22 Year Old, 5'5, 165lb, Size 34K+ Hoping for 34D - Omaha, NE

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Hello Realself Sisters!:) I have been researching...

Hello Realself Sisters!:) I have been researching and reviewing this site and others for years! Today I've finally got the courage to write a review. Let me give you a little back story: CAUTION! THIS WILL BE LONG!! ;) Like many other women on this site, I've almost always had big breasts. In sixth grade I was a B cup, and by the time I hit 8th, I was a whopping 34DD. So imagine a (at the time) 110lb, 5' nothing girl with massive boobs. I looked like a popsicle stick with chest!! As I got taller through puberty, I filled out a bit, and so did my boobs. It's like when puberty hit my boobs never stopped growing. My senior year of high school I was 135lbs with 34G breast. Fast forward a few years and I started on birth control. I gained about 35lbs over a three year period, and my breasts gained about four cup sizes. Ugh! Horrible!!! So, I've been wanting a breast reduction since about 8th grade. I knew it was time when I realized I could barely fit into a XXXL swim suit top and all my friends were wearing pushups to have the slightest bit of cleavage. Let's not even talk about how pervy guys staring at a 14/15 year olds chest instead of eyes, ruined my self confidence. At first I wanted it because I was self conscious, but over the years as I have become more comfortable with my body, pain in my shoulders and upper back have now been the drive to reduce them. I got up the nerve to talk to my doctor about getting a breast reduction when I heard through the military rumor mill that you are allowed one free cosmetic surgery procedure. In January of this year, I saw my doc and he basically told me my symptoms. He was like "you have shoulder and back pain, don't you? It's difficult for you to run, right? You've been to chiropractic care before, huh? " I was like ughhhh, yeah....? And he wrote the referral right away! I was kind of shocked. So I waited for the referral to come back so I could schedule a consultation, and when it came back, they assigned me an ear, nose, throat surgeon. I was like F*** no!!! No way am I going to let a ENT surgeon do my BREASTS. So, the insurance allowed me to pick my own doctor, as long as they accepted Tricare. After maybe three different visits with nurses, I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Hollins at Village Pointe Aesthetics. We met on March 12th. He was very nice, personable, and professional. He answered all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them! I was really impressed. Yes been practicing for over 15 years, and his work is beautiful! I was in awe how good every single breast reduction before and after looked. He sent a request for surgery and on March 25th I was approved for my surgery!!!!:) They had a cancellation and so I could've scheduled my surgery for April 25th, but when the nurse said the date, I had a mini panic attack. TOO SOON! TOO SOON! TOO SOON! So the next available date is June 19th, and I took it. It gives me time to lose some weight and get in a healthy shape, before surgery so weight loss won't affect my breasts shape outcome. I'm not too over weight, just skinny fat. I'd like to have a flat tummy and a nice back and booty, lol. Any questions please ask!! Have a wonderful Monday!!!:)

Weight Loss Update!

Hi Realself Ladies!! This Wednesday I had a PT (physical fitness test) and I weighed in at 160! Down 5lbs! I'm so excited and I can't wait til I'm at a healthy weight for my height (hopefully somewhere around 135-140). I have the type of body that gains muscle fast, so I expect to be closer to 140 when everything is all said and done.
What I've been doing to lose weight:
*Cardio (2-3x daily, minimum 45 mins)
*weight lifting (3-4x weekly 15lb weights for arm curls and shoulder press, 95lbs for squats, 50lbs for chest press)
*Healthy eating ( proportion and moderation is KEY!! 3 (350 cal) small meals and 3 (100-150 cal) snacks a day eating lots of fruits and veggies and lean meats like chicken, salmon and ground turkey instead of ground beef.
*staying hydrated. I don't like water, so I use the 5 cal Crystal lite. And I drink like three bottles a day. I also love tea, so I drink tons of decaf green tea.
*NOTE: Like I said earlier, moderation is KEY. I love sweets! (S'mores, Oreos, candy) love sugary cereal (Cap n Crunch) I love pizza and Chipotle and rice. BUT,but, but!! I don't eat as much of it anymore, or as often as I used to. I still eat them, just every now again Vs everyday.

I've noticed that eating healthy minimizes cravings for the unhealthy stuff.

Anyway, good luck to everyone that is also trying to lose weight before a procedure. Keep your head up and your eye on that lovely prize!! :)


Oh my goodness ladies!! Exactly 30 days til my surgery! I feel like last week it was 60 days til the surgery....Man! I apologize for not writing a review in a while, I've just been super busy with work and home, and now I'll be moving! So I've been trying to do all three every day: go to work from the crack of dawn to 430, then come home and cook dinner, clean the house a bit, and then pack some boxes.... WHEW! Super exhausting! I don't even do much on the weekends, just packing and catching up on a weeks worth of missed sleep.

Anyways, I am super excited about the surgery! Well, it's more of a 50/50 excited/nervous feeling. I hope they turn out to look beautiful, and even...and my nipples are even shapes and sizes...and I'm not too small or too big...LOL! I'm a natural born worrier, and I worry about these things all the time. I wonder if I would still feel like me. If I would still feel sexy or attractive. Not saying my breast size is what makes me feel attractive or sexy, it's just... It seems like I've always had big boobs, and to think of actually parting with some to the majority is scary and makes me reevaluate how I perceive myself. You know what I mean???

I asked my job to allow me three extra weeks of leave after the doctor's prescribed three weeks, but they won't allow it because of some lame policy. So!! I am going to try and get my PS to extend the recommended time off work from three to maybe five or six weeks. I just want to be as stress free as possible for as much of the early stage healing process as possible. And my job is extremely stressful!!! :/ I also talked with my supervisor and was told I could be possibly put on half days (working 4 hours a day) instead of full days (working 8+) for a week or two... Which sounds nice. But I'd rather not be there completely, lol.

As for my weight loss journey, I have been so stressed and exhausted I haven't lost a single pound since the last update ????!!! BUT (optimism) I haven't gained anything either! :) I plan on losing 5 more pounds by the surgery date, bringing me to 155. I think that's a doable goal! :) Hopefully I'll lose more than that though! (Optimism)

How's everyone else's journey coming along... For the RS sisters who's surgery dates around mine: How do you feel?? Are you ready?? Has the time flew for you guys??


Hey guys!:) My surgery is in FOUR DAYS!!! AHHH!:) Im feeling calm, surprisingly... I thought I'd be in a panicky state, but that's not the case. This weekend I spent the whole time constructing my bed frame. Lawd knows that was a struggle, because I'm not exactly a carpenter, but it was a fun trial-and-error process. I think I'm so calm right now because I've been keeping myself busy. My mom and aunt are coming in town Wednesday night and staying til Sunday, so I've been busy cleaning the house too to bottom and getting everything ready for their arrival. Work has also had me preety swamped! It's going to be so nice having six weeks off of work to just focus on my health and healing. Plus I really want to work on myself (spiritual and mental health) so that the transition from big chested to small won't devastate me. I see a lot of girls on here struggle with the new body change and their body image, and I think these six weeks will be an amazing opportunity to reacquaint me with myself, inside and out. I'm super stoked. My only concern with the post op deal is being bored and by myself after the first week. (My friend is going to take care of me for a full week after the surgery and then I'm on my lonesome). So, I ask for your constant support and friendship!!! I'll need it!:) I totally forgot the instructions the nurse gave me about what to/not to do before the surgery ????. I'll have to give them a call tomorrow and get retold what to do... I'm just ready for my leave to start, so I can start working on me. And I'm ready to have small manageable boobies!!! ???? I'll most likely update you guys so much you'll be tired of me haha! Stay gold loves!! ?


My surgery was today and I can't help but be elated and happy!!!:) I went in at 12 and surgery was at 1. Wasn't done til 5/530. The drugs make me sleepy, so Ive been sleep til now with the occasional waking up to eat or pee! ( It's 10pm) I will post more with details later, but I will tell you that I am more than excited and happy with my new breast size!!:) Love you guys!!!

The Procedure!

Hey guys, so let me give you the run down, this WILL BE LONG ????????!!!

The day before the surgery my aunt, mom and I took a quick trip to Kansas city (they came in town Wednesday night) because there's some good shopping there and they like to travel to as many states as possible and haven't been to Missouri.... So we spent a few hours there and I looked at all the future clothes I'd be able to fit, and it honestly got me even more excited for the surgery! I looked at dresses and tops and cute bras, and oh how was I excited!!!:) I got home that night at about 11 and had some last minute taco bell before the 12am no food/drink deadline hit and got the hibicleanse soap from Wal-Mart. My mom was supposed to do my hair (with it being super curly and unruly, I wanted it twisted up in a hairdo that would last me a few weeks) but she was sleepy and didn't want to. I ended up going to bed around 1am bc I was just up talking about how excited I was...

So! Morning of the surgery I got up around 715/730 surprisingly nervous and a bit anxious.I took a shower and made sure to scrub my body well with the hibicleanse, and started on doing my own hair:) The nurse asked me to call them at 10 to see if Dr. Hollins was out of surgery early so I could possibly start mine earlier, so I did and he was still in surgery So that made me feel relieved that I wouldn't have to start my surgery early! ???? I was supposed to arrive to the surgery at 12, but I was so excited, I got there 30 mins early!! Haha! I checked in at the front desk and about five minutes later I met my nurse Liz:)

She took me back into my own bay and let me know where everything is, and how the whole pre procedure process is going to go. I had to pee in a cup for a pregnancy test, my vitals were checked, and we went over all of my medical history (drug/alcohol usage, current medications, if I have a cold or any type of allergies etc.) And then I got changed into a gown. She took my blood pressure and then we waited for Dr. Hollins to get out if surgery. We just joked around and she was really sweet to me!:) I was so happy and excited to do this, I could barely contain myself.

About 10-15 minutes later Dr. Hollins came and introduced himself to my mom and aunt who were in the bay with me and he marked me up for surgery. He asked if there's a such a thing as making me too small and I told him "Nope! Make me as small as you can!" He just reiterated that I'll be a C cup by the time I'm all healed up and hearing that made me so happy! ???? it's exactly what I wanted. So after he marked me standing, he marked me sitting, noting that my right breast is larger, and went over what he was going to do in the surgery. My mom asked him to pray with us, and him not necessarily beung a praying man, did so anyways out if kindness and seeing how nervous and scared my mom was. I thought that was sweet of him. After that he asked if I had any questions, I jokingly said "while I'm already under, can you suck out some if this stomach fat?!" And he chuckled and told me he couldn't. It's nice when people have a sense of humor!

Then Liz put these leg compressors on me to help with reducing the chance of blood clots during surgery and put the IV in my hand. I'm not too keen on being injected with things, but she was very gentle and talked me through the poke.

Then I met the anesthesiologist, Ann! :) She was so nice and kind! She went over my medical history and asked if anyone in my family has had problems with anesthesia, which no one does, and she checked my throat. She told me she was going to give me a little bit if sedation to calm me before we entered the OR, and let me know that I'd have a breathing tube in which would be put in and taken out while I was still under. I met Ashley, who was going to be my OR nurse, she was very kind and gentle, and both her and Ann assured me that they were going to be by my side the entire time! How sweet! Ibmve never met such lovely and gentle ladies!!!

The next, is a little bit blurry in my memory. I remember saying my goodbyes to my mom and aunty, and Ann giving me a bit of medicine. Then I remember getting rolled into the OR across the hallway and seeing inside. There were huge lights but they weren't turned on, and I vaguely recall asking Ashely and Ann if Dr. Hollins listened to good music, just in case I could still hear lol! Then I sorta remember a mask being put on my face.... Then BAM! I was back into my bay/ room with Liz and Ann.

They assured me everything went fine and that I peed on myself, coming out of anesthesia so they took off my undies. I was still pretty out of it but I remember asking questions like "are they even?" "What size am I?" "Can I get up and look?" And I told everyone thank you a thousand times according to my mom. I remember Dr. Hollins coming in and giving me instructions, and Liz giving me instructions, but I have no idea what they said.

The surgery was from 1pm to 5-530pm. I think that includes recovery time. Apparently I had no trouble coming out if anesthesia, and was actually pretty nice and grateful to everyone, constantly saying thank you. LOL! Liz fed my ice chips and Apple juice and then I got in a wheelchair and they rolled me out into the car. ATTENTION LADIES!!!! BRING A PILLOW OR SOMETHING WITH YOU FOR THE CAR RIDE HOME!!!!! I felt every single bump and dip in the road and it was terrible!! ???????? it hurt so bad!

My mom and aunty got me into bed and went and got my prescriptions (antibiotics and pain meds) and some Popeyes mashed potatoes and chicken strips. I only ate two scoops of mashed potatoes and a bite of chicken and that was it for me, the rest of the time I was asleep from all the medication.

I make sure to take pain pills and antibiotics every 4 hours, so the pain is very minimal, just soreness and achy feelings. I looked in the mirror last night and couldn't believe how small I am! I love them already!!! I'm about a c cup, but a d cup with all the swelling and gauze ***EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED*** My mom (who has always been tiny breasted) and I guess the nurses thought I looked too small but Dr. Hollins told them no, it's what I WANTED. And I'm so thankful he listened to me. I couldn't be happier or more grateful to have done this procedure already!!????????????

I'm posting some befores in various sports bras and the after pics I took today! My stomach is really bloated!!! ????


It updated on accident


Hey guys! so I'm about four days post op and I feel amazing!:) my breasts still have some small leaking, but it's very minimal, and the swelling is starting to go down! I'm so happy you guys I can't contain myself! I have had nipple sensation since day 2 post op, but have numbness in the lower half of both breasts. Hopefully the numbness will go away soon! I don't have any signs of infection, which is awesome, and surprisingly, no bruising on my breasts. Besides the soreness I feel completely normal! There are times where I will walk too fast, or move around too much and I'll be out of breath, but for the most part I feel like myself! Just a weaker form of me ????. I haven't been able to sleep through the night yet, because I still wake up at intervals to take the antibiotics, but when I do sleep, I sleep comfortably????. I sleep with those chair pillows and an airline neck pillow (both can be bought at Wal-Mart). And I find that most helpful to get myself into the right position, seeing I am a side/stomach sleeper. It's pretty comfy!!????

I have been feeling so lazy and bored these past few days... So far I have done little things like paint my fingernails, ate at a restaurant, went to the movie theater (Jurassic World), and got ice cream to make it feel like I'm actually doing something. I'm a natural busy body, so it's hard for me to sit around and do nothing all day, and its only day FOUR!! ????. I woke up wanting to go to the gym to get some cardio in, and forgot that I just had a major surgery a few days ago! OH BOY!! I wonder when I'll be cleared for light exercise... I don't want to end up gaining weight while I'm recovering! ???????? Hopefully I'll be able to do light cardio by week three. To kill some of th boredom, I thought about going to Michaels to get some art supplies and paints, and start making some artwork to put up around the house! :) That'll keep me busy!

Any questions or suggestions guys??Thanks so much for reading????

Recap! (Possible TMI situation)

Hey guys! So today I went to my first post op visit and all n all, it was a very successful day! Unlike yesterday I actually got out the house and did some stuff! But first let me tell you about yesterday:

TAKE LAXATIVES NOT STOOL SOFTENER!! A lesson I learned the hard way yesterday! Omg!!!! Okay, so my doctor told me to take Milk of Masgnesia to aid in umm.... digestion... and so I was following his orders like a good little patient. FIVE DAYS later, still no movement!! The bloating was so intense yesterday I couldn't drink anything to take my medication! I felt full, and nauseous, and super just, ugh... uncomfortable. My stomach had never been so big in my life, I contemplated the sympathies of this must be how it's feels to be six months pregnant, lol. I waddled and slept, and shifted around so much during the day I eventually went out for a walk, thinking maybe the walk would help get things moving, but I was too nauseous to move past the driveway of my house. I finally got a hold of a friend and pleaded my case. After some chuckles and a few snorting grunts, she recommended Miralax. TAKE MIRALAX!! It worked like a charm and I slept like a baby!! Haha.

On to today!! :) I went to the doctors to my first post op visit. I was seen quickly and the nurse weighed me. Seems like I lost 5 lbs! But I can't be for sure bc of the bloating. I saw the doc and he was super sweet and nice a usual and said they look good, no infection. Asked if I thought they were too big/small. I think they look great! Then he and the nurse proceded to take off the steri strips, and oh my lawd! The doctor did his side fine, but I felt the nurse just about ripped my nipple off!! It stung and bled on her side! But she was super nice and apologetic about it. They gave me some gauze pads, and said I'd be seeing them in two weeks. I looked at my boobies for the first time without tapes and I'd like to say they look good!!:) The rest of the day I went shopping, got some stuff for the house, went and did a bit of clothes shopping (no tops) and got some artsy type supplies to keep me busy these next few weeks, overall I'm happy with today! I'll post pics later today when I'm not so tired. Ciao!! :*

Picture before and afters! Along with boobie update pics!

Forgot one!

Three weeks post op!

Hey guys! Its been a few weeks since I've written a review! I've been spending a lot of time working on my inward self, and accepting my new body. Having the surgery was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life, (because of now being able to actually fit clothes and go places and get looked in the eye) BUT I feel like I've lost my body confidence!! :( Before when I had giant boobies, I had tons of body confidence because I spent years accepting myself and loving who I am and what I look like. So everything has changed now I'm a smaller size. I think my stomach looks bigger and flabbier, and that my ribcage is too wide to have such a small set of boobs. And, idk. It's a new, unexpected struggle for me. I don't really feel sexy anymore, just cute and normal. Has any of you ladies gone through this???

As for the breast update: I had my three weeks post op visit last Thursday and got the clear stitches removed. I also was cleared to go to the gym for the bike, treadmill, and fast paced walking, which I'm excited about! :) I also have been given the go ahead to start using silicone gel on my scars. The left side ribcage area lays flatter than the right, so I'll be using it soon, just not til all of the scabs have fallen off. I have also been instructed to use cocoa butter with vitamin E, but because the smell of cocoa butter makes me nauseous, I just use vitamin E lotion.

The second and third week after surgery, I experienced a lot of random, quick sharp pains and tenderness. My doctor said it was just the nerves starting to grow back, so it's a good sign. Also sometimes the inside of my breast itches! That's the tissues settling inside and readjusting themselves or something like that. Normal! I have slowly started to get more feeling around my breasts and its awesome!

I went to target to get a sneak peek at my size, and so far I am a 34DD/36D. BUT I know that there's still bunches of swelling that needs to go away so I'm hoping I'll lose a cup size when it's all said and done!!

As for any sort of complications with my breasts so far, it has been minimal. My right breast leaked this green and sometimes yellow fluid for two weeks, and had opened up a little at the T junction under the boob. Compared to the left one, it looks bad, but on its own, it's no big deal! I talked to my doctor and he said it was drainage, and there's a possibility of the wound opening up further! :( I PRAY that doesn't happen!!! Overall though, I think my healing is going wonderfully! :)

Happy healing to you guys!!

One month post op!

Hey RS sisters! So Friday marked my one month post op! Sorry I'm so late on doing the review on the actual day, I just get so distracted sometimes! What I've noticed this week, is that my boobs are starting to soften up a bit, and I think they may have even dropped/settled a bit:) Woo! No more rock hard boobies. I have been experiencing soreness along my scars and massage them daily (not fun) with vitamin E creme. I bought the silicone gel about a week or so ago and have only used it two or three times. I still have maybe three places that have scabs, and am waiting for them to fall off before I start putting on the gel. So it's been a waiting game. I'd like to buy those silicone sticker-things because the gel is very sticky.

This coming up weekend, I decided to splurge on myself, and take a weekend to the Mall of America to get myself a new wardrobe!! I will probably never leave the mall, and just live inside one of their thousand stores. I will be in LOVE!! :) I'm so excited because I've noticed I'm not a medium (I like my shirts well fitted) anymore! Smalls all the way:) so I need new tops, and I'd like some summer dresses, and skirts and stuff. Let us pray I don't break the bank! I also need to get some wireless bras that are actually cute, because this whole sports bra thing is getting old.... I'll let you guys know how the shopping trip goes! Only two more weeks left off work!

I am soooooo not looking to go back. I feel like people will judge me, or have something to say about my appearance :/ I mean because it's DEFINITELY OBVIOUS I no longer have breasts that take up my entire outfit. I just get so anxious thinking about how people are going to react about the change. :( Maybe I can try and build a bit more self confidence, and that would help with the anxiety...?? Any tips from people who've already been back to work after their surgery? Did people stare? Was there lots of questions?

I'm not going to put photos up, because my breasts look exactly the same!! Thanks for the comments and the support. Love you guys!! :*

Two months post op!

Hey lovelies!! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated you. I'd like to say thank you to all of you for such great, kind, loving support! I went back to work about three weeks ago now and it was not as bad as I thought!!!! Everyone was really concerned about my health and weather I was okay. NO questions about why I look smaller, if I did anything to my body etc. And it's awesome. I just got the ordinary " Are you okay? I heard you had surgery." Type of questions. Only the two people at my office new what really happened and thank God they kept their mouths shut! Going back to work was a breeze. I went to my six week check up and my doctor cleared me for everything (running, bouncing, lifting) but to go slow. I'm still pretty nervous about being completely cleared, so I'm definitely going suuuuuper slow on getting back to normal working out.

Speaking of working out, I really need to. Seeing my boobs smaller makes my stomach look bigger! (Oh no!) So, I need to get back on track for healthy eating and moderate exercise (eventually more insense working out). I am more than happy with my size now that I have gotten used to them. I can fit soooo many more clothes now. I FIT A SIZE SMALL.

Surprisingly the bras I bought at the mall of America (size 34 DD) ARE becoming TOO BIG (woah) ! I think all of the swelling is going down. They are more jiggly and soft when I grab them. Also, I've been sleeping on my stomach! So that shows how comfortable and soft they've become.

Long story short, I couldn't have been more happy with results. If you are hesitant, DONT BE. It'll be worth it. No more back aches or digging shoulder straps.

Btw these pics are from about 7 wks post op

Username Change!

Hi ladies! For those who have been following me and my journey, I have changed my username, slightly. I noticed that I use the same one for virtually everything, do changed it in case a coworker looked me up and decided to connect the dots... Talk about embarrassment and blackmail....

Late three months post op review

Hey guys!! So I am officially 95 days post op. Yay! This month has gone by so fast.... Heck, even this year has gone by fast! Can you guys believe next week we'll be in October?!? Where has the time gone??

Anyways, in regards to my healing process I feel pretty good. There is occasional soreness, say after I've been laying on them for 2+ hours (I sleep majorily on my stomach and sides). Sometimes it feels like the inside of my breasts are itchy! (Weird right?) I think it's because the nerve cells are starting to grow back. Also, I get a slight twinge of pain from my left incision (the one that extends past the boobies on to the ribcage). My internal stiches have yet to dissolve. I have my next follow up on the first, so I'll be asking my surgeon about timelines on nerve growth and when my stitches will be fully dissolved.

Any questions? Please ask!

(Almost) Six months post op!!!!

Hey lovelies!!! I have been busy the past three months with moving twice (landlord issues) and getting married, and seeing a psychiatrist (I had super bad depression, not related to my boobies. Those were fine, lol) and so.... Yeah! Time got the best of me!

My breasts feel completely healed up. I get itches inside my breasts (it's signs of my nerves growing in. Some women get sharp pains, I get a tingly-itchy sensation)

I have always wanted to get it done but having large breasts, I was self conscious and felt it would look much cuter on a smaller (d cup and down) breast. And thank goodness, I got my wish!!! I can't WAIT to get those cute barbells in!! ????

Side note: I also have a lot of spurts of itchiness on I'm incisions along my ribcage (womp womp).... :/

Now instead of just using bio oil and vitamin E lotion, I'm starting to use cocoa butter for lightening my scars up! But personally, I don't care much about scarring as I had previously loathed before. I'm so happy I'm at the size I've always wanted, along with the fact that back and shoulder pain is virtually negligible, that who (sorry if I offended you) gives a flying fuck if I have scars??? I AM PROUD TO SHOW THEM BC ITS WHAT IVE ALWAYS DREAMT OF.

On the topic of guys liking your chesticles after the surgery, and feeling like Frankenstein: Girl. Men (and some women) love boobies in general. Just to get to see a pair is a treat... And to see YOURS?!?!? Psshhh.... Even better. Because you are awesome! And tits are tits!

Email me if ya have any questions!!!!
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