39 Years Old, 2 Kids, Size H, Height 5'2", 180 Lbs. Omaha, NE

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This is a 10 year journey for me to get to have a...

This is a 10 year journey for me to get to have a reduction. I've only taken it really seriously in the last year but have thought about it for a very long time. I've just recently gotten approved by insurance for the procedure and I'm beyond excited for it. I'm a chef and trust me, these girls get in the way.

Ok here are my before pictures

Surgery is in two days. Starting to get excited, but probably won't really get nervous until the morning of. Anyhoo, here are my before pictures.

take your recovery seriously!

So I really want to have a shower (2 days post op). My husband was going to help me and as soon as I took the bra and bandages off, i just passed out. I was probably moving too fast, or the rush of blood took it's toll but even though you think you feel good, remember to keep moving slowly!! I did bang up my knee.

Surgery Day

Thanks everyone. I had surgery today, and am awake (and coherent enough) to begin writing about it. First off, I had surgery at the new med center in Village Point, Omaha and I have to say the nurses there are PHENOMENAL. A special thank you to the nurse that let me use her boobs as a pillow while I tried to sit up before throwing up. She just let me put my head on her and played with my hair while my head spun wildly. That said, the overall experience was great. Dr Johnson finished he prior surgery early and they called me in to get me started asap. We were able to get there very quickly, got checked in, drawn on, and on my way ahead of schedule. I haven't seen the end results yet, but the Dr did tell my husband that he removed 2.5 lbs from each breast, bringing me down from a H to a C. SO EXCITED TO SEE THE RESULTS. I do have drains and expect those to come out in a few days. I can't think of anything else to write at the moment other than they put me on a BRAT diet (bread, rice, applesauce, toast) to ease back into eating, but I think I've put away about a loaf a bread already (so HUNGRY!!)

4 days post op

Feeling tired, but good. ZERO back, neck and shoulder pain. Really happy with the results so far.

7.25 pics

Amazingly, my actual breasts are the things that hurt the least today. The drains are pretty bad (my 1st post op appt is tomorrow) which is 7 days after surgery. I really hope those come out.

Some complications have occurred

well, it appears I've developed nipple necrosis on my right nipple. Super sad about this.
Dr Perry Johnson

I've only met with Dr. Johnson once so far and we didn't need to meet for very long for him to tell me I was a good candidate for a reduction. His office staff is phenomenal; they have helped answer a lot of questions for me. 9 weeks away (July 20) is surgery!!!

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