I've seen and read of people gettting acne and yeast infections over time from that. I am not prone to acne, but no thanks!.

I woke up this morning and it felt very tight and swollen. I slept very elevated and the skin on my neck felt the tightest. No pain. Took a shower and washed my face with just my hands (no washcloth)and hibiclens which is gentle and great to avoid infections! Today it is darker versus just read as it is drying. I am applying a thin layer of biafine every 2 hours. Will update tomorrow!

Today is Sunday (procedure was Friday) and woke up...

Today is Sunday (procedure was Friday) and woke up to the skin much bronzer than yesterday. I took a shower but no washcloth just cetaphil, then hibiclens as from what I've read the longer this skin stays on my face, the better the skin underneath will be. Since my concern is getting post pigmentation spots I am not rushing this sloughing process! A 1/4"spot of skin has fell of my chin and more wants to, but I just patted my face dry and applied Biafine twice this morning so far. I think I could encourage a lot of this skin off today, but for better results I am encouraging it to wait another day! No pain, minimal swelling if any, and the area under my jaw bone that was sensitive feels fine today. So far so good! I think the setting of 35% and 8 passes was perfect for my skin as I've had no blisters or raw spots which I was scared of hyperpigmenting from. Will update tomorrow. Perhaps the sandpaper skin will be mostly gone tomorrow?

Today is Monday. Procedure was friday and all the...

Today is Monday. Procedure was friday and all the sandpaper skin is gone! I am so pleased. I had this procedure because I am 40's and wanted to get rid of some sun damage spots and I've always had a little freckling. Almost all my spots are gone, and the 2 left are faded and I will probably just get spot treated. She suggested this since I had to have the lower setting, but was well worth it. Never oozed, scabbed. It went like textbook. Neck is a little red in couple spots, but nothing bad. LOVE LOVE IT! SO GLAD I DID THIS. A little hydroq, followed by sunscreen patted on. Beautiful.

One thing I do want to suggest is using something...

One thing I do want to suggest is using something heavier as cetaphil cream after the peeling has completed. Your new skin is thin, and easily dries initially so it will soak up the heavier moisturizer. From everything I read this is normal for the first month or two.
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I planned my procedure right after Christmas and was pleased to arrive and find out it is half price for a couple weeks. Only $500 for face and neck dual

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