Dream Nose! Flew to Omaha for Life-changing Rhinoplasty! - Omaha, NE

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My starting point was a very large nose with a...

My starting point was a very large nose with a bulbous tip, and I had significant concerns about whether or not a surgeon could give me the result I desired, but Dr. Denenberg did just that. His masterful work on me resulted in a perfect size reduction, yet something which is natural looking, not too small for my face, meeting the goals I discussed with him. When I look in the mirror, I am in disbelief at how natural it looks... it’s truly impressive. I am immensely pleased.

I’ve not seen many surgeons who have great before/after photos showing work on noses with large bulbous tips. Dr. Denenberg has many such photos on his web site which reveal the extraordinarily excellent results of his fine work, and which drew me to initially contacting him.

It was his beautiful before/after photos, the positive remarks by others about his work, and my personal experience with his online consult which led to my ultimately flying to Omaha to have him perform my surgery. Flying out of state for a rhinoplasty was something I initially thought was completely unnecessary, and would therefore never happen. On hindsight, I am so grateful things fell into place which opened my eyes to have me seriously consider flying to see Dr. Denenberg. As well, I now see how easy it is to travel to see him.

Dr. Denenberg took time to hear and respond to all of my concerns and requests. From my initial online consultation through surgery to post-OP, both he and his staff have worked together to make the entire process as easygoing as possible. As part of my initial consultation, Dr. Denenberg immediately provided free before/after simulations which allowed me to consider his proposed direction based on my stated goals.

I only had to stay about 10 days, which includes the days flying in/out, returning home the same day the bandages came off. I could have reduced that to 9 days by flying in on the pre-OP day, but I wanted to fly in the day before the pre-OP so I could settle in, shop for groceries, relax, etc.

I should mention his office has relationships with local hotels where they offer his patients special rates. At first, when I think of a hotel, I think of a place which is either too fancy/expensive, or requires room service (i.e., no kitchen), or where you must go out and eat or pay a lot of money to order in. One hotel they recommended, where I stayed, was very affordable, yet it had a fully ready-to-go kitchen (i.e., pots, pans, utensils, fridge, microwave, stove, dishwasher, etc.). It was truly like a home away from home for my 10 day stay. I like to cook, so I bought groceries and made most of my meals there. They even had laundry rooms where the machines were free. In other words, I wasn’t charged a bunch of fees at every turn. Staff at the hotel was very nice/accommodating. It was very easy to stick to a budget. Overall, it was a very nice stay.

Dr. Denenberg’s office also has lists of places you can go visit and eat while there (i.e., museums, restaurants etc.). I didn’t expect to go out, but during recovery, actually starting on the day after surgery, I surprised myself and went out a few times and found it refreshingly quiet and relaxing. I was quite surprised, actually, how little pain and bruising there was... my main concern was just not to bump into anything or whatnot. So I didn’t go into a lot of busy places... the museum was very quiet, cool, relaxing... perfect for recovery while avoiding being cooped up in a room all the time.

On hindsight, I almost actually even wonder if it’s a little better to sort of get away for this sort of thing, out of my element, away from home. I think it allowed me to more freely go out and about with bandages on, something I likely would not have done as freely in my own neighborhood at home.

I really didn’t believe I would finally go for it and travel on top of that. Everything went so smoothly, it just happened. I’m so very astonished and pleased with the result Dr. Denenberg produced for me. Dr. Denenberg possesses great mastery, refreshing integrity, and sincere compassion/empathy. A big THANK YOU to Dr. Denenberg and his staff!

Pictures finally... and an update...

Well, it's been a while since I posted my initial rhinoplasty review. At the time of my initial review I was much more private about my plastic surgery endeavors and didn't feel comfortable immediately posting photos. I needed time and have now broken through my "realself photo posting" phobia so I'm now attaching rhinoplasty photos from pre-OP through to 8 months post-OP.

Overall, I'm very happy with the result, but my rhinoplasty post-OP journey was not without some peril due to my own faux pas...

In my second week of recovery I was at home, working to be very careful around the nose, working on the laptop, wearing studio headphones, the kind that cup your ears. The studio headphones had that typical very tough piece of shim-like metal inside its head-cushion thingy which creates a very tough spring-action that allows the headphones to grip the head/ears. Anyway, I was trying to be very careful, reached to take them off, and pulled them very far apart, further than I typically do in order to be extra cautious to make sure they cleared my head and stayed far away from my nose, where all of a sudden the right side studio headphone earpiece thingy flew out of my hand and walloped the right side of my nose, and did so with quite a force... needless to say, I absolutely freaked out.

This was late in the evening, so overnight I was using iced clothes like crazy, all that jazz. Touched base with the doc the next morning etc. A long story very short… I had a funny compressed-like feeling in there henceforth, the kind you get if you bang your nose, but it did not go away, and I was really worried about damage. There was nothing I could do but wait. I had good communication with my doctors and everything ultimately worked out fine.

The reason I'm sharing this information: Be very careful of ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING near your nose after your dream rhinoplasty! Simple studio headphones got me and the irony to it is it all occurred because I was trying to be careful and stretched them too far, further than I normal do, all to try to be safe, but the right side slipped out because they were stretched too far. So in my case, the advice to myself would be to play it safe, be very careful, but ALSO be careful of trying to be too cautious where you change your typical activity. Don't underestimate even a simple pair of headphones. I was kicking myself for months… a real screw up.

Okay, so I'm past it but I figured I'd share the experience that I should not only have been careful post-OP as I was, but I should have been careful of my deliberate over cautiousness too. :) Sounds funny… but the point is I became too confident about my own movements during that second week post-OP. I also became too confident about how cautious and careful I was being and then the Universe came and tapped me on the proverbial shoulder. I mean, why did I take off those headphones in front of my head? Why not pull them apart and go backwards, toward the back of my head? Or just pull them backwards, letting them slide off the back of my head without stretching them apart? Obviously there were many better choices than the one I was feeling so grand about. Frankly, now, I'd likely not wear headphones, earbuds only.

But on the whole, I've had a few procedures over the last year and I'm overall generally very happy with the results and thank realself.com tremendously for the format to let me research some of the stuff I've done. Of course, I thank all my doctors too... they're really wonderful. I feel it's important for me to post my photos and experience to give back to other realself-ers who have shared their experiences.

That's it for now... my best wishes to all of you out there going through your own journey. Be well!
Omaha Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Denenberg’s work on me is just out of this world, masterful. He is a quintessential master of his craft, phenomenal. I was extremely fortunate to have him perform my primary rhinoplasty. From the first moment I contacted him, Dr. Denenberg has been extremely responsive to all of my questions and concerns. Both he and the information he generously publishes on his web site have great integrity and guiding input. Thank goodness I didn’t let the idea of travel stand in the way of my going to him for surgery! Thank you tremendously Dr. Denenberg and staff!

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